Travelling abroad is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. However, for some people, all the preparations for the trip, packing, doing the bookings, can be quite overwhelming. The stress can diminish the excitement, especially if it is your first international trip. But, whether you are travelling for work, studies or going on an adventure trip, it is best to plan your international travel ahead of time. It is best to have an international travel essentials checklist. 

Travel documents 

When you are travelling overseas, undoubtedly, the most critical travel essentials are passport, visa and other travel-related documents. Make sure that you keep your passport safe in a passport holder. Also, if you are travelling to a country, where you can get a visa on arrival, be sure to check the visa prerequisites thoroughly and carry all the necessary documents to support your application.  

It is wise to have a few additional copies of the same and also have photographs of everything on your phone. Also, make sure that you do this at least 2-3 weeks before the travel day to avoid last minute hassles.  

Travel insurance 

Many people do not understand the importance of having a good travel insurance cover while going abroad. It is advisable to always be prepared for the worst situations you may face during your travel. Situations like getting ill when you are overseas, loss of luggage, theft, can ruin your entire trip. Also, it can have serious financial implications. So, include buying an insurance cover at the top of your travel checklist. 

Cash and Credit Cards 


When you are travelling overseas, you’ll need money. So, pack your debit or credit cards for withdrawing money from the ATMs when needed. Also, it is better to have some cash handy for emergency use. Avoid exchanging currency at the airport, instead you can do it at the bank in your destination so that you get a better exchange rate. Typically, the airport exchange counters charge a high commission or exchange fees.  

Also, it is advisable to carry a travel or credit card that does not charge any on foreign transactions. This way you can save more money while travelling. 

Copy of emergency contact information 

Today, we all rely on our mobile phones to contact, and barely remember anyone’s contact number. But, in a situation, where you misplace your phone or it gets lost, you will be at sea. So, one of the important travel tips that can save you from a lot of hassles is to make copies of your emergency contact’s information and keep it in your luggage. 

This way, you can at least call your loved ones and get help. Also, it is a good idea to give copies of your travel itinerary to your loved ones so that they know exactly where you are supposed to be and when.  

Carry a first aid kit 

Every time you go on a long trip, it is advisable to carry a first aid box along with your regular prescription medicines. While you hope that nothing goes wrong, it is better to be prepared just in case you need them and basic medical aid is not available at places where you are travelling to. Don’t forget to put a first aid kit right at the top of your travel essentials list. 

Reusable water bottle 

Obviously it is important that you stay well hydrated throughout the day. Buying water bottles overseas can be pretty expensive. And, the best way to save money is to carry a reusable bottle every time you step out. This way, you can easily refill your bottle at any restaurant or a public place. It is better to carry a vacuum insulated water bottle as it would keep the water cold/hot for long. 

Universal adaptor 

Remember, different countries have different types and shapes of electrical outlets. The adaptors you use at home to charge your devices may not work overseas. So, it  is advisable to buy a universal travel adaptor, it is one of the critical international trip essentials. Make sure that you have this useful device handy well before you start packing for the big day.  


Whether you have a GoPro, a fancy DSLR camera or a decent smartphone, make sure that you have some kind of camera with you. It is one of the important travel accessories that lets you capture all the incredible sights that you see on your trip. Also, make sure that you also pack the necessary camera accessories like battery, camera protective cover, charger, memory card, etc.  

Comfortable clothes and shoes 

When you travel, comfort is more important than style. So, when you are packing for your international trip, make sure to pack as per the weather conditions of the place you are travelling to. It is always wise to have a couple of warm clothes like a jacket or scarf to keep you protected from cold weather. Don’t forget about good shoes, they should be sturdy and keep your feet comfortable.  

Look for good accommodations 

An international trip is not just about the beautiful places you see but it is also about a complete experience. So, it is better to get your booking for stay sorted well in advance and stay at various resorts in India hosted by Club Mahindra. You can be assured of world class hospitality services at these resorts that would make you feel like home.  

So, there you go, you have a full checklist of international travel essentials. Do your diligence, and have a wonderful travel experience. 

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