Family time often means game time, but not everyone likes to play board games. Here's a list of the best indoor games you can play with your loved ones on this World Family day. These games can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. As these ideas are super simple and kids-friendly, so family members of all ages can actively participate. They don't require any special supplies, which make them perfect for the last-minute game time. These fun indoor family games are good alternatives especially when everyone is stuck inside due to COVID-19.

Hot Potato

This indoor game can get a little giggly. It is an amusing game to play with both kindergarten kids and high schoolers. Ask the players to sit on the floor and form a circle and turn on some music. Have them grab any softball or potato and underhand-toss it around the circle as quickly as they possibly can. Stop the music and the one holding the ball or potato is to leave the circle. Keep playing until only one player is left in the circle and he/she will win the game.

Indoor Bowling

This game is a cool way of reusing water bottles. Make some space in the living room to create a bowling lane and line up 6-10 bottles at the end. You can place a line of a duct tape or papers to make the starting line. A medium-sized or small ball will work just fine for indoor bowling. To make it more fun, you can start keeping score and a prize at the end.

Touch and Feel Boxes

This is a great indoor game to get everyone to focus on his/her sense of touch and train his/her mind to associate information other than just how an object looks. Find a shoebox or any box that has a lid on it and cut a hole in one of the sides - large enough for the player to fit his/her hands in. You can get creative and decorate the box with glitter and question marks too. When you're ready to play, start by putting interesting objects inside the box and have your children or any family member guess/identify them only by touching. They can ask questions about the item if they need to, or you can offer clues. Get as sticky as you wish, for example, putting in fresh pumpkin seeds or slimy spaghetti or you can use simple objects like a brush, a toy and a piece of fruit. To make it competitive, you can give a point to the first player to name the object.

Treasure Hunt Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

No list of indoor family games would ever be complete without ‘Hide and Seek’, now would it? This game can be truly fun for both kids and adults. One player covers his/her eyes or turns towards the wall and counts aloud while others hide around the house. When the player is finished with counting, he or she begins looking for the hiders. It often brings out giggle fits from small kids, and families with older children can take things up a notch and play this game in the dark. It will make it a mildly spooky thrill, but just to be safe and make certain that there are no loose items or sharp objects on the floor. This is the perfect indoor game for family get-togethers and probably one of the oldest. As with all games, be cautious and talk ahead of time about what's off-limits.

Scavenger and Treasure Hunt

Make your family day even more exciting with scavenger hunts. It will give a fun adventure feeling around the house. Depending upon the number of players, you can handwrite the list of items or simply print them out. Write down clues for each item on the list and hide them at different spots around the house, making the game challenging and engaging for everyone. To make it even more interesting, you can hide the pieces of a large jigsaw puzzle around the room and make them look for it while fitting them together simultaneously. This will take it up a notch and make it more entertaining.

You can involve all members of the family in a game of treasure hunt. Kids love finding hidden objects, especially when there's a prize at the end. Design a treasure hunt with clues to lead them around the house for some token prizes. Writing the clues down can be quite a challenging task but it will make the game all the more fun!

Break boredom on this World Family Day with this list of exciting indoor games for both kids and adults. Whether you're looking for simple or full-scale indoor activities, these games can be played by everyone!

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