Going on a solo trip to your dream destination may sound very exciting right? Seeing beautiful places without any interference is a travel goal that many people in India aspire to accomplish. It is no surprise then that the number of solo travellers in India have increased manifold over the past few years. If taking a solo trip is on your bucket list, now is the time to solo travel  to your favourite holiday destination. 

But, as exciting as a solo trip may sound, you must be wary of the things that may potentially go wrong along the way. And you must be well prepared to tackle everything to avoid having a bad solo travelling experience. So, we have compiled a list of the common mistakes that most people commit while travelling alone and what you can do to avoid them. 

Not asking for help

Many people who travel alone for the first time tend to be shy and avoid asking for help from others even when they feel helpless or are in a tight situation. However, here is a simple tips for solo travelling to remember. 

No matter where you go, it is literally impossible for you to know everything about the new place. So, it is advisable that you talk to people, engage in a friendly conversation with the locals and ask for help from them when needed. This can help you save many hassles. 


This is probably the most common solo travel mistake that people commit. As much as you are excited about the trip, you may go overboard and try to include too many activities for each day. Also, you may plan every minute thing about where to shop, where to eat, places to see, etc. 

But, overplanning is never good. The best way to enjoy the trip to the fullest is to go with the flow. While it is nice to have a plan, dont stress if things don't go as you may have planned, sometimes it could be for your own good. 

Not keeping your friends/family informed about the whereabouts

Sure, the whole point of taking a trip alone is to escape the routine and be away from the familiar faces in your city. However, it is not a good idea to not tell anyone about where you are going and your whereabouts. 

Make sure that you always keep at least a couple of your friends or family members informed about your current location and where you are going next. Also, with many advanced technologies in place, you can share your location to your henchmen just as a precautionary measure if something unexpected happens. 

Not taking travel guides

Many people tend to take the concept of solo travelling quite literally and choose not to travel with a travel company or take a tour guide. However, you must remember that travelling alone is not just about having your privacy, but also about enjoying the place you visit, knowing about its history, and the stories attached to it.  

You can always take the alone trip guide  or travel with a trustworthy solo trip tour company who can inform you about the various locales, the legends associated with them, the historical significance, etc. This will give you a more enriching travel experience. 

Not having enough funds

While you decide to go on a solo trip, you may plan your budget ahead but still things can go awry and you may find yourself not having enough cash for your daily expenses. So, it is advisable to always carry some extra emergency cash with you. This is vital because sometimes depending on the place you go, the debit or credit card may not work, especially in remote locations. 

Not reserving the accommodation in advance/choosing wrong accommodation

No matter where you are going, always remember this for all important solo vacation trip – book your stay well in advance to avoid last minute hassles. Also, make sure that you choose the best place so that you can enjoy staying indoors as much as you may enjoy exploring the places at your destination.

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