Stay Fit - Indoor Workouts - Yoga Stay Fit - Indoor Workouts - HIIT

Exercising is one of the most effective ways of keeping your mental and physical health at its best. There is a wide array of health benefits associated with regular workouts, ranging from improved sleep quality and better weight management to reduced anxiety and stress. 


Given the COVID-19 situation, many of us are missing out on our workouts. However, staying in shape even when stuck at home is possible. A workout plan and some discipline, are all that it takes.


Here are the top 5 indoor workouts you can do to achieve your fitness goals without leaving the comfort of your home. 




Yoga serves as one of the most versatile and effective forms of exercise. Ranging from gentle stretches to intense exercises, yoga is ideal for people with diverse abilities and needs. You can find an array of free online yoga classes on YouTube showing a myriad of ways of working out. You can put together your workout plan once you get familiar with the basic sequences and poses. When it comes to equipment, all you need is a yoga mat. Don't have a yoga mat? No problem; a soft and supportive carpet can serve as an excellent replacement. 




Ideal for those who are short on time to exercise, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) involves pushing yourself hard for a short period, followed by a break before resuming at the same pace. Besides being very effective, HIIT helps in improving heart rate variability in inactive adults. You can develop your own HIIT workout plan by watching YouTube videos on the subject, or making your own routine with basic exercises like push-ups, squats, and jumping jacks. 

Stay Fit - Indoor Workouts - Pilates Stay Fit - Indoor Workouts - Squats and Lunges



Suitable for strengthening your muscles, enhancing your flexibility, and improving your postural alignment, Pilates is a form of low-impact exercise for giving you an incredible core workout. Just like yoga, you can easily memorize the movements and perform them whenever and wherever you like. Regular Pilates workout sessions can help in improving your abdominal endurance, balance and flexibility. Pilates exercises can be categorized into two types: ones that require studio equipment and others that can be performed on a mat or soft surface. It is entirely up to you whether you buy the studio equipment or just work out on your living room carpet. 



Stay Fit - Indoor Workouts - Planks Stay Fit - Indoor Workouts - Kickboxing-style Workouts

 Kickboxing-style Workouts


When it comes to balancing fun and intensity, kickboxing-style workouts are your best bet. Combining movements from boxing and taekwondo, these workout sessions can significantly help in improving your heart strength, flexibility, and balance. They are perfect for those people who are looking for something fast-paced and energetic. You can learn the related exercises from YouTube and decide whether you want to get a mat and a punching bag or just do shadow-kickboxing moves without any special gear.

Stay Fit - Indoor Workouts - Zumba



With amazing music and spectacular moves, Zumba workout sessions can easily double as a party. Zumba is a Latin-inspired dance workout set to upbeat music and features choreographed dance numbers. It is an interval workout that moves between low- and high-intensity dance moves to boost your cardio endurance and get your heart rate up. Zumba workouts target several areas of your body including the core, arms, legs, back, and glutes. The best part is that the only thing you need to perform Zumba at home is a pair of sneakers. It’s something that your kids will also enjoy to do.


Even if you cannot help being stuck at home during COVID-19, you are not without options. So, pick your favourite kind of workout and keep yourself lithe and limber.  


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