This Mother's Day, curl up on the sofa with a soda and tub of popcorn, and schedule a movie marathon with your mama. What better way to celebrate the day than bonding over fun and heart-warming movies? 

Here are some hilarious, touching and fun movies for your Mother's Day movie marathon! You can also set up a streaming service and have a virtual movie date together if you can't physically be with your mom.

Lady Bird - 2017, Drama/Comedy

This movie follows a 17-year-old girl, Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson, living her final high school year at home. She's making arguably the biggest decision of her life - what she's going to do about college. The movie shows how she faces a lot of ups and downs in her relationships during her senior year in high school. The movie shows an unsettled bond between a mother and her teenage daughter. Even though Christine fights her mother every step of the way, she is exactly like her: deeply opinionated, wildly loving and strong-willed. This movie is an affecting look at the relationships that shape us and showcase the unmatched beauty of a place called home.

Mother - 1966, Comedy/Comedy-drama

A mother reflects the intricacies of the relationship that mothers have with their grown-up children. This movie is funny and has a simple premise. Science fiction writer John Henderson has just gone through his second divorce and is trying to figure out why he has so many issues with women. Deciding upon an experiment, he comes back to live with his mother. Even though they go through a lot of conflicts, they begin to form a deeper understanding of each other.

English Vinglish - 2012, Musical/Drama

This light, fun, and heart-warming Hindi movie puts across the message to the audience so subtly that it's a breeze to watch. It is about a quiet and sweet-tempered housewife who bears small insults from her well-educated husband and daughter on a daily basis because of her inability to understand and speak English. On a trip to visit her sister in Manhattan, New York, she decides to enroll herself in an English learner class where she meets a host of new people who not only help her with the language but also teach her to value herself beyond her family's narrow perspective.

Freaky Friday - 2003, Family/Comedy

This movie is about Tess Coleman, a single mom, and her teenage daughter Anna who couldn't have been more different from each other. Their differences are driving them both insane day-by-day. After receiving a cryptic fortune at a Chinese restaurant, Tess and Anna find themselves with switched bodies the next day. Not being able to switch back, they impersonate one another till they can come up with a solution. In the process, they start to develop a new sense of understanding and respect for one another.

Mamma Mia! - 2008, Musical/Comedy

Donna, an hotelier in the Greek islands, is planning her daughter's wedding with her two best friends. Meanwhile, her daughter, Sophie has a plan. She covertly invites her mother's three past lovers in hope of finally meeting her real father and has him walk her down the aisle at her wedding. With the Greek chorus of island residents and inventive song-and-dance numbers, this light-hearted family drama is something you are definitely going to enjoy. 

Mother's Day - 2016, Romance/Drama

This sweet comedy will make you laugh and smile and relive the loving moments with your mother. Sandy, a single mom, is stressed after hearing about her ex-husband's marriage to a younger woman. Her friend Jesse, a fitness freak, hasn't told her parents that she is married and has a child. Bradley is a widower with two daughters and is trying hard to raise them alone, while Miranda is too occupied with her career to worry about starting a family. Their respective lives start to come to a head, giving a special meaning to the Mother's Day holiday.

Bad Moms - 2016, Comedy    

Amy has a perfect life - over-achieving kids, a great marriage, a beautiful home, and a career. However, she's over-committed, overworked and exhausted, so she decides to join forces with her other two friends on a pursuit to free themselves from ordinary responsibilities - going on an exciting binge of long-overdue self-indulgence, fun, and freedom - which puts them on a conflicting path with Gwendolyn and her group of perfect moms. This is a delightful and girls-mainly comedy on parenting.

Brave - 2012, Family/Adventure

It is refreshing to see a Disney movie focusing on the mother-daughter relationship. Merida is a reckless but courageous daughter of the Scottish King and Queen, Fergus and Elinor. She is a talented archer and wants to lead her life on her terms. Her opposition to an old-age tradition upsets and angers the lords, leading to chaos and unrest in the kingdom. She seeks help from a witch who grants her a wish that came with a curse, making her discover the meaning of courage and reverse a curse before it's too late. This movie promotes a contemporary attitude about parenting and gender equality.

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