There is more to Dubai than gold souks, Michelin-starred restaurants and shopping for the crème de la crème of all brands in swanky malls. If you are an adventure junkie, the city serves up the best action-packed adventure activities to pump that adrenaline in all forms of air, water and land sports. Cupped by the Arabian Gulf and the Arabian desert, resorts in Dubai bring in tempting urban sport points: From speed demon rides to daring ziplines to dating the sharks. There is something for everyone in the adventurous things to do in Dubai.

Dune Bashing

Love to go full throttle? Get behind the wheel midst Dubai’s famous sand dunes, one of the top places to visit in Dubai. Inside the robust SUV, rev up the engine to fourth gear and hit the accelerator to kick up a sandstorm as you race ahead and burn up the gas at full speed in the Arabian desert. If your entire family is an adrenaline junkie, this is a wonderful pursuit to make the most of the sandy location. The popular vehicle, Big Red, is usually used for this zip and is one of the best SUVs in the world, roaring ahead at a speed of 250,000 square miles. Of course, you need to be able to drive, and to sit in the vehicle, be above 3 years of age. Fuel in, as long as there is no prediction of a sandstorm on the horizon. Roll in sand boarding down the sandy slopes, or a desert safari, or even quad boarding while you are at it. Or simply cruise along the golden sands in a slower dune buggy.

Fly Boarding

Think Hrithik Roshan shooting up in the air, from the sea, in the movie Bang Bang. Think flyboarding. Forget jet skiing and parasailing, and book yourself a slot to experience this brilliant adventure sport in Dubai, especially if you love the idea of hydro sports. Shooting up from the blue waters of the Arabian Gulf gives you the thrills and the chills as you flyboard at the superb Jumeirah harbor. Of course, there is a hydro flighting device and a speed cap at 40 km per hour, but it does send your pulse racing. Though if you’re below 18, tough luck. While you are at beating gravity, go for the Water JetPack experience where you shoot up above the water again. Your entire body weight is pushed up by the saddle with pumping force of water.

Go Sharking

An encounter with the sharks is an experience you won’t forget in a hurry. Put your money where your mouth is and go shark diving. The scary jagged teethed predators abound around with you in a tank. Full on face-to-face meeting, at The Dubai Mall. At the Dubai Aquarium, you don’t even have to be a certified diver to swim with the Sand Tiger sharks. Kids above the age of 10 can also enjoy this once in a lifetime experience here. For the slightly faint-hearted, the wild seabreacher ride pumps in the action you can handle. Seat your behind inside a shark shaped watercraft that floats as well as dips underwater. An unbeatable high, minus the terror of facing the real animal. Go for it.


A bit of daredevilry is a must to make your trip ultra-memorable. If you love adventure but aren’t a big fan of the water sports, then go in for the zipline experience. It is an unbelievable high as you skim the Dubai-scape at a height of over 1800 ft above the ground on the zipline. It certainly sets your heart pounding wildly as you rush across at a speed of 60-70 km per hour. There are twin locations in Dubai to do the dare: Dubai Marina XLine (longer and better) and Dubai Fountain. But the best and the most brilliant is the zipline across Jebel Jais, the highest mountain in UAE that lies north of Dubai. There is breathtaking rugged terrain you get to soak in while experiencing the world’s longest zipline, suspended at 1680 m between the two mountains. The Hajar mountains are simply a stunning sight to behold. You even get pictures of you screaming at full throttle once you return the wristband camera. Great memories, at a price!

Aerial Up

Learn to love the magnificent Burj Khalifa for more reasons than one. The view is certainly spectacular, sweeping Dubai in a 360 degree stretch, especially when you stand at its highest observation deck on the 148th floor. Now think of leaping off the 163rd floor at a height of 2720 feet, with safety measures in place. The pinnacle to base jump is absolutely breathtaking. Fall from an altitude of 14000 sq feet above mean sea level to experience the stellar view of the three islands making up The Palm - Palm Jumeirah, Deira Island and Palm Jebel Ali. The thrill is electric as you leap out of a whirring helicopter high up, the wind slamming against your face. As you descend, you will also spot The Atlantis and the Burj Khalifa among the other spectacular skyscrapers that make up the Dubai skyline.

The best time to visit Dubai is November-December when the nip in the air adds to the delicious experience. Remember to lather up the sunscreen and slip on your goggles when you are out and about outdoors during the day as the sun is strong. Choose to wear comfortable clothes (preferably light colours to stay cool in), like shorts, or knee lengths except for places where a dress code is specified. Dubai brings in quite a cosmopolitan mix with the magic of surreal experiences for all adventure enthusiasts.

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