Mumbai has a reputation for being the city that never sleeps. Every day, as the sun goes down, and the night sets in, the city wakes up and comes alive. Whether you are a local Mumbai resident or a visitor to the city and have a crazy bunch of friends or a special someone for company, and want to explore Mumbai’s nightlife, there are plenty of options that you can explore. Here are the top five things to do in Mumbai at night.

Go On A Midnight Cycling Tour

Midnight Cycling in Mumbai

If you love cycling or looking for an off-beat activity to explore Mumbai at night, you would surely love going on a midnight cycling tour. Many cycling enthusiasts arrange such tours, especially on the weekends. You can sign up for one such tour and explore the various colonial-era heritage buildings of the city in the soft moonlight as you pedal your way along the Queen’s necklace in Marine drive or around the Bandstand.

Typically, the tours start from south Mumbai and take about a 10-km tour to Bandra and back, but you can always pedal at your own pace and stop by in between to appreciate the architectural marvel.

Go On A Midnight Snacking Excursion

When you are out and about at night, touring the maximum city, or just relaxing by the beach, you are sure to be hit by hunger pangs. You can satiate your snacking cravings at many of the street food stalls. Be it a delicious pav-bhaji loaded with generous dollops of butter or the lip-smacking kebabs, and mutton rolls, you have endless choices. 

If you are exploring the nightlife in Mumbai with your spouse or your soon-to-be life partner, you can share a few ‘sweet’ candid moments together by sharing an ice-cream at Bachelor’s in south Bombay. Well, you may also find a few hidden gems as you take a stroll or ride around the city. Rest assured, no matter what time of the day it is, you will never go hungry. It only shows the true spirit of ‘Aamchi Mumbai.’  

Club Hopping

Mumbai is known for having one of the most vibrant and glamour nightlife in India and what better way to explore this side of Mumbai than going on a club hopping spree. The groovy music, dazzling lights, and the bewitching ambiance of the various night clubs and pubs will surely keep you entertained all night. 

There are many nightclubs throughout the city, you can reserve a spot in any of these clubs and groove all night as the DJs pump out electrifying Bollywood and trance numbers. So, put on your dance shoes, wear your enthusiasm and get ready to be enthralled by the Mumbai night life.

Take a Late-night Cruise

Enjoy cruising over the beautiful Arabian sea under the blanket of stars and marvel at the scintillating view of Mumbai's skyline from a distance. The towering skyscrapers, and the beautifully lit queen’s necklace come to life as they shine in the night, presenting an unforgettable sight. 

But make sure that you do your diligence and book the cruise well in advance with any of the sailing clubs that take the night cruise. Unlike other nightlife Mumbai experiences, you may have to loosen a few extra strings in your wallet for this one. So, maybe, you can reserve this experience for a special occasion. 

Relax at Marine Drive

The pride of Mumbai, Marine Drive is one of the most popular places in Mumbai city. Irrespective of the season, day or time, sitting on the promenade or just taking a casual stroll by the Marine drive and enjoying the waves, will surely make you feel relaxed. 

While during the day, there is hustle and bustle, by night, the place paints an entirely different picture. The calmness around, the sounds of the waves, the open sky decorated with stars, and the odd hawkers selling corn, tea and soft drinks shows you a different side of Mumbai that is equally fascinating. 

There is nothing much to do here, but just spending a few hours by the sea will make you feel refreshed. So, there are plenty of things that you can do at night in Mumbai. Gather your friends, and enjoy these amazing and unique experiences that Mumbai has to offer.

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