Monsoon Adventures in India

Monsoon is one of the most beautiful seasons in India. While many people like to enjoy the rain with a hot cup of tea from the comfort of their homes, there’s so much natural beauty to explore. For the adventurers, there are so many thrilling monsoon activities in India. Even the nature-lovers get to enjoy the most refreshing views. It is an exciting time when you can venture out and indulge in various activities in monsoon season that will help you make memories for a lifetime.

Here are some monsoon activities you can enjoy this season:

  • Waterfall rappelling in Lonavala
  • Kayaking in Kerala
  • Trekking to Dudhsagar Falls in Goa
  • Visit the Jog Falls in Karnataka
  • Zip Lining in Meghalaya

  • Waterfall rappelling in Lonavala

Lonavala is a popular weekend getaway for many staying in Mumbai and Pune. The hill station becomes even more picturesque during the monsoons. The lush greenery, waterfalls, and overflowing lakes make Lonavala a refreshing getaway during the rains. There are a lot of treks in and around Lonavala that involve rock climbing. Since there are many waterfalls in and around the hill station, waterfall rappelling is quite popular in the region. It may seem challenging, but it is equally fun! 

Waterfall rappelling, also known as canyoning or canyoneering, is an adventure sport that involves descending a steep waterfall using a rope and specialized equipment. It combines elements of rock climbing, rappelling, and hiking, and is typically done in canyons or gorges where waterfalls are present.

Where to stay in Lonavala?

When in Lonavala, book your stay at Club Mahindra Tungi Resort, the best resort in Lonavala. Enjoy uninterrupted views from your rooms, make the most of your comfortable rooms with modern amenities, and have a gala at the special activities curated specially for you and your family. 

  • Kayaking in Kerala

You can go on a lovely kayaking trip in the backwaters of Kerala. Enjoy the lush greenery around and paddle through the scenic water. The backwaters of Alleppey are a great place to visit to enjoy this activity during the monsoons. There are different types of kayaking experiences available in Kerala. Beginners can try kayaking for recreational purposes. You can also try open water kayaking in the sea or white-water kayaking in rivers like the Chalipuzha River. 

Where to stay in Kerala?

Club Mahindra Ashtamudi Resort, Club Mahindra Poovar, Club Mahindra Cherai in Kochi, or Club Mahindra Arookutty. 

  • Trekking to Dudhsagar Falls in Goa


Located on the Goa-Karnataka border, the Dudhsagar waterfall is one of the tallest in India. The waterfall is also called the ‘Sea Milk of India’. During the monsoons, the water falls from the top with such force and is as white as milk! The trek will take you to the bottom where you can see a pool of water formed from the water gushing from the falls. There are many activities you can enjoy in the vicinity of the waterfalls. Take pictures with your loved ones, enjoy a hot cup of tea with the view of the magnificent waterfalls, and so much more!

Where to stay in Goa?

Did you know? Club Mahindra Varca Beach Resort is only 54.1 km away from Dudhsagar Waterfalls. This means you will take only 1 hour 45 minutes to reach the falls from the resort. 

  • Visit the Jog Falls in Karnataka

Jog falls is the second-highest plunge waterfall, and its beauty is magnified during the monsoons. The waterfalls cascade down 850 feet! The milky white foam formed is a sight to behold! Enjoy the cool monsoon breeze with the view and the sound of the gushing waterfalls. It’s the perfect monsoon getaway, especially for people living in South India since it’s very close.

  • Cycling in Munnar

Munnar is one of the most picturesque hill stations in India. The place becomes even more beautiful during the monsoons. There are many monsoon activities you can enjoy at this hill station. You can go on a cycling trip through the lush green tea plantations and enjoy a hot cup of tea at the end of your ride! It is the best monsoon activity you can enjoy in this quaint little hill station. 

Where to stay in Munnar?

You can plan your stay at Club Mahindra Munnar on your monsoon trip to the hill station. After a long cycling trip, you can check into the resort and relax at the spa with the soothing sound of raindrops falling outside. It’s a therapeutic experience that will help you return home refreshed! 

  • Zip Lining in Meghalaya


Meghalaya is one of the most beautiful places to visit during the monsoon. Imagine flying through the clouds and feeling the rain drops on your face! Zip-lining is an exciting experience you can enjoy at the Umnago river in the town of Dawki. Many professionals work as instructors providing tourists with a great experience. Zip-lining on top of the crystal-clear waters is an experience you cannot miss!

Where to stay in Meghalaya?

Plan your stay at Polo Towers Resort in Shillong, offered by Club Mahindra. Relax at the smartly furnished rooms, rejuvenate at the spa, enjoy efficient and personalized service catering to your every need. 

There are many places to visit during the monsoon in India that offer unique monsoon activities. Plan a monsoon trip and enjoy this magical season at its best!

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