Eight British Era Railway Stations located on the Western, Central, and Harbour lines of Mumbai's suburban network operated by the Central Railway and the Western Railway to be renamed

In a move aimed at reclaiming local heritage and identity, the Maharashtra Cabinet has given the green light for renaming eight railway stations in Mumbai, which bear names from the British colonial era. This decision, made during a cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, marks a significant step towards honoring indigenous culture and history.

The stations carrying traces of British nomenclature set to undergo name changes are primarily located on the Western, Central, and Harbour lines of Mumbai's suburban network operated by the Central Railway and the Western Railway. 

As per the proposal, Currey Road station will be renamed as Lalbaug, Sandhurst Road station as Dongri, Marine Lines station as Mumbadevi, Charni Road station as Girgaon, Cotton Green station will be Kalachowki, Dockyard Road station as Mazgaon and Kings Circle as Tirthankar Parshwanath. In addition to this, the state government has already sent a proposal to rename Mumbai Central Station as Nana Jagannath Shankarsheth Station to the Union government.

The move has been welcomed by many citizens and local historians who have long advocated for the restoration of indigenous names to these landmarks. They argue that renaming these stations is not only a symbolic gesture but also an acknowledgment of Mumbai's pre-colonial legacy. By discarding colonial vestiges, the city can embrace its roots and foster a stronger sense of belonging among its inhabitants.

However, the decision has not been without controversy. Some critics have voiced concerns over the practical implications of the name changes, citing potential confusion among commuters and logistical challenges for businesses and organizations operating in the vicinity. Nevertheless, proponents of the renaming emphasize the long-term benefits of reclaiming indigenous identities and preserving cultural heritage.

The Maharashtra government has assured that the renaming process will be carried out systematically, with adequate measures in place to minimize disruptions. A committee will be formed to oversee the implementation of the changes and address any logistical issues that may arise. Additionally, extensive public consultations will be conducted to gather input from stakeholders and ensure a smooth transition.

The decision to rename these stations reflects a broader trend of cultural resurgence and decolonization taking place across India. By reclaiming place names and landmarks, communities are asserting their identity and challenging the legacies of colonialism. As Mumbai prepares to embrace its new identities, it stands poised to redefine itself in a manner that celebrates its rich history and diverse heritage.

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