A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kaziranga National Park, witnessed a surge in visitors and revenue in 2023-24, marking the highest numbers since its establishment in 1974.

Kaziranga National Park in Assam, India, celebrated a remarkable surge in tourism and revenue during the 2023-24 season, marking a significant milestone in its conservation efforts and tourism management. According to park officials, the renowned wildlife sanctuary, famous for its population of endangered one-horned rhinoceroses, welcomed an unprecedented number of visitors, boosting both local and national interest in wildlife conservation and ecotourism.

Reports from the park authorities reveal that the number of tourists visiting Kaziranga National Park surpassed all previous records, with over 300,000 visitors flocking to witness its diverse flora and fauna during the last fiscal year. An official noted that this surge in tourist numbers and revenue marked the highest since the park was established in 1974, though it was officially established in 1905. This notable increase in footfall signifies a growing global fascination with wildlife and a heightened awareness of the need to protect endangered species and their habitats.

The surge in tourist numbers also translated into record-breaking revenue for the park, with earnings reaching an all-time high. This substantial revenue influx is expected to contribute significantly to the conservation and management efforts within the park, including anti-poaching measures, habitat restoration, and community development initiatives.

Park officials attribute the unprecedented success to various factors, including enhanced marketing efforts, improved infrastructure, and effective conservation strategies. The implementation of innovative eco-tourism initiatives, such as guided safari tours, nature walks, and community-based experiences, played a pivotal role in attracting a diverse range of visitors, from wildlife enthusiasts to adventure seekers.

As one of India's most iconic wildlife destinations, Kaziranga continues to inspire awe and admiration, drawing visitors from across the globe to experience its unparalleled natural beauty and conservation success stories.

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