The Palace on Wheels, India's first luxury tourist train, is now open for destination weddings, shoots, and corporate meetings.

In a groundbreaking move, the iconic Palace on Wheels, renowned for its luxury train journeys, has expanded its offerings to serve as a grand venue for weddings, photoshoots, and corporate meetings. This new initiative invites patrons to indulge in regal extravagance against the backdrop of Rajasthan's enchanting landscapes.

The Palace on Wheels has long been synonymous with opulent travel, taking guests on a royal sojourn through Rajasthan's historic cities. Now, the esteemed luxury train has opened its doors for a different kind of grandeur, catering to those seeking an extravagant setting for special occasions and corporate events.

As per the reports, the recent move is a strategic decision that aims to position Rajasthan as a premier tourist destination both nationally and internationally. The Palace on Wheels management is offering customizable packages for weddings, photoshoots, and corporate events. Clients can tailor the experience to their specific requirements, choosing from various onboard services, catering options, and thematic decorations to make their event truly exceptional.

While embracing modern uses, the Palace on Wheels remains committed to preserving its rich heritage. The train's regal decor, attentive staff, and gourmet cuisine continue to reflect the royal legacy of Rajasthan, ensuring that every event held aboard the Palace on Wheels is steeped in the grandeur of Indian royalty.

As the Palace on Wheels extends its offerings beyond its traditional role, Rajasthan opens its arms to a new chapter in luxury hospitality. The integration of this iconic train into the realm of weddings, photoshoots, and corporate meetings adds another layer of allure to the cultural tapestry of the "Land of Kings." For those seeking a blend of history, opulence, and contemporary versatility, the Palace on Wheels stands ready to deliver an experience that transcends expectations.

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