Villagers in a digging endeavor initiated 5 years ago, with the belief of finding gold, recently discovered a Harappan site near Dholavira in Rajkot. 

In a remarkable discovery near the ancient site of Dholavira in the Kutch district of Gujarat, villagers stumbled upon what appears to be a Harappan site. The unearthing of this archaeological marvel has added a new chapter to the rich history of the region.

Driven by the belief of finding gold in the vicinity, the locals had initiated a digging endeavor about five years ago. As per reports, the digging changed the narrative leading to a remarkable discovery of the ancient Harappan civilization. Intrigued by their findings, they alerted local authorities, leading to the involvement of archaeologists and experts.

An archeological team led by Ajay Yadav, a research scholar, and his professor Damian Robinson from Oxford's School of Archaeology, took charge of the dig and that led to the unveiling of the Harappan-era fortified settlement.

The site, officially named Morodharo in January, revealed architectural details bearing a striking resemblance to the nearby Dholavira. The settlement, dated back to around 4,500 years ago, flourished during (2,600-1,900 BCE) to late (1,900-1,300 BCE) Harappan periods.

Initial excavations revealed well-defined structures, pottery with intricate designs, and artifacts indicative of the Harappan era's sophisticated craftsmanship. The finding reinforces the historical significance of the Kutch region, which has been a treasure trove of archaeological wonders.

The authorities have initiated a comprehensive excavation and preservation effort to unearth the full extent of the site and protect the invaluable artifacts. This unexpected discovery not only sheds light on the ancient roots of the Kutch region but also underscores the need for continued exploration and preservation of India's rich archaeological heritage. The newfound Harappan site near Dholavira stands as a testament to the enduring allure of history, waiting to reveal its secrets to those willing to unearth them.

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