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We are sure it must be getting lonely considering you don’t get to see or spend quality time with your friends anymore

Miss your friends, well social distancing is the need of the hour to ensure coronavirus prevention. We are sure it must be getting lonely considering you don’t get to see or spend quality time with your friends anymore. But it’s time to turn that frown into a smile because there are ways to stay connected with your friends and have lots of fun during COVID-19 lockdown!

Having mobile phones has made it really convenient to stay in touch with our friends and family. But why waste your time constantly scrolling through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram when you can download engaging multiplayer games where you and your friends can either play on the same side or decide who is the best by going head-to-head. Check out our 5 recommendations for online multiplayer games that you can enjoy during COVID-19 lockdown:

5 Multiplayer Games to Enjoy During COVID-19 Lockdown


Escape into another world where you get to wear military armours, be armed with powerful weapons, play a game of hide and seek as you shoot anyone who plans to endanger the lives of you and your team. In simpler words, we are talking about Player Unknowns Battleground (PUBG)! You can spend hours during home quarantine just teaming up with friends or other players from around the world and battling it out in different arenas for the ultimate win - Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Online Mutiplayer Games - PUBG Online Mutiplayer Games - UNO

UNO & Friends

You know what’s the most powerful thing in the world? It’s a Draw Four! It can ruin and break friendships in just one move. UNO & Friends is a great way to pass time during the lockdown and stay connected with your friends. You can also play the game with people from around the globe that you will be randomly matched with. Maybe, you can meet new people and make new friends?


Football fans all around the world must be really missing their matches and watching their favourite players and teams fight it out on the football field. Well, it was for the benefit and safety of everyone for sporting events to be cancelled and avoid the risk of coronavirus spreading. In the meantime, why not download FIFA? You can choose to play in your favourite team, pick some of the most talented football players to be a part of the team and play against or with your friends! We promise, you will experience the same thrill and rush of adrenaline as you do while watching a match on the big screen.

Online Mutiplayer Games - Fifa Online Mutiplayer Games - Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans

Be warned - you can get really addicted to this game! Strategy and planning-based, this game involves building your own villages as well as attacking and acquiring someone else’s village. There are items like cannons, bombs, mortars and walls that can be strategically placed while building your own village so that another player thinks twice before attacking you. The idea is to build a massive empire of villages and win as many trophies as possible.


As children, we have all enjoyed playing Ludo. From rolling the dice to get the number we are aiming for to the anticipation of taking over someone to finally placing the pawn at ‘HOME’. Fun, right? Since you are at home during the COVID-19 lockdown, take a trip down nostalgia lane and relive the fun of playing Ludo. You can download Ludo King on your phone and enjoy this childhood game with your friends and family!

Online Mutiplayer Games - Ludo King Online Mutiplayer Games - Ludo

If you get bored of playing one game, you can always switch to another app! While you stay home and practice social distancing, keep in touch with friends with these incredible online games.

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