Feeling lonely or depressed during the lockdown? Don’t worry, you are not alone! But there are ways to cheer yourself up and keep things as normal as possible. It is a difficult time for everyone and the best thing to do during such an hour is to try and stay calm and enjoy activities that will help in keeping things in a positive light. Check out 5 such activities you can do to stay positive during the coronavirus lockdown:

Become a Quarantine Chef

Everybody nowadays seems to be a chef (as seen on every social media platform). This is great because people are turning out to be really creative in their cooking and sharing these pictures and recipes online gives other people the motivation to cook something as well! You need to be mindful about the ingredients you have and how to make the best use of them. Even if it is only during the coronavirus lockdown that you will get to showcase your cooking skills, do it. Cooking tends to make people happy and when the end result turns out to be a delicious success, you will notice a big smile on your face!

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There is Joy in Meditation

Meditation can help in putting your mind at ease if you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed. Download apps like Headspace or check out online videos on YouTube. The first few sessions may seem like it’s not helping but give it some time. Eventually, you will start noticing the difference and realise how it tends to make you calmer and happier. Moreover, it has various health benefits such as lowering your blood pressure, improving your heart rate and breathing patterns and overall, guiding you to living a healthier lifestyle.

Normalise Your Days

Days of the week have lost meaning during the COVID-19 lockdown but that does not mean you shouldn’t treat it like a normal week. There is no point in you staying in your pajamas all day if it affects your productivity and pushes you down a spiral of negative thoughts. Normalise your day as much as possible by getting dressed and indulging in activities that you would be performing in your daily lives. Dressing up really perks up your mood and helps in dealing through the entire lockdown period in a more positive manner.

Dance it Out

Don’t worry about looking silly or if there are people around that may judge you - just dance it out! Put on upbeat music or tunes you love to croon to and dance away your blues. If you were looking for an opportunity to learn dancing, now is your time to shine! With the coronavirus lockdown in place, professionals are resorting to organizing dance sessions online. These are either pre-recorded tutorials or being conducted live (real-time) so you can participate with others and learn along with the instructor. What a great way to enjoy your home quarantine!

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Positivity in Connectivity

Lost touch with friends in the past? Now is a good time as ever to rekindle that friendship. Miss talking your favourite cousin? Video call him/her right away! It is human nature to socialise and interact. That’s why practicing social distancing - while helpful for many reasons - can be difficult for those who love to surround themselves with people. Technology has made it super-easy for everyone to stay connected. All you need to do is pick up your mobile phone and dial a number! Also, if you wish to seek professional help, hotline numbers have been set up to aid. You can talk to therapists who will help you organise your thoughts and filter out any information that is not needed at the moment.

Hope this helps. And remember, please stay home and stay safe!

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