5 Ways to Keep Kids Happy During Coronavirus Lockdown

5 Ways to Keep Kids Happy During Coronavirus Lockdown

Family - Apr 15, 2020

Got young kids at home all day due to the coronavirus lockdown? With all educational systems shut, this can be difficult for any parent who now needs to find a balance between spending ample time with the children, getting work done around the house and have some time to oneself as well. Moreover, most kids love the outdoors and since that is not an option anymore, it can make them sad really quick. In such difficult times, it is necessary to find ways to keep children happy and maintain their daily routines to provide a sense of normalcy.

Check out these indoor activities for kids that will prove very helpful in keeping your kids bubbly and happy even at home.

Watch Movies Together

There is an endless list of movies that you can enjoy with kids - they are fun family activities! Lion King, The Jungle Book, Frozen & Frozen 2, Moana, Toy Story series, Finding Nemo, Coco or maybe even introduce them to Harry Potter! While these animated movies are meant for the kids, parents love to watch them too. Watching these with your kids is an added bonus because you get to witness pure, unfiltered emotions on their tiny, cute faces. Also, each movie has a happy ending and who doesn’t love a happy ending?


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Play Games

Cherish this time together during the coronavirus lockdown and make the most of it. Play games with your children - teach them what you played as a child and learn about all the new ones that they get to enjoy today. Since you have to stay home, take part in fun indoor activities. One of the most common games to play with them is ‘Play Pretend’ and sometime while playing the game, your character will come naturally to you and you will end up really enjoying yourself!

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