Coorg, a scenic hill station located in Karnataka, is one of the most popular tourist places in India. Replete with many natural sites, like gushing waterfalls, verdant valleys, evergreen forests, and coffee plantations in Coorg, it is a beautiful place to feel closer to nature and seek the peace of mind you cannot get living in a city. Also, there are many things that you can do here for fun and have a wonderful family holiday experience.  

Located on the eastern slopes of the mighty Western Ghats, this green hamlet is a natural wonder in every sense and a treat for all kinds of travellers. There are many fascinating sightseeing spots in Coorg that are worth exploring. Despite being a famous tourist town, Coorg still holds within it many hidden gems that are still away from the curious eyes of tourists.  

In this blog, we help you discover some of the well-preserved secret spots of Coorg, whose beauty is beyond comparison.  

Chiklihole Reservoir 

Located just about 30 kilometres from Coorg lies this small reservoir built across the Chiklihol river. It is surrounded by green meadows and semi-circular structures, presenting a beautiful sight to behold. If you want to get away from the popular spots and yet enjoy the beautiful landscape of Coorg, this is an ideal place to picnic or spend time with your loved ones and enjoy the scenic flora.  

The surreal scenery makes for a spectacular natural background for clicking some epic pictures you can post on your social media.  

A word of advice – if you are going to the reservoir, ensure you carry your snacks and beverages, as there are no shops nearby.  

Chelavara Falls 

While Coorg is known to be home to many gushing waterfalls, Chelavara Falls is one of the most unexplored and lesser-known ones. Located 40-45 km from the main Coorg town, Chelavara falls is like no other you may see in Coorg.  

If you are wondering if it is too far, once you reach there, you will realise it is worth more than you can imagine. The falls is surrounded by many stunning trekking trails. So, if you are a trekking enthusiast, you are in for a real treat.  

You can also trek your way to the top from where the water falls down the hills. From the foothills to the top, the trail is surrounded by coffee and cardamom plantations, making your way up enjoyable and memorable. While the falls is at its best during the monsoon, if you are visiting in the summer, you can still enjoy the greenery around and revel in the pleasant climate.  

Namdroling Monastery 

You may have seen monasteries in the north and northeast, but this one is different from the others you may have seen. Located in the Bylakuppe region, Namdroling Monastery is a large Tibetan Buddhist complex that houses about 5000 Buddhist monks and nuns.  

The monastery also houses the stunning Golden Temple and Zangdogpalri Temple. The stunning exteriors of the monastery, featuring Tibetan-style architecture, will instantly make you fall in love with it. Once you enter the monastery, the undeniable spiritual vibe and the serene environment will fill your heart with utmost peace and calmness.  

You can spend as much time as you want inside the monastery premises and soak in all the tranquillity that will soothe all your senses and make you feel lighter and better from within.  

Honnamana Kere 

Located in Doddamalte, about 8 kilometres from Somwarpet, this stunning lake is surrounded by beautiful landscapes, making it a special place to visit. Not known to many tourists, it is a haven for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts.  

It is also considered a holy place for the locals, and there is a temple here, which is dedicated to Goddess Honnamma. After taking a tour around the lake and offering your prayers at the temple, you can rest in the temple premises to watch the beautiful sunset. Keep your camera ready to capture the glorious view, which will take your breath away! 


One of Coorg's most gorgeous and hidden places, Chettali, will draw your awe! This charming village, which is surrounded by coffee plantations and misty hills all around, will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The clean, crisp, pure air has a magical effect on your mind and body.  

While you are in this beautiful village, you can also visit other attractions, including the Chettali Waterfall. Reaching here may require you to trek through the coffee plantations, but throughout your way up, you will have a good time, and the view from the top will make you wonder how nature works in mystical ways. 

Where to stay in Coorg? 

Visiting Coorg for a family holiday is like entering a sacred space where nature thrives, and you ought to experience the natural beauty of the place from close quarters. The best way to get this experience is to book your stay at any resorts in Coorg offered by Club Mahindra.  

You have two options, Club Mahindra Madikeri and Club Mahindra Virajpet. Both resorts offer the most premium stay experience, and the range of modern amenities ensures that you feel at home away from home. Besides, the location of these resorts allows you to embrace nature in its purest form.  

From exquisite dining experience to a range of fun activities for all your family members, ensure that you have an unforgettable holiday experience, and by the end of it all, you will have loads of happy memories to take back home.

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