Christmas season is here, which means celebrations are just around the corner. The season of holidays, joy, merry-making, family gatherings, and delicious goodies is one of the most eagerly awaited days of the year. Amongst other things, kids love Christmas because it is that time of the year when Santa Claus brings them presents. 

One of the most popular and widely celebrated festivals in the world, Christmas, commemorates the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ. Like other festivals, Christmas too has certain traditions. On this day, people offer their prayers to the Lord and wish for success, harmony and joy. 

Another important and perhaps the most popular tradition is decorating the house with a Christmas tree. Nothing signifies the Christmas season more prominently than the magnificently decorated Christmas tree. Whether you bring home an artificial Christmas tree from the market or make a real one yourself, the festival would be incomplete without it. 

But, if you are wondering why the Christmas tree is so important, what is the significance of the Christmas tree? Then, this blog will help you get all the answers. 

Origin of Christmas tree

Christmas tree history dates back to the 16th Century when the Christians in Germany started to decorate their houses with evergreen trees in the shape of a pyramid. Back then, it was believed that having the evergreen tree in the houses warded off negative energy, evil spirits and illness.  

Today, we see people hanging many decorative items and lighting on the tree. As beautiful as it looks, the story of the Christmas tree being lit up is fascinating. This custom is believed to be started by Martin Luther, the founder of the Protestant Reformation movement in the 1500s when he lit candles on the tree branches. 

Since the start of the 18th century, Christmas trees became a common sight in Germany, and all the wealthy families living in the Rhineland region started lighting the trees with wax candles. The Christmas trees you see today are a representation of German culture. 

The modern Christmas tree

The popularity of the modern versions of the Christmas tree we see today worldwide can be credited to Queen Victoria of England and her German husband, Prince Albert. In 1846, the London News published a picture of the Queen, the Prince, and their kids standing in front of a Christmas tree that was decorated beautifully. 

The couple and their family were much loved by the people in the UK. As a result of the picture that gained immense popularity, the practice of setting up a Christmas tree and decorating it spread fast throughout the UK and America. 

Even though not all Christian communities historically decorate their homes with Christmas trees, with the influence of consumerism and the influence of the UK and the US culture around the world, the Christmas tree became a universal symbol. And it became associated with the Christmas season. 

What does the Christmas tree symbolise?

In ancient times, Winter Solstice was celebrated with great fanfare as it marked the beginning of longer and brighter days. The ancient societies believed that every year winter came because the Sun God had fallen sick and become weak. They celebrated the solstice as it meant the Sun God was starting to recover.

They brought Evergreen bough home as it reminded them of all the green plants that would once grow when the Sun God became strong and brought back the summer. The tree also gave them hope and assurance that the summer will return soon. 

Setting up and taking down the Christmas tree

You cannot bring home the tree or take it down anytime you wish, but you must follow the Christmas tree tradition. Both setting up the Christmas tree and taking it down must be done on a specific date. Traditionally, Christmas was not brought in and decorated until Christmas eve, i.e., 24th December. And, it was taken only on the twelfth night after Christmas, i.e., on January 5th. It was believed that getting the tree up before or after these dates would invite bad luck. 

Tips for decorating your Christmas tree

Fascinated by the origin of the Christmas tree and its traditions, if you want to ring in the Christmas festival by setting up a Christmas tree in your house, you can use the following tips to decorate it and spruce up the vibe in your home. 

  • Firstly, there is no universal formula for decorating a Christmas tree. You can do it just the way you want to suit your aesthetic taste. But there are certain basic things you must remember. Whether you bring home a real or an artificial tree, ensure that it has green foliage. Trim out the branches and arrange them just the way you like. 
  • Today, many people prefer bringing home a real Christmas tree. So, if you bring home one yourself, make sure that it looks fresh and green all through the festive time. Water the tree regularly. 
  • Choose the lights you want to put up on the tree carefully. Make sure to test the lights once and see if they are working properly. Carefully place the lights around the tree and hinge them on the branches.  
  • Once you set up the lights, it is time to put other decorations around it. It is best advised to choose a theme or a colour scheme for the decoration. You can involve your children in this task. They not only bring fresh energy but may come up with interesting ideas. Make sure that you add all the large-sized decorations at the bottom of the tree, and reduce the size as you move up. 
  • It is best to avoid hanging ornaments only at the branch tips. Instead, try placing them all around. At the same time, don’t go overboard; maintain a balance of green and colourful adornments so that it looks classy and elegant. 
  • You can give the Christmas tree a personal touch by crafting the decorative items yourself. You can make beautiful Christmas cards, have all the presents wrapped and place them at the tree base. 

Christmas is truly a special occasion that spreads joy and smiles everywhere. And the Christmas tree is the best representation of the joyous occasion. The fascinating story of its origin and the traditions associated with it still live on with us and makes the festival even more special every year. 

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