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Uttarakhand is a hilly state in the northern part of India. Mountainous regions have their own distinct traditions and one can say that the heritage of Uttarakhand is composed of a combination of Kumaoni and Garhwali cultures. Here are some of the wonderful facets of lifestyle in the state that you and your kids can learn about during your family vacations in this enchanting region.

1. People

Uttarakhand is home to multiple ethnic groups, each having its own culture. These groups include the Jaunsari, Bhotia, Buxa, Tharu, and Raji. Sometimes, the people of this state are called “Paharis.”

2. Languages

The linguistics of the land directly reflects its people, and Uttarakhand is the same in this aspect. Common languages spoken here include Hindi, Garhwali, Kumaoni, Jaunsari, and Bhotiya, among others. The state is a wonderful place to introduce your kids to different cultures and ways of life.

3. Festivals

The state’s love for color and celebration is constantly portrayed in its various festivals. Some of these include Basant Panchami, Khatarua, Kumaoni Holi, Hill Jatra, Chippla Jaat, Kangdali, and Makar Sankranti. Try booking your family vacation around the time of any of these festivals to experience the authentic culture of Uttarakhand.

4. Fairs

A great place for enjoyment, fairs are organized with much gusto in this region. They offer an amazing way to soak in the overall culture of the place as you and the kids spend time enjoying the various stalls, games, and performances. Some of the important fairs of the region include Kanvad Yatra, Bissu Mela, Nanda Devi Raj Jaat, Kangdali Festival, and Magh Mela.

5. Food

High fiber and less dairy are the hallmarks of cuisine in Uttarakhand. Also called “Pahari cuisine,” the most common ingredient used is buckwheat. Some of the popular dishes include Kafuli, Fannah, Ras, Gulgula, Bhatt ki Churdkani, and Arsa. Club Mahindra reviews by happy members always highlight how delicious the food is at the India’s favorite resort chain’s properties across Uttarakhand.

6. Music and dance

The serene landscape here fuels the creativity of Uttarakhand’s performers. Most songs depict social or spiritual scenarios and the popular ones are the Phag, Bair, Pavada, Hurkiya Baul, Baramasa, Saiddhali, and Pandav Songs. Some folk dances include the Bhotia Dance, Chamfuli, and Chholia. The “Badra Nati” folk dance is performed during religious functions.

You can experience the absolute best of Uttarakhand’s culture by holidaying with Club Mahindra. India’s favorite resort chain will ensure you soak in the traditions of the region to the fullest. With a host of indoor and outdoor activities, Club Mahindra’s properties are some of the best resorts in Uttarakhand. Book your family holiday today by logging onto the Club Mahindra website or app!

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