1. Your go-to breakfast option?

a. Just a cup of tea and maybe some pakoras

b. Some plain yoghurt or a smoothie bowl

c. I can fluctuate from grilled chicken to just poha

d. Idli, dosa and maybe a pot of filter coffee to wash it down

2. What is your choice of restaurant for a Sunday meal?

a. Delicious North Indian kebabs or some yummy Chicken curries and butter naan

b. I am someone who loves meat. So anything meat based

c. Something exotic and a different cuisine than the typical Indian fare

d. Appam and stew or maybe chicken chettinad and Malabar parotha

3. Which is your favourite ingredient?

a. Tomatoes

b. Yoghurt

c. Chick peas

d. Coconut

4. One food item that will never exhaust you?

a. Dal Bati Churma

b. Murgh kebab

c. Shawarma or Momos

d. Masala dosa, medu vada and filter coffee

5. How many times do you eat out?

a. Almost every day

b. Once a week

c. Once a fortnight

d. Very rarely

6. Favourite cuisine?

a. North Indian

b. Nothing specific

c. I love to try new cuisines, don’t stick to one

d. South Indian

7. What would you use excessively when you cook?

a. Garlic

b. Cream

c. Spices

d. Grated coconut

Now count the number of times you chose one option and based on your maximum selection, pick the Club Mahindra resort.

A. Club Mahindra JAISALMER

You are someone who really loves a nice paneer or butter chicken gravy with a delicious butter garlic naan to savour it with. You are all for curries and a heavy north Indian meal can help your mood drastically. Opportunities to try the local cuisine, at the Jaisalmer resort in Rajasthan, as well as in the city will be many. The traditional Dal Bati Churma and Gatte ki Subzi are all time favourites, but you should also try the Ker Sangri, which are desert beans with capers. It’s a local favourite. Other popular vegetarian dishes in Jaisalmer also include Bhanon Aloo -potatoes stuffed with mint paste, and served with gravy, and Kadi Pakoras, flour dumplings cooked in yogurt sauce. Non vegetarians can feast on the Murgh-e-Subz, boneless strips of chicken, stir fried with shredded vegetables. The Tandoor Thali is for those with a hearty appetite. With two chicken items, one being the famous tikka, kebabs, and naan, it is a fulfilling meal you will not find elsewhere other than this resort in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan!

B. Club Mahindra NALDEHRA

Truly a lover of the food served in the mountains, you are a true blue hippie. Himachal contains a lot of yoghurt in its cuisine. This includes meats cooked in yoghurt gravy and other traditional methods like Khatta Ghosht and Murgh Anardana. You must start your meals with the Khoru soup, which is rich in Naldehra flavours. The Club Mahindra Naldehra resort’s vegetarian menu includes Madra, an extremely popular dish. You can end your meal with delicious desserts made of rice and yoghurt.

You have always been someone who experiements with their food and trying out new cuisines or restaurants is always on your agenda. Not only do you love to try various ingredients and sample the culture at different locations, you take active interest in travelling. Dubai is a place that is easier to plan and yet not incredibly heavy on the pocket and with the Club Mahindra resort sorting out your accommodation, you are all set. Dubai’s street food is a revelation. Bite into the delicious Shawarma, stuffed with marinated meat and garlic sauce, pickles and hummus. Or try the Falafel, pita pocket stuffed with lettuce, veggies, tahini and fries. A must try is Ghuzi, a succulent dish with roasted lamb served on top of rice with vegetables and nuts. There’s also Tabbouleh, Kebabs, fragrant Biryanis and seafood dishes. Al Harees, a traditional Arab baked dish made in a wheat pot with marinated meat is what almost every tourist tries.C. Club Mahindra DUBAI

D. Club Mahindra KERALA

Despite the various cuisines and cultures that surround us, you are someone who is comfortable sticking to what feels like home. A true lover of South Indian food and everything that the cuisine has to offer, you are at home with a pot of filter coffee and a dosa. The region of Kerala has loads to offer and the mainstay of the cuisine of Kerala are coconuts and aromatic spices. It lends it that distinct taste. Vegetarians also have a plenty to choose from. They can go for rice with aviyal (assorted vegetables in a yogurt-coconut base), thoran (dry vegetable or greens) or appam with stew or parotta with curry. Of course, universal favourites like sambhar, rasam and other curries make sure everybody has a happy, full belly. Typical vegetables used in Kerala cuisine are the locally grown jackfruit, yam, tapioca, plantains and other tubers.

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