Swathed in the relics of the chivalrous Rajputi empire, Udaipur, one of the big-ticket attractions of Rajasthan, is set to host the Mewar festival.  One of the most popular Rajasthan festivals, the Mewar festival is celebrated in Udaipur early in April. Harbinger of the spring season, this heritage festival of India, is ingrained in the country’s history and tradition.

Herds of locals and visitors from far-flung places pour into the city to experience the charisma of this famous festival of Rajasthan. Timeless gullies (streets) & nukkads (nooks) get drenched in a spectrum of colours. Carrying forward a decadelong unbroken legacy of the Royal House of Mewar, this Rajasthan’s famous festival is one episode one shouldn’t miss witnessing. Out of several other Rajasthan festivals, Mewar Festival is the one celebrated with immense gusto and enthusiasm.

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Historical Records

Mewar Festival dates back to an era when a part of Rajasthan was ruled by the Sisodia dynasty. As per historical records, Maharaja Udai Singh during a hunting expedition came across a holy man sitting atop a hill that offered sweeping views of Lake Pichola. The saint was in a deep state of meditation.

 The Maharaja, intrigued by this angelic figure, approached him, after which the divine figure blessed him and advised him to build a palace at that place. Maharaja Udai Singh, taking note of his counsel built a beautiful palace at the same spot, and this is how Udaipur, the golden city, came into existence.

Religious Significance

Mewar Festival coinciding with the Ganguar festival holds a lot of significance for the locals, especially the womenfolk who begin the festive preparations a fortnight before. 

Ganguar festival starts from the next day of Holi. Women collect ashes from the holy fire and bury barley seeds in the ashes gathered and water them until they germinate. An 18 day fast is observed by newly married women, to ensure a happy married life. Also observed by many unmarried girls, during this 18 day fast, they are allowed to have only one meal a day. While married women pray for the good health of their partner and marital bliss, the single ones pray to get the match of their choice. Truly, the rare charm of Rajasthan festivals is worth comprehending. 

Rajasthan festivals charm of Rajasthan

Celebrations & Rituals 

On the day of Ganguar, women dawning canary-yellow and emerald green traditional attires come together to titivate the idols of Isar (Lord Shiva) and Ganguar (Goddess Parvati). Men wearing turbans as red as fire-engine are a part of the crowd of onlookers.

This ritual gives way to a huge procession that kicks off from the clock tower, in which both the idols are taken through narrow-crooked lanes of the city to the Ganguar Ghat at Lake Pichola. On reaching the ghat the idols are then transferred onto colourful boats that slowly sail past the shimmering lake. A captivating sight to behold, amidst the singing of folk songs, the idols are immersed in the azure waters of Lake Pichola.

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Highlights of the Festival 

Ideal to catch on camera, Rajasthan festivals bring out the diverse hues of the imperial state, which is also known as the Land of Kings. Spring festivals like the Mewar Festival seeped in heritage and history covering, three days offer the visitors moments worth cherishing. The programs that take place at the festival are ecstatic and full of life. Don’t miss eye witnessing cultural events like 

Folk Dance Performances –

Rajasthan festivals are incomplete without folk dance performances. Watch Rajasthani women twirl gracefully in flashy Ghaghara, choli & odhani while they perform Ghoomar and Kalbeliya, traditional folk dances of Rajasthan.  

Folk Music –

Transporting the audience to a different world, the musical performances by Rajasthani folk artists compel the spectators to tap their feet. Peculiar folk music featuring incredible renditions is a delight to the ears. Kesariya baalam aao ni, gangaur, chirmi, and moomal are few among the several Maand that are sung at the Mewar Festival. 


Considered extremely auspicious spring season is welcomed with rangoli made out of bright colors outside age-old houses and archaic shops in Udaipur city. 


The entire city comes to life as each monument, palace, and pavilion is decked with festive lights. Garishly decorated camels and painted elephants are few among several other attractions that grab attention.


The climax of the all-around festivity is reached, when a spell-binding display of fireworks impressively lights up the sky and dazzles the eyes of the once watching. On the 3rd day, the Mewar Festival organized by Rajasthan Tourism comes to an end. 

Folk Music Rangoli

Top things to do in Udaipur 

Udaipur’s romance and setting are unmatched, attracting herds of travelers that love to wander past its primeval Havelis, imposing forts, and splendid palaces. If you are the one tempted to explore this dramatic city, while your stay, don’t miss to 

  • Indulge in sightseeing 
  • Enjoy a speed boat ride across Fateh Sagar Lake
  • Experience the thrills of a Jungle Safari at Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Witness the sun go down from the Ambrai Ghat 
  • Delight in a horse ride at Aravali Mountains 
  • Get some pictures clicked at the vintage car museum 
  • Watch the light and sound show at the Kumbhalgarh Fort
  • Shop your heart out at Hathi Pol Bazaar
  • Trek in Ranakpur 
  • Cruise across Lake Pichola 

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