Life moves at a rapid pace, and the stress of keeping up is just one of the pressures we face on a regular basis. The past couple of years have been especially tough. The constant danger of exposure coupled with the forced confinement has taken its toll on our mental health.

What could be better than taking a break from it all and going away with your family on a rejuvenating holiday? Travelling, when done right, is the perfect antidote for boredom and mental fatigue brought on by the stress of daily life. Take that first step out the door and leave your stress far behind. Every step you take is a soothing salve that can mend a broken heart and calm a stressed mind.

Travel, meditate, reflect

Travelling is like meditation; the journey continues until you reach your desired destination. But a holiday is as much about the journey as much as it is about the destination. Travel can not only soothe your soul but can also expand your horizons. The anecdotes and experiences that you gather along the way become a part of your travel lore, which you will cherish for a long time. Sometimes the journey is more fascinating than the destination.

When you travel with your family you forge one more link in the bond that binds you together for life; memories to share and moments to relive. If stress is a malady, travelling is the perfect antidote. Get your travel gear and pack your bags. No day is as good as today to leave for a holiday. But have you decided your holiday destination? You have numerous options when it comes to choosing your perfect vacation destination.

Here are a few of our recommendations.

Travelling - meditation Club Mahindra Hill Resorts

Up and away

Hill stations make for excellent holiday destinations. Surrounded by the steadfast majesty of towering mountains, a holiday on a hill station is infused with their resolute calm. The breath-taking views are just the icing on the cake, a visual aid that helps the mind relax and soar with a carefree abandon. Lose yourself among the lofty peaks as you find inner peace. But that’s not all you can do. You can enjoy the mountains in many ways.

Trekking is the most favoured activity in the mountains. Uncover the wonders of nature as you follow a well-trodden path to holiday nirvana. Paragliding is one activity that will give you the bliss of flying with a healthy dose of adrenaline. Sometimes it takes a bit of chaos to enjoy peace. Dharamshala, Manali, Mussoorie, Nainital and Srinagar, in the north; and Coorg, Ooty and Munnar in the south are some of the most popular destinations where you can enjoy a holiday in the mountains.

Live the beach life

If the intoxicating combination of sun and sand call to you, it is time to head to a beach resort in Goa, Pondicherry, Cherai or Cochin. Put your feet up, grab a sweet coconut and drink in the sunny ambience. The heady cocktail of silky sand and warm sea is enough to drown stress and replenish the mind. The endless blue expanse lets the soul breathe and encourages the mind to wander without purpose. This mindless wandering is the fuel for focussing the mind.

From motorboat rides to water sports, activities abound at the beach. The thrill of flying over the waves at top speeds is different from the excitement of parasailing. But both are equally enjoyable, especially if they’re shared with the family. Go snorkelling to peek into the fabulous underwater world or scuba dive to get close to the ocean’s wonders. At the end of the day, the soothing lullaby of the ocean puts your heart at ease as the balmy ocean winds caress your worries away.

Club Mahindra Beach resorts Club Mahindra Jungle Resorts

Get lost in the jungle

While the urban jungle is the breeding ground of stress, the real deal nurtures peace. A holiday in the jungle is no less than your very own adventure. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, give your innermost thoughts the chance to express themselves amidst the prevalent calm.

The national parks of our country are teeming with a variety of wildlife. A safari with your family is just what you need to reconnect with your inner self. Gir in Gujarat, Kanha in Madhya Pradesh, Thekkady in Kerala, and Corbett in Uttarakhand are ideal spots to play the intrepid explorer in a safe and controlled environment.

Stress is just a state of mind. Do not let it take over. Take control of your mental state with a little help from your family and a soul-nourishing holiday adventure.

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