Situated in the heart of Kodaikanal city is the Kodaikanal Lake, covering an expanse of around 60 acres. The name Kodaikanal is derived from two words ‘Kodai’ which means forest and ‘kanal’ which means ‘gift.’ True to its name, Kodaikanal is indeed a gift of the forest.

The Kodaikanal Lake is surrounded by the north-western Palani Hills, which add to the beauty of the lake. Besides, tourists are allowed to appease themselves with numerous adventure activities like boating, cycling, and horse riding. In case you plan on visiting this place, there are numerous Kodaikanal resorts opened for travelers which prove to be a great destination for a family holiday.

Following are five must know facts about the Kodaikanal Lake if you are planning a trip here with your family. 

The Kodaikanal lake is a manmade lake

Yes, you heard that right. It was built in 1863 by Sir Vere Henry Levinge, a collector of Madurai, which means the lake is more than 150 years old! He had a vision of promoting the place as a tourism spot and hence constructed the lake at his own expense.

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The lake was once three streams of water

Sir Vere Henry Levinge converted the marshy land by constructing a strong bund across the three streams of water. A 4-point star shaped reservoir was then created to enhance the beauty of the lake. The lake was also stocked with fish.

The first boat was brought from Tuticorin

Sir Vere Henry Levinge brought in the first boat from Tuticorin, a city in the Coromandel Coast off Bay of Bengal. Tuticorin manufactured fine boats at the time, which were very different from the usual ones seen today.

The lake was even used for swimming long ago

Today, the Kodaikanal Lake is used for commercial purposes. However, earlier people used to swim in the crystal waters of the lake. Later, fat-bottom boats known as punts were also used as a means of entertainment. Soon after, a boat club and boathouse was set up near the lake to boost tourism. Hill station resorts were also set up for commercial purposes.

As the hills receive monsoon during this time of the year, it is recommended to visit the lake between October and December. It is during this period that the every green lush slopes attract the eye and the lake glistens so beautifully.

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Kodaikanal lake

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