When visiting a destination like Dharamshala, most of us tend to think about the mountain ranges, the drives along the hilly areas or simply trekking or hiking along side the tea gardens. But have you ever considered giving bird watching a shot? There are a few activities that stand apart from the conventional travel itinerary and are bound to be tremendously exciting and unusual. Bird watching at the Pong Dam is one of them and we tell you exactly why you should plan a trip to Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh to experience this. Over the last three decades, the reports of over a hundred thousand avian guests at this wetland, belonging to over 85 species including Bar-headed Geese, Common Pochards, Common Coots, Northern Pintails, Northern Shovellers, Common Teals, cormorants, shelducks, gulls and many, many more have drawn birders to the shores of Pong lake.

With more than 1,30,000 birds recorded to have been sighted, it can be a rare sight to witness these beautiful species in person. The Pong Dam is located close to the Dhauladhar mountain ranges and is extremely convenient to reach from the Dharamshala resort in Himachal. Located on the Palampur road, this resort in Dharamshala is only 5 km away from city and 260 km from Chandigarh and 95 km from Pathankot. All you have to do is rent a car for the day and head out for a day trip to the Dam and witness the innumerable species of birds.

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The best time to visit the Pong Dam, Dharamshala is during the summers as various water sports are also organised at the dam every year during these months. Winters are mild and while the bird population is at its peak during these months due to various species migrating from other regions of the country, summers are the best time to take a long vacation and cover a few other regions along with Dharamshala. We suggest you also visit McLeod Gang.

The bird watching activity at Pong Dam is one such unique activity that your children are bound to enjoy and marvel. We are often used to indulging in activities that are available at the resorts and very rarely do travellers take time out to step out of the properties and experience what lies beyond. And what we are likely to miss out on can end up costing us a lot in the long run! Because after all, investing in an experience is much more than just a few days of time spent with the family. It is about acquainting your children to newer things, showing them the world and taking up activities with them that are fun, adventurous and something that the entire family can unanimously enjoy. All you need to do is inquire at the Club Mahindra Dharamshala resort and get yourself a mode of transport. Our staff is warm and helpful and we ensure that all your needs will be taken care of to the best of our abilities.

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