Breakfast is the most important meal as it gives you the energy to face the day. Unlike American food, which is mostly fried, Indian food is more suited for our weather and lifestyle conditions. That’s why, you will find a delectable selection of Indian breakfast dishes at all Club Mahindra resorts. You will even find Indian dishes, alongside a wide selection of American food dishes, and at almost all Club Mahindra international resorts. You can enjoy the taste of home while at any of the Club Mahindra international resorts and get an awesome start to your vacation days.

The best part of an Indian breakfast is the mouth-watering variety on your plate. While American food dishes champion animal protein, we enjoy a sumptuous range of vegetarian delicacies. American food is tasty too, and that’s the reason you’ll find American dishes at most Club Mahindra resorts in India. You have the option to mix-n-match your breakfast with Indian and American dishes. Embark on an epic culinary journey and travel beyond your comfort zone of the typical, well-known breakfast food that’s available everywhere. Here are some unique Indian breakfast dishes you can try and appreciate the diversity of our country.

1. Pesarattu

The dosa is a ubiquitous member of the breakfast club and even has an American food counterpart known as a ‘Crepe’. But its lesser-known cousin, the Pesarattu, would be a revelation for many. Pesarattu literally means ‘Moong Dal Dosa’. It is a unique take on the regular dosa. Made from a batter of delicately spiced green mung beans, it is rich in proteins. It is easy to make too. Soak moong beans for 4-6 hours before grinding. Add herbs and spices while grinding and the batter is ready to cook. Give your day a healthy start with delicious, soft Pesarattu.

2. Misal Pav

This made-for-each-other combination of fiery curry and fluffy Pav is an indulgent breakfast food that will kickstart your day with its zing. Misal Pav is a traditional Maharashtrian dish that marries the flaming flavours of the Misal with the soothing influence of soft bread. Mostly made of snow peas, the taste and ingredients have numerous variations which change with every city. The addition of Farsan gives this dish additional layers of tastes and textures. Top it with chopped onion, coriander and squeeze some lime to balance the richness. You can adjust oil and chilli to make it milder and healthier. Nothing can beat this for its soul-satisfying taste and decadence.

3. Dal Kachori

Coming from the desert state of Rajasthan, Dal Kachori has no equivalent in American food. The gluttonously round kachoris invite you to sample their rich flavours and give you delight in every bite. While the kachori itself is not very heavy, its pairing with dal makes it a hearty breakfast to be had to sustain a long day. The crisp and flaky outer shell hides a lightly spiced filling that tingles the tastebuds. You can introduce your own variations. Pair the kachoris with a simple Aloo ki Subzi or make it an intricate affair by adding various chutneys and other toppings. You must try this flavourful breakfast dish at least once.

4. Panta Bhat

Thoroughly enjoyed in the north-east, Panta Bhat is one of those traditional breakfast dishes that are losing ground to quick-fix recipes. It is a hearty preparation that combines potatoes, rice, coconut, and onions into a flavourful, savoury porridge. Mostly relegated to rural areas now, Panta Bhat (or Poita Bhat as it is also known) is pure nostalgia for those who enjoyed it in their childhood. Cooked rice is soaked overnight to be served with bhartas (mash), bhajas (fries), sliced onions and roasted dry coconut. The simple flavours of the dish are elevated by the various textures in one bite. You won’t find anything even close to this in American food.

5. Bara Ghuguni

Bara Ghuguni is an emotion in its home state, Odisha. Somewhat like the medu vada-sambar of the south, it is a combination of crisp Baras and flavourful Ghuguni. But that is where the similarities end. The Bara is more like a dense kachori and the Guuguni is a flavourful watery curry made with potatoes and snow peas. It is a unequivocally popular local dish that has no equivalent counterpart in American food. Available in restaurants and by the roadside, you won’t find many variations of this dish. This rustic breakfast dish is best enjoyed on a banana leaf. Pair it with a hot cup of tea to enhance your enjoyment.

Nowadays, our palates are more used to the taste of American food rather than authentic Indian flavours. These five breakfast dishes will reintroduce you to the joys of Indian cuisine that pampers the taste buds.

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