Are you wondering about the food of Lakshadweep while on a holiday there? This blog is for you. One of the most beautiful union territories of India, Lakshadweep is a stunning archipelago of 36 islands and islets and a fascinating tourist place for peace seekers and beach lovers. Each of the 36 islands offers something unique: clean beaches, crystal clear waters, powdery sand, abundant greenery and a peaceful vibe. 

Just as beautiful as the tourist attractions are, Lakshadweep also has a distinctive culinary tradition symbolic of its coastal location and multicultural influence. Lakshadweep cuisine is influenced by the different communities that have thrived in the region, including the Muslims, Christians, and Hindus. The true essence of the traditional Lakshadweep food is that it combines the sea's flavours with aromatic spices and herbs that are grown locally. 

While seafood and rice are Lakshadweep's staple food, if you don’t eat meat, don’t worry! You can find a variety of vegetarian delights on these islands that are equally scrumptious and give you a flavour of the local culinary culture. So, without any further ado, let us look at some of the best foods of Lakshadweep that you must try. 

Kulukki Sarbath

Just like the rest of India, the people of Lakshadweep have adopted food habits to suit the local weather and climatic conditions. Being a tropical island, the weather here remains hot and humid most of the year. And to beat the heat, the locals prepare Kulukki Sarbath in their homes and even serve it to the guests. 

It is a refreshing beverage made of lemon, mint leaves, sugar and soda water. It is the perfect drink to keep your body cool, and you can find this drink at most restaurants throughout the island. 

Mus Kavaab

Mus Kavaab is one of the famous foods of Lakshadweep that both the locals and the tourists love. A sought-after delicacy, it is made of boneless fish called Mus. It is marinated in a paste made of coconut, turmeric, chilli powder, coriander powder, and cardamom. The fish is then cooked in an onion and tomato-based curry and then topped with fried curry leaves, giving the dish a bit of crunchy texture and enhancing its flavour and taste. 

Typically, Mus Kavaab is served as a starter, and it sets up your mood perfectly to enjoy a delicious meal further. The fish's spices and its sweet flavour are a delight to eat, and with every mouthful, you can feel your tastebuds jumping with joy. 

Adukku Pathiri

Most of the popular dishes of Lakshadweep feature rice as one of the major ingredients, and Adukku Pathiri is no different. It is a delicious multi-layered rice bread made of rice flour, coconut, and various spices. 

The process of making the dish is very similar to the Italian delicacy, Lasagna, where thin layers of rice dough are stacked up with a filling of either chicken or fish and then baked until it turns golden brown. The dish can be eaten as a starter or main course and is usually served with a curry or chutney. Both combinations taste great, and you must try this dish to get a taste of the distinctive flavours of Lakshadweep. 

Kallummakaya Curry

If you are a seafood lover, you will love it. If you are not, you must try this decadent and utterly delicious curry from the land of Lakshadweep that will turn you around. A rich and greasy seafood meal, it looks super appetising and tastes even better. 

The primary ingredient of this famous food of Lakshadweep is mussels, and it is prepared in a delicious concoction of coconut milk, herbs and curry leaves. The dish has a fine balance of sweet, tangy, and spice; every morsel will feel like a flavour bomb exploding in your mouth. 

This delicious curry is best enjoyed with a bowl of piping hot steamed rice or with appam, a rice pancake. The dish gives you a genuine taste of the local flavours that are highly influenced by the sea. 

Mussel Pickle

Pickles are an integral part of the Indian cuisine. In Lakshadweep, the locals eat a variety of pickles almost every day. One such pickle that is a local speciality is the spicy mussel pickle. 

It is made with mussels in the local coastal waters that are marinated in a mixture of locally-grown spices, vinegar, and oil. The pickle has a distinctive zesty flavour, attracting the interest of the tourists coming to the region. 

Tuna Curry

Tuna is among the most loved among the wide range of fishes in the local region. It is used widely in a variety of dishes. But the most popular dish is the Tuna curry. The locals and the tourists love the dish, and you must try this authentic dish of Lakshadweep. 

It is made with fresh tuna fish, coconut milk, and aromatic spices. This dish encapsulates the true essence of the tropical region of Lakshadweep. When combined with the curry, the spiciness of the masala and the natural saltiness of the Tuna fish is a delight to eat. 

Kavaratti Biryani

Indians have an undying love for Biryani. Throughout the length and breadth of the country, you may find a variety of biryanis, each with a distinct flavour and taste. Lakshadweep, too, has its own Biryani variant known as the Kavaratti Biryani. 

A local speciality dish, this culinary masterpiece is made of tender meat of fish, basmati rice, coconut, saffron and various other spices and locally sourced ingredients. The residents are very proud of this preparation, and the traditional recipe for the dish has been passed from one generation to another through centuries. 


One of the lesser-known dishes of the Lakshadweep cuisine, Kinnathappam is the quintessential Lakshadweep local dish that will delight you. It is a steamed cake made of sweetened rice, rice flour, milk, jaggery, and spices. 

The cake is dense and has a chewy texture. After devouring bowls of fish curry and other seafood items, a bit of Kinnathappam is all you need to cleanse your palate and sweeten your mouth. It is the perfect way to finish a delicious meal replete with the famous foods of Lakshadweep. As you bite into this cake, you will feel a mild hum of spices on your tongue, which only accentuates the sweetness. 

So, there you have the best dishes that you must try in Lakshadweep. A coastal paradise, Lakshadweep will delight you with its stunning natural beauty, scenic landscape and mouth-watering cuisine!


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