Pakora: Deep-fried love!

Samosa: The superstar snack that steals shows!

Vada Pav: Mumbai’s pride. 

Dhokla: One is never enough!

Poha: Breakfast that tickles taste buds.

Aloo Tikki: The mood-lifter, one bite at a time. 

Locho: The ultimate comfort food. 

There is nothing better than enjoying delicious snacks on a rainy day. Whether it is a crispy fried delicacy or comfort foods, delectable snacks are just what you need to make monsoons even more pleasant than they already are. Along with the cool showers of rain and your loved ones for company, here are the best Indian snacks you can savour during monsoons.


  • Pakora


Monsoons cannot be considered complete without a plate full of deliciously crunchy pakoras (fritters). One of the most popular rainy season snacks, pakoras come with a variety of fillings including spinach, onions, potatoes, paneer (cottage cheese), plantain, eggplant, cauliflower, and green chilli. Generally served with a steaming cup of tea, pakoras are made by slicing your favourite veggies and coating them in spicy gram flour batter before deep frying. Non-vegetarians can also make pakoras with fish and meat.


  • Samosa


Piping hot samosas make for a fine snack during monsoons. With a delicious filling of spiced potatoes, they are often accompanied by coriander/mint or tamarind chutney. Listed amongst famous entrées, appetizers and hot snacks for rainy season, samosas are made from maida (all-purpose flour) and their potato filling is spruced up with the addition of onions, green peas, ginger, spices and green chilli. This deep-fried item can also be filled with fish and meat to make it an appealing snack for meat lovers.

  • Vada Pav


Native to the Indian state of Maharashtra, vada pav is a lip-smacking snack that consists of a deep-fried potato patty sandwiched between pav. Flavoured with a variety of spices, and accompanied with tangy tamarind chutney and coriander chutney, vada pav is often enjoyed with fried green chillies too. To make a vada pav, you need to boil and mash potatoes and mix them with chopped garlic and green chilli, spices and mustard seeds. The potato mix is shaped into balls and dipped into gram flour batter before deep frying. This patty is then placed inside a bread bun.

  • Dhokla


Made from a fermented batter of rice, chickpea flour or ground urad dal (black lentils), dhokla is a popular dish from Gujarat. Majorly eaten for breakfast, dhoklas are often garnished with grated coconut and coriander. Served with savoury coriander chutney and deep-fried chilli, this delicacy from Gujarat is both nutritious and appetizing enough to make it an excellent snack in rainy season


  • Poha


Native to the Indian state of Maharashtra, poha is a scrumptious dish made from flattened rice. Seasoned with potatoes, onions and an array of spices, it is a light, fluffy delicacy that has a bright yellow colour due to turmeric. Flavoured with green chilli, this easy-to-prepare dish goes perfectly with the rainy mornings during monsoons.

  • Aloo Tikki


Aloo tikki is a mashed potato patty mixed with spices, coriander and peas. Deep fried in oil, it is often served pav or bread, and a myriad of chutneys including those of tamarind, saunth and coriander. You can also choose to enjoy your monsoon evenings with delicious aloo tikki chaat by garnishing the potato patty with some tamarind paste, curd, coriander chutney and chopped onions, chilli and tomatoes. One of the most delicious monsoon delicacies is the aloo tikki chaat. 

  • Locho

Originally from Gujarat, locho is a delicious snack made from gram flour. It has a loose consistency and irregular shape and is seasoned with butter, spices, coriander, onions and sev. Particularly popular in the city of Surat in Gujarat, this spicy and tangy steamed snack is also referred to as Surti locho. An exceptional part of the street food culture, locho has many versions including butter locho, cheese locho, ghee locho and garlic locho.

Even though the above-mentioned 7 Indian snacks can make your monsoons more pleasant, these are not the only delicacies to be savoured in the rainy season. Counted amongst the most popular desserts prepared and enjoyed during monsoons, malpua and jalebi are other delectable Indian snacks that are best savoured in monsoons. So, which Indian snacks are you thinking of devouring this monsoon?

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