Kashmir is a gem in India’s crown. It is a spectacularly gorgeous place, often described as heaven on earth.

However, today in this Kashmir tourism guide, we aren’t discussing the beautiful valleys and the places to visit in Kashmir. We are talking about its scrumptious traditional dishes!

Kashmir Tourism: 8 Delectable Delights

Here are the 8 tastiest local dishes of Kashmir:

Kashmiri Saag

Kashmiri Saag

When trying to understand Kashmir tourism through its local cuisines, the first traditional dish that comes to mind is the friendly Kashmiri Saag

This dish is made from spinach. Being rich in iron, the saag is not only delicious but also extraordinarily healthy. Some households cook it with lots of chillies to make it spicy so that you can enjoy it better while it snows outside.

Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh

A Kashmir tourism food guide is incomplete if it does not mention and celebrate the mighty Rogan Josh.

Made with tender lamb pieces and wrapped in a spicy delight, this dish is going to blow your mind. The curd in the dish and the onions sautéed to a crisp make the Rogan Josh a hit among food lovers.

Paneer Chaman

Paneer Chaman

Vegetarians, don’t fret! Kashmir cuisine has a lot of delectable dishes for you too.

One such yummy vegetarian meal is the Paneer Chaman. This dish of cottage cheese seethed in fresh milk and flavoured with cardamom is a joy that sticks to your tongue forever.

Paneer Chaman with phulka or hot roti is served at all restaurants in Kashmir, so do be sure to try it!

Dum Olav

Dum Olav

A Kashmiri rendition of the famous Aloo Dum, Dum Olav is going to become your favourite version of this adored item in no time.

The secret ingredient behind the Dum Olav is not only the plethora of Kashmiri spices that it is seasoned with, but also the herbs that go into the mix.

Try Kashmir’s Dum Olav with steaming rice and a bowl of lentil soup for the best experience.

 Nadru Yakhni

You must have admired the lotus flower, but have you tasted it yet?

Yes, you read that right! The next item in the buffet of Kashmiri cuisines is Nadru Yakhni, a dish made from lotus stem.

Cooked with aromatic bay leaves, soothing yogurt, and zesty ginger, the Nadru Yakhni is a mouth-watering dish that you must try during your holiday in Kashmir. 


To guzzle down all these Kashmiri delights, you will need a healthy and tasty Kashmiri drink, right?

The Kahva should be your poison! Brewed with a host of spices, especially saffron, the Kahva is a healing potion.

Kahva has helped Kashmir tourism immensely. People from different places in India have loved this drink and included their versions of it in their menus.

Modur Pulao

Modur Pulao

A rich variant of the regular pulao, the Modur Pulao will make you forget what you have been calling pulao all your life.

With heaps of cinnamon, milk, and of course saffron sprinkles, this traditional dish of Kashmir puts Kashmir tourism on the traveller’s map.

If you want to go for a richer Modur Pulao, then you might want to ask the chefs to not hesitate while adding the dry fruits available in the kitchen.


All meat lovers in the house, it is time for you to unite! Goshtaba is a royal dish, one enjoyed by kings and queens. When visiting Kashmir, we highly recommend you give Goshtaba a try.

Prepared with minced mutton, these balls are dipped in a curry made of curd and several local spices to add the necessary tang.

When visiting Kashmir, it would be a mistake to return without having tried the Goshtaba at one of the many restaurants in Kashmir.

This Kashmir tourism food blog, by listing eight Kashmiri traditional dishes, gives you a sneak peek into the local cuisine. Once you visit the place, you will see that this list is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much that Kashmir has to offer!

Apart from gorging these yummy treats, there are a number of other things to do in Kashmir. From skiing, trekking, going for a Shikara ride, paragliding, river rafting, and more, there is so much to do in Kashmir that you will have a hard time picking which places to visit in Kashmir and which ones to leave out!

After reading about the lip-smacking local cuisines of Kashmir and the things to do in Kashmir, we are sure you want to immediately pack your bag and head north. Before you do that, let us quickly take you through some FAQs.


  1. When is the best time to visit Kashmir?

The best time to visit Kashmir is between the months of March and October. Winters are extremely chilly and might not be an ideal time for a visit, unless you are prepared for a snowstorm!

  1. How to reach Kashmir?

Scratching your head about how to reach Kashmir? Fret not, you can reach heaven on earth via all three popular transportations.

If you want to reach by flight, then the Srinagar International Airport would be your best bet. The airport sees a number of international and domestic flights, and so it’s the easiest option for you.

If you want to take a train, then the Jammu Tawi Railway Station is where you should land with your folks, and then take a car to the parts you want to visit. You could also drive to Kashmir in case time isn’t a constraint.

  1. Which resorts in Kashmir are the best?

Kashmir has some of the most gorgeous resorts in the country. But we would love to host you at our resorts in Kashmir, namely the RK Sarovar Portico retreat and Kashmir Houseboats, two Club Mahindra affiliates that give you a luxurious experience.

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Did you enjoy this Kashmir tourism guide?

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