Most Indians are familiar with Mughlai food, with its rich flavours and melt-in-the-mouth textures. However, the Mughlai food we know is slightly different from the original dishes created by royal chefs of the Mughal era, having accommodated the local flavours of India over time.

Imagine the bustling royal kitchens back in the day, as chefs experimented with spices, colours, aromas, all to create extravagant, complex and delicious food for their emperors! It is amazing to think that what we know (and love) as Mughlai food today involved hours, perhaps days, of toil to come up with that perfect blend of ingredients to please the royal family.

In fact, food was taken so seriously that it is said that the shahi khansama (the chief cook) would often consult the shahi hakim (chief physician) while planning the royal menu, to include ingredients that had medicinal value. For example, each grain of biryani rice was coated with a silver-flecked oil which acted not just as an aphrodisiac but also aided digestion!

And speaking of silver-flecked oil, Mughlai food is as extravagant as food can get with cream, milk, and yoghurt being used to thicken gravies, and edible flowers and foils of gold and silver garnishing the dishes! It was made for royalty after all!


Mughlai Food Mughlai Dishes

A Walk Down the History of Mughlai Food

The Mughal culture was highly influenced by the Persian culture. Not just the food, the language too! Which is why most Mughlai dishes have a Persian ring to their names.

So, how did this delightful cuisine make its way to India?

During Mughal rule in India, between 1426 to 1857, the food was rich and cooked with whole aromatic spices, dried fruits and nuts as per the Emperor’s liking. This royal cuisine, with its creamy gravies and satiating sweet dishes, stayed on in our country even after the Mughals’ reign ended.

The trademark tastes of the Mughal cuisine seeped into North Indian cuisine, gradually forming what we know today as Mughlai food.

And aren’t we glad! Nowadays, nearly every Indian restaurant has Mughlai food on their menu.

Now let’s look at some of the most popular Mughlai dishes passed down through history.

Popular Mughlai Dishes Mughlai Cuisine

Popular Mughlai Dishes Everyone LOVES

Rich cream or nut-based gravies, rice dishes with dry fruits, and nuts, and creamy desserts laced with spices and nuts – that’s what Mughlai food is made of.

Some popular Mughlai dishes that are quite the hit are biryani, kebabs, pulao, kofta curry, Mughlai parathas, and kormas. You can expect these to be rich, creamy and utterly delicious, no matter where you eat them!

If you have a sweet tooth, you have something in common with the Mughal royals! The Mughlai desserts are just as decadent as the food. Some all-time favourites are shahi tukda, kalakhand, bread pudding and falooda.

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