The Land of Gods, Uttarakhand is one of the beautiful northern states in India, that has recently grown as an organic state in the country. No wonder, the food of Uttarakhand is gaining popularity amongst tourists and health freaks for being extremely nutritious to suit the cold weather and mountainous landscape, as well as highly delectable. One of the secrets behind the healthy, beautiful and happy people of Uttarakhand is the lip-smacking wholesome food, that is cooked in the unique old fashioned way, on burning wood or charcoal.

Uttarakhand cuisine is rich in dairy, pulses and dals, seasonal vegetables and fruits. Sample some original Garhwali and Kumaoni cooking in Kafuli, Phaanu, Chainsoo, Baadi, Jhangora ki Kheer, Arsa, Dubuk, Garhwal ka Fannah, Bhang ki Chutney and Gulgule which constitute some of the most famous food of Uttarakhand. The following are five mouthwatering recipes you must try during your family trip in Uttarakhand -

Aloo ke Gutke

A popular road-side snack and a medium-spicy side dish, Aloo ke Gutke are boiled potatoes roasted in Indian spices like red chillies, cumin, mustard seeds, coriander and chilli powder.

Kandalee ka Saag

Kandalee leaves also known as Bicchu Ghas locally, is usually found in the Himalayan region, popular for its formic acid content. Kandalee ka Saag is a delicious preparation of boiled pulpy Kandalee leaves cooked in oil, jhakiya, dry red chilli and salt.

Kumaoni Raita

A fresh preparation of cucumber, curd or yoghurt with a dash of mustard and fenugreek seeds, powdered turmeric, coriander leaves, green chilli and salt, Kumaoni Raita is a must with your family meals or a pleasantly cool indulgence for game nights, workshops and picnics during your family vacations.

Gahat ki Dal

Gahat or Horse-gram is extremely nutritious and beneficial for people with kidney stones. To prepare Gahat ki Dal, boiled Gahat is cooked with ginger, garlic, coriander, turmeric, chilli powder and salt. Then a rice paste is added and the mixture is tempered with cumin, asafoetida and gandharein.

Sani hui Mooli

A winter favourite from Uttarakhand cuisine, this dish will leave you salivating on sight. Radish is tossed in a mixture of hot ground garlic, roasted bhang seeds and green chilli with pieces of lemon. Curd, salt and sugar are added to this later and served with a coriander garnish.

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