Ever wondered what makes the people of Haryana so athletic, so able-bodied and powerful? The state’s domination in sports can be linked to its population’s robust physique, which has helped individuals excel in a number of athletic fields. Be it working the farms under a sweltering sun, securing prestigious jobs in the military, or acing in sporting activities like wrestling.

Thanks to a strengthening diet filled with energy and nutrients, Haryanvis have developed a sturdy build that offers them a unique advantage in sports.

From winning 22 out of the 66 medals at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, 19 out of 64 medals at the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games, and 27 out of 101 medals in the 2010 New Delhi Common Wealth Games, Haryana is definitely grubbing and lugging!

Wrestling has always been a big part of rural Haryanvi culture. And it goes all the way back to grapplers in loincloths competing for prizes that ranged from bundles of cash to pots of milk. Above all, village pride from local competitions held in red dirt rings – dangals.

All this stamina can be attributed to a blend of lean protein, complex carbohydrates, and fibrous veggies. And let’s face it, handis of lassi and spoons full of ghee!

This National Sports Day, Club Mahindra pays tribute to the spirited state of Haryana by exploring the food of the champions! Let’s hero the athletes who have made our nation proud, by peeking into their kitchens.

Food of Champions Dairy Delights

Food of The Champions

Dairy Delights

Did you know, Haryana is well known for its cattle wealth? Yes, it is home to the famous Murrah Buffalo and Haryana Cow, making it a dairy-rich destination with an abundance of milk and milk related products.

An interesting fact to note is that people make their own clarified butter and ghee at home, which is used generously as part of the daily diet! Fresh, homemade butter is commonly referred to as Nooni or Tindi ghee and is churned daily in almost every household.

It is also customary for a girl to receive gifts of ghee (clarified butter), gondh (edible gum), ladoos (gram flour balls) and dry fruits from her family, upon becoming a mother.

Now, the beloved buttermilk or chaas is a favourite amongst locals. A delicious summery drink regarded for its instant cooling properties, it is made out of yogurt and spices. A sweet version of this drink is tasty, thirst quenching lassi.

Given this milk mania, is it any wonder that the people are sports oriented?

Fare That Cares Bajra Khichadi

Fare That Cares

Haryanvi delicacies are simple yet sumptuous. And each village boasts of its own finger-licking preparations.

Club Mahindra takes you through some of the best!

Besan Masala Roti has a special place in the Land of Rotis. The Indian flat bread is made out of gram flour, wheat flour, a variety of spices, and ghee. Aamchur i.e., mango powder gives it a distinct and scrumptious flavour, that goes nicely with sabzi or raita.

Kadhi Pakoda is comfort food all the way. A dreamy buttermilk curry comprising of gram flour fritters, the dish balances smooth with crunchy. When poured on a bed of steaming rice, it makes for a perfect meal.

Bajra Khichdi is a hearty rice and pulse dish, cooked with millets. Bajra is a popular ingredient found in abundance and when combined with moong dal and fluffy grains, forms a mouth-watering delicacy apt for any time of the day.

Singri Sabzi is a side dish but delectable enough to be a main! It is a unique, dried beans preparation with a tangy flavour, which comes from aamchur, yogurt and berries.

Gaajar Methi is a full-flavoured, aromatic vegetable dish comprising of carrots and fenugreek leaves. Pair it with ghee rotis and you won’t be able to resist another helping or two.

Ending on a sweet and healthy note with Asli Pinni. This is an irresistible mixture of flax seed, wheat flour, ghee, sugar and dried fruits, rolled into a ball.

According to Haryanvi culture, a proper meal is the key to unlocking the body’s potential. And based on this state’s winning record, it’s clear that the food is indeed the food of champions… Dining and winning!

If you’re interested in in getting to know other Indian cuisines better, stay tuned to Club Mahindra’s blogs.

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