Catchline: American cuisine has certainly undergone a mouth-watering makeover to serve up a lip-smacking and contemporary mish-mash of different cuisines

Ever thought about what makes up traditional American food?

Think Thanksgiving and comes to mind turkey, cranberries, sweet potato, toasted walnuts and salted almonds. Christmas brings in a traditional spread with rum soaked raisins, marzipan and more. A large chunk of the Americans chomp gladly on the yummy, deep dish pizza (that has been transplanted from Italy, you might argue). Fast food specials in whopper burgers and French fries (the name is a giveaway!) make up popular American cuisine as we know it today. Admittedly, the cuisine largely carries influences brought in by the rush of immigrants from Germany, Britain, Italy, France, Africa, the Caribbean, and now by people settling in from different parts of the world. The truth is that there is deep multicultural diversity in the land of Uncle Sam and this makes it tough to easily define American cuisine. It is a melting pot of influences that finds expression in the cosmopolitan recipes making their way to the dining tables now across the world

For us, comfort food is what typically spells American cuisine

Mainly because the traditional American cuisine has been restored and tweaked in many mouth-watering ways in keeping with the contemporary, travel-savvy palate. The land of the immigrants brings in the stamp of every community in its own lip-smacking flavours. Matzah ball soup is a staple at the Jewish Passover, like challah. Clam chowder, rules with buffalo chicken wings in its deliciously hot and spicy marinade, and pot roast in season’s specials. American cuisine stands meat dominated, with steaks and sloppy Joes in hamburgers ruling the roost together with a generous smattering of golden fries. Most of the meats are spit roasted, slow, in animal fat. But admit it, even when you travel through India, and eat decidedly local, there are times during your trip – especially road trips that I love to take – when you want a robust, hearty American breakfast. There is nothing more satisfying than a good American breakfast with hash browns and sausages. On home turf though, the beef and the lamb often make way for chicken and goat, with vegetarian versions of burgers thrown in for good measure.

Club Mahindra resorts bring in a relish worthy spread, especially in the morning tuck-in.

There is always a separate section for non-vegetarian specials, and a live counter to toss up eggs just the way you like them: sunny side up, scrambled or the chilli laced omelettes. A personal favourite is the baked goods section, with a classic line up of blueberry jam laced Danish pastries, freshly baked, butter-bellied croissants, Philadelphia-style soft pretzels, sticky tarts, mini bagels, plump baguettes, tiny limy tea cakes and moist doughnuts. Then there are muffins, muesli and granola, and fresh waffles too. It is quite a spread, perfect to nibble on with that cup of hot masala chai or steaming coffee. Add to that hot flipped pancakes with maple syrup and thick honey, usually placed next to the cheese platter, with slabs to cut and chew on. Macaroni with cheese, another American special, is a permanent fixture on the food circuit on almost every menu, everywhere.

American Desserts are a Winner

Nothing sums up a meal better than a fancy dessert line up. The bread pudding (often powered with bourbon) is a deep, delicious classic to savour. Then there is the famed American pie that you cannot Though our vote goes to the New York style cheesecake. If you are lucky, you will find that fortune cookie bobbing for your attention at the table, with a cool message to flatter, inside.

That’s it: a decidedly delicious global cuisine is what best defines the soul of American cuisine.  Savoured at its best in multicultural, fusion flavours in whichever part of the world you are in. Here’s to happy hogging during the holidays!

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