While most of us are used to planning the vacation on our own, there are certain times when involving the children or the family in the conversation can really help. Apart from being an activity that can help your family bond better, it also makes the children feel more involved in the planning. When it comes to visiting a Club Mahindra resort, planning in advance is a key factor that needs to be looked into.

Travel is a great experience for the entire family and understanding the intricacies involved when one decides a destination can be a great way for the kids to learn. Various factors are involved in planning a budget trip for an entire family and learning about these costs while they are still young can be a great eye opener.

When you have decided your destination, booking the flights or train tickets, ensuring that you get the best rooms at the resort and mapping out other costs that are bound to crop up when you head out sightseeing, etc. will give you a fair idea of what the trip is bound to cost you. Share this budget with the kids and ask them if they can come up with more options which will lead to saving on transportation costs, etc. Make it a fun activity and challenge them to come up with the best budget possible.

For children who are well into their 20s and probably used to spending their own money or swiping a debit / credit card, talk to them about the correct usage of credit. Have a healthy discussion about the decision-making process that you and your spouse adopt when planning a vacation, the way you search flights and the kind of filters you resort to usually when booking tickets. Help them understand that every individual expects different things from travel and a vacation can mean different things to different people. This will not only help them understand empathy it will also create awareness about the wide variety of ways one can enjoy a vacation.

Giving your children smaller decisions and the liberty of being able to make them can be immensely empowering for them and will help them become more independent and head strong. While the weightier decisions will always lie with you, giving your children a chance to have a say in the matter will create a bonding. Not only do they learn a sense of control, they also start understanding how to be patient and adapt to others’ needs. Post school, children are expected to make their own plans, document their career and strategize. These are skills that are best developed from the start and ensuring that you train them correctly is in your hands. With the kind of choices available today, it is possible to get easily confused and distracted with the kind of literature that one is bombarded with by the internet. The millennials are better equipped these days to sort and filter out the required data. Give your children selected tasks and take stock of how well they research and the kind of thinking they adopt when making decisions. Enjoy the process and planning a vacation will be an equally fun activity, almost as much as embarking on the vacation.

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