One of nature’s greatest kind to humans is coconut. One of the most versatile fruits in the world, Coconut is used for many purposes, from cooking to making beauty products. In India, coconut trees are termed as ‘Kalpavriskha’ meaning every part of the tree is useful in one way or the other. Originally, famous in the Asian region, today, coconut is used worldwide, especially for culinary purposes. 

History of World Coconut Day 

The World Coconut Day was first observed in 2009 to commemorate the creation of APCC (Asian and Pacific Coconut Community), which facilitates coconut production centres. Every year, the day is observed on 2ndSeptember. The International Coconut Community observes the day with a different theme. This year in 2022, the theme is ‘Building a safe, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable coconut community amid COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.’ 

What are the health benefits of coconut? 

Coconut is one of the healthiest foods in the world. With coconut day just around the corner, let us look at a few among the countless benefits of consuming coconut in some form every day.  

  1.     Boosts immunity
  2.     Keeps you hydrated
  3.     Reduces risk of heart diseases
  4.     Controls diabetes
  5.     Improves bone and oral health
  6.     Prevents skin cancer
  7.     Helps maintain healthy hair
  8.     Beneficial during pregnancy 

Boosts immunity

One of the most significant benefits of eating coconut is that it has antiviral, anti-bacterial, antifungal, and anti-parasitic properties, apart from being loaded with vital nutrients. Regular consumption of fresh coconut or coconut oil increases the body’s resistance to illness-causing bacteria and viruses and boosts your immunity. It also helps treat illnesses like throat infection, bronchitis, and other ailments caused by microbes.

Keeps you hydrated


Coconut water contains a high amount of electrolytes, which provides hydration to the body. If you are involved in strenuous work or carry out heavy activities, you must include as much coconut water or tender coconut flesh in your daily diet. It helps replenish the body, and replace the lost electrolytes and improves immunity.  

Coconut water is a tastier and better alternative to regular water and it is loaded with important nutrients required for the body.  

Reduces risk of heart diseases 

The saturated fat content in coconut plays a vital role in increasing the good cholesterol and reducing the bad cholesterol in the body. Thus, it helps reduce the risk of heart disease, and maintains overall cardiovascular health. 

Controls diabetes

This is perhaps the most significant coconut benefit. Today, many people, including youngsters, are diagnosed with diabetes. If you have diabetes, consuming coconut everyday can significantly help in improving the insulin secretion in the body.  

Some healthcare experts suggest that coconut helps in keeping the diabetes under control by affecting the hormones that control the blood sugar levels in the body. It also helps in quick digestion of the food, and improves bowel movements. 

Improves bone and oral health

Eating coconut everyday as part of your diet has proved to be effective in improving bone density and oral health. Coconut improves the body’s natural ability to absorb calcium, manganese and other vital nutrients that aid bone development from the food you eat. It also helps in prevention of osteoporosis, a health condition that weakens the bones and makes them fragile. The disease is common among people over 40 years old.  

Prevents skin cancer 

It is a known fact that coconut extract, coconut oil, etc. are used widely in a variety of skincare products. While you may use coconut-based products or natural coconut oil to keep your skin supple, you can also use coconut oil in your food. 

It helps the moisture and lipid content in the skin, which in turn reduces the effects of the harsh UV rays and other pollutants and reduces the risk of skin cancer by up to 20%. Coconut oil also acts as a natural body and skin moisturiser and hydrates the skin.  

Helps maintain healthy hair 

One of the most significant health benefits of coconut is that it helps in treating a myriad of hair loss problems. Both coconut water and coconut oil can help in improving your hair, making it strong, and reducing the chances of scalp infections.  

Coconut oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties that protects your scalp from lice, dandruff, and thus promotes healthy natural hair growth. Coconut is also rich in Vitamin K and Iron content, which makes your hair shine.  

Beneficial during pregnancy

Coconut water is sterile and is highly beneficial for pregnant women. Many health experts suggest drinking coconut water during pregnancy as it provides nourishment to the mother and the baby. It also helps improve amniotic fluid in the body, and overall health of the foetus.  

Thus, coconut is a wonder fruit that offers a wide range of health benefits. So, make this magical ingredient a part of your daily cooking, and live a healthy and longer life. 



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