We probably do not thank our mothers and domestic help enough for taking such good care of the house and of every family member. While most of us are away at work or kids are at school, these superheroes are breaking a sweat or two while doing all the household chores to make sure that everyone comes back to a spotless and organized home.

But with everybody at home during the COVID-19 lockdown, it can get difficult keeping everything in place. For those working from home, you are now getting an exclusive peek into all the work that goes on behind the scenes in making a house look the way it does. With kids at home, it’s even more difficult because as soon as you’re clean up one room, another room has been turned upside down. That’s why it is necessary to involve kids in different household chores and teach them about keeping a house clean. May it be the silent type, messy type or the creative type, every type of kid can and should contribute towards maintaining peace and order in the house. Make it like some fun family activities for everyone to enjoy!

#1 Making Beds

This is one household chore that kids need to learn at a young age and eventually do it themselves with little or no adult supervision. All children should be made responsible for looking after their beds and making sure it is made properly once they wake up in the morning. As they grow up, they should know how to change their bed sheets and pillow covers as well.

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#2 Setting the Table

Don’t you love seeing a table that has been perfectly set up with table mats, crockery and cutlery, and center pieces all in place? While the end result is quite appealing and inviting, there is a lot of effort that goes into setting the table and a few extra pair of hands to help would be great. For the younger kids, give them place mats or their own plates and bowls to keep on the table. Avoid handing them sharp objects like the knives and forks.

P.S. - If they can successfully help in setting up the table, they can help in cleaning up afterwards too!

#3 Watering Plants

Boring for some, relaxing for others, watering plants is a simple household chore that kids of all ages and personalities can take responsibility. It can also be a teaching moment where kids can learn about planting seeds and keeping them healthy, how plants breathe and their significant role in sustaining life on earth. Once the habit has been built, kids themselves will start enjoying and find joy in seeing the flowers bloom and the plant bearing fruits.

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#4 Doing Laundry

During the COVID-19 lockdown, one of these two scenarios is true for your household - either there is a basket full of dirty laundry at the end of each day or there is barely any laundry because you’ve been wearing the same sweats for a week! But either way, you will have to sort out that pile of clothes. One of the things to do with kids is getting them involved in the mundane chore of doing laundry. Probably start with something small for them like sorting out the clothes between light and dark then move on to involving them in folding the clean laundry. Every kid should be made responsible for folding their own clothes so that it’s fair activity for everybody.

#5 Cooking

This can be a really fun household chore than can help keep kids involved and engaged as well as help them develop a hobby. It can be mixing ingredients together for a salad, picking and cleaning vegetables for a vegetarian side dish, learning about spices and flavours while preparing a pot of aromatic curry - the choices are endless! Everyone is turning out to be a chef during home quarantine so make it an interesting household chore for kids too during this time!

Stay safe, stay home and get your kids to do household chores!

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Household Chores during COVID-19 Lockdown

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