Popularly known as the ‘Blue City,’ Jodhpur is one of the most beautiful cities in Rajasthan. True to its moniker, the city exudes a ‘royal blue blood’ aura every nook and cranny. Also, as you take a tour around the city, you would notice that the important monuments, including the palaces, forts, temples and even some of the locals' houses have vivid shades of blue.  

Founded by Rao Jodha of the Rathore clan in 1459 AD, the city is every traveller’s delight offering them glimpses of the state’s royal past, rich cultural heritage and the legacy of the Rathore and Marwar rulers. If you are planning a trip to Jodhpur, we bring you a complete travel guide to Jodhpur that provides all the vital information you need, including –

  •     Best places to visit in Jodhpur
  •     Thing to do in Jodhpur
  •     How to reach Jodhpur
  •     Best time to visit Jodhpur
  •     Resorts in Jodhpur

Best Places to Visit in Jodhpur 

  •     Mehrangarh Fort

Symbolic to Jodhpur’s royal identity, the Mehrangarh Fort stands towering over a 400-feet high hill and dominates the city’s landscape. A masterpiece of its sorts, the foundation stone of this majestic fort was laid down by Rao Jodha in the 15th Century. A tour inside the fort will traverse you to the bygone era and show you glimpses of the glorious era of the Rajasthani royals.  

  •     Umaid Bhawan Palace

One of the best places to visit in Jodhpur, the Umaid Bhawan Palace has the distinction of being one of the largest private residences in the world. The grand palace was built in 1929 by Maharaja Umaid Singh and it features a family museum, which is the only part accessible to the general public.  

  • Balsamand Lake

Balsamand Lake is another popular tourist attraction that finds its mention in almost all the Jodhpur travel guide. This man-made lake was built in 1159 AD, and it served as a water reservoir for the locals. What makes this lake a must-visit, apart from its rich history is the lush green surroundings, which makes it a perfect spot for picnic.  

  •     Mahamandir Temple

Located on the outskirts of Jodhpur city, Mahamandir Temple is a popular tourist spot in the region. The highlight of this sanctum is its 84 pillars that have intricate carvings depicting various yoga poses. The winding alleys leading up to the temple could be difficult to climb but once you reach the top, the beauty and the tranquil ambience of the temple will soothe your nerves and soul.  

  • Mandore Gardens

Almost all guide to Jodhpur will mention Mandor Garden as Mandore was once the capital of the Marwar rule during the 14th and 15th Century. These beautiful gardens have stood the test of time and stand strong to tell tales of valour and royal lifestyle of the erstwhile rulers. The lush green and the blue open provide a perfect natural filter for some epic pictures!

Things to do in Jodhpur

While you are in the ‘Blue City’ you can be sure to have a great time getting new experiences, and exploring beautiful places. Here are a few things to do in Jodhpur that you must now miss.  

  •     Experience the thrill of zip lining
  •     Hike through the Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park
  •     Talk a walk around the Ghantaghar and explore the local market
  •     Take a dip in the Kaylana Lake and enjoy swimming 
  •     Watch the spectacular sunset from the Masuria Hills Garden
  •     Gasp in awe at the splendour of Toorji Ka Jhalra
  •     Relieve history at the Sardar Government Museum
  •     Taste Jodhpur’s street food 

Best time to visit Jodhpur 

Jodhpur is located quite at the edge of the Thar Desert, and therefore the weather here tends to be extreme. During summers, the temperature can soar up to 50 degrees Celsius during the day, and the nights offer no respite either. So it is best to avoid travelling to Jodhpur between April and September. 

The best time to visit Jodhpur is during the winter season between November and February. The weather is pleasant during this time, and you can comfortably explore the city. The temperature can drop significantly at night especially in January so make sure to carry warm clothing. 

How to reach Jodhpur 

Jodhpur is an internationally acclaimed tourist destination, and therefore has excellent road, rail and air connectivity with the rest of India.  

By Air

Jodhpur has its own domestic airport, which is located about 5km away from the city centres. You can easily reach the city through direct flights from all major cities. If you are coming from overseas, you can come to Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, and take a flight from there to Jodhpur.  

By Road

The Rajasthan state transport corporation has direct bus connection from all major cities in Rajasthan to Jodhpur. You can also directly drive through from Delhi. The road conditions throughout Rajasthan are maintained well, and you can be sure to have a pleasant driving experience.  

By Rail

The closest railway station to reach Jodhpur is Jodhpur station. It is well connected to all places, and there are regular express and mail trains from all over India to Jodhpur. 

Resorts in Jodhpur 

Jodhpur attracts many and all kinds of tourists from all India and overseas. While some prefer staying in a homestay, others like to book a stay at one of the premium resorts in Jodhpur. If you prefer the latter option, you can get your bookings done at the Pratap Niwas Palace Resort offered by Club Mahindra. It is the perfect place to enjoy a royal vacation and the warm hospitality will make you feel like a royalty throughout your stay. 

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