Not so long ago, Cherrapunji was the wettest place on Earth, receiving the highest rainfall in India. That crown has since been transferred to the nearby town of  Mawsynram. However, Cherrapunji remains one of the most beautiful and scenic destinations in Meghalaya.

6 Places to Visit  In Cherrapunji

1.      Double Decker Living Root Bridges

Distance from Cherrapunji – 21.2 km approx 

One of the top places to visit in Cherrapunji, the living root bridges are an excellent example of how humans can improvise ingenious solutions in perfect harmony with nature. The locals created these bridges by tying up the roots and branches of living trees over many years. 

While there are many such bridges near Cherrapunji, the Umshiang double-decker living root bridge is the biggest hit among tourists worldwide. You can reach here through a 3 km trek from Tyrna village.

2.      Nohkalikai Waterfalls

Distance from Cherrapunji – 7.1 km approx 

Situated in the East Khasi hills, the legendary Nohkalikai Falls is one of the most popular Cherrapunji tourist places. It is the tallest plunge waterfall in India, where the water falls from a height of 340 meters. The plunge pool created below the falls is unusually green in colour and adds up to the overall beauty of the place.

3.      Dainthlen Waterfalls

Distance from Cherrapunji – 10.8 km approx 

Dainthelen Falls is located just 5 km from Cherrapunji and is easily accessible by road. The place also holds cultural significance for the Khasi tribe. The mighty water stream from the high plateau cascades into the lush green forest downhill, cutting the hard rocks on the way. 

You may be able to negotiate the difficult riverbed terrain leading to the falls if you visit the place during the dry seasons. However, you will surely be left speechless at the sight of these thundering waterfalls, even when watching from a distance.

4.      Mawsmai Cave

Distance from Cherrapunji – 14.8 km approx 

The Jaintia hills near Cherrapunji have the longest cave systems in India. While most of these caves remain unexplored, the 150 m-long Mawsmai cave is accessible and completely safe for tourists. If you’re observant enough, you may be able to spot some fossils on the cave walls and formations inside. 

Moreover, you may need to squeeze in and crawl at some places inside the cave, which will be a unique cave exploration experience. Don't worry; you can always turn around and leave at any point. 

5.      Mawlynnong Village

Distance from Cherrapunji – 80.7 km approx 

Although Mawlynnong has become Asia’s cleanest village, it remains one of the most unexplored places in Meghalaya. The picturesque village looks stunning because of its cleanliness. More applaudable is the fact that the villagers take full responsibility for maintaining the village's cleanliness and beauty.

6.      Mawkdok Dympep Valley View

Distance from Cherrapunji – 23.4 km approx. 

Mawkdok Dympep valley is one of those offbeat places in Meghalaya that can leave you astonished by its natural beauty. A short walk down the road will get you to the viewpoint that offers beautiful natural scenery. The viewpoint and surrounding area can be an excellent choice for a nature walk, photography, and trekking.



Where to Stay? 

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Wrapping Up 

October to February can be the best time to visit Cherrapunji. It is winter, and the weather is relatively clear and pleasant for sightseeing compared to the long and wet rainy season. 

Cherrapunji is one of those unexplored places to visit in Meghalaya that should be on every traveller’s bucket list. You have to see through your own eyes to believe in the uniqueness and bewitching beauty of Cherrapunji.

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