Holi is one of India's most awaited and popular festivals. It is one of the few Indian festivals that underline India's unique culture and identity of 'Unity in Diversity.' A spring festival, Holi is celebrated all over India in different ways based on local traditions and customs. The methods of merry-making may differ, but the level remains the same.  

The celebration begins a day prior to the actual festival. On the penultimate night, people light a bonfire decorated with flowers called Holika Dahan. This custom symbolises the burning of the evil and the victory of good.  

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Apart from the rituals, customs and traditions, the celebrations of the modern-day Holi festival in India include hosting parties with DJ, music, dance and food. The best places to see Holi celebrations in India depend on that what experience you want to have. In this blog, we discuss the top five destinations to witness Holi celebrations in India.  

  • Jaipur, Rajasthan
  • Hampi, Karnataka
  • Agra, Uttar Pradesh
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Delhi 


Holi in Jaipur transforms 'the Pink city of India' into a rainbow, as you can see a splash of colours everywhere. True to its rich history and royal past, Jaipur celebrates the festival in royal style as it marks the beginning of spring.  

One of the major highlights of the Holi celebration in Jaipur is the celebrations held at the Royal City Palace. Hosted by the Royal family of Jaipur to support the local charity organisations, they hold many programs, including a bhajan at the Govind Dev Ji Temple inside the palace and folk dance performances.  

Another aspect of Holi celebrations in Jaipur that makes it one of the best places to celebrate Holi in India is the Gulaal Play, where people enjoy playing 'Gulaal Gota' or water cannon bowls. Tourists from all over the world participate in the play, creating a joyful environment. 


It is a common notion in India that colourful Holi celebrations are only limited to northern states. But Hampi is an exemption. Here the locals and tourists make the festival colourful as anywhere you will find in India and celebrate the festival with great pomp and joy! 

Holi celebrations are held for two days in this quaint and historic town. Throughout the city, you will find people dancing, drumming, and spraying colours against the backdrop of the stunning Vijayanagar empire ruins, making it one of the unique places to celebrate Holi in India. 

After enjoying the colour play, people gather on the banks of the Tungabhadra River and dive right in to keep the merry-making going till evening. Apart from the fun aspect of this practice, it has a deep-rooted traditional significance. It is believed that a dip in the river washes away the sins.  

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Agra, home to the magnificent mausoleum, the Taj Mahal, is undoubtedly one of the best places to Celebrate Holi in India. An iconic location and a boisterous festival make a perfect pair to have a whale of a time. The celebration of colours sets the city at the pinnacle of festive fervour, and it gives you many opportunities to let your hair loose and be a part of the celebration.   

Throughout the city, you can see people gulping glasses of freshly made bhang and playing with colour. There is also dancing, partying, and exchanging sweets amongst friends and families. Some locals also arrange a colourful parade and play folk songs as part of their celebrations.  

All-in-all, while you are in the city during Holiday, merry-making has no bounds, and you can indulge freely and enjoy every moment! 


The city of dreams and Bollywood megastars, Mumbai, celebrate Holi with great zeal, merging customs with equal measures of modern fun and partying. Several parties are held throughout the city; some are reserved only for the exclusive invitees, and others are open to all.  

There is a splash of colour everywhere, people dancing on the streets, and inviting others to join them is a sight to behold. From every nook of the city, you can feel the Holi cheer ooze, making it one of the best destinations to witness the Holi celebrations in India.  

If you are in the city during Holi, after enjoying the colour play all morning and till late afternoon, allow yourself to indulge in the local street food. From local delicacies like Vada Pav to national favourites like Pav Bhaji and Chaat, you have plenty of options.  


When it comes to celebrating Holi with fervour, Delhi, the capital of India, is not far behind on the list of best places to Celebrate Holi. Delhi is a melting pot of different cultures, with people of all ethnic groups and cultural backgrounds living in harmony. 

The locals, regardless of their religion and ethnicity, rejoice in the festival by following the ancient traditions with a modern twist. Colour parties, public gatherings, DJs, dancing, and gulaal spice up the festivities in the city.  

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You can enjoy playing with colours with fellow guests at the resort and a delicious traditional Holi meal, enhancing your holiday experience.

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