It is always a bit of puzzle about where to go when you’re planning a longish family vacation.

It is always a bit of puzzle about where to go when you’re planning a longish family vacation. The entire country is up for grabs, as far as tourism goes! But you want to go to a location that not many people view as a traditional tourism spot, such as a hill station or beach town. If you and your family are up for a quiet vacation in a bustling city full of different kinds of tourist spots, lots of restaurants and friendly people, then you must make a visit to Ahmedabad. There are so many places to visit and things to do in Ahmedabad that you should be set for at least a week!

Why visit Ahmedabad?

One of the fastest growing cities in the country, Ahmedabad is the former capital of the State of Gujarat and has a wonderful location on the banks of the Sabarmati River. From ancient times, it has been a prominent port of trade, and a prominent centre for commerce and industry. Today, it ranks first in terms of manufacturing and garment industries, and second for cotton farming and growing. The Gujarat Stock Exchange is based in Ahmedabad – it was the second stock exchange to be established in India after the Bombay Stock Exchange. Apart from these, it is also growing by leaps and bounds in other commercial sectors like aviation, construction and communications.

Ahmedabad has a bevy of cricket fans, and the famous Sardar Patel Stadium (seating capacity of 54,000) is located in the city. The city also outdoes itself in terms of a variety of eateries serving several wonderful delicacies in different cuisines – however, you are sure to find authentic Gujarati fare in many restaurants all over the city.

Another major area of development for Ahmedabad has been in housing and commercial real estate. Buoyed by several international companies setting up branch offices and factories here, there has been a boom in housing to accommodate migrants from other cities and countries. Today, Ahmedabad boasts of the most number of skyscrapers in all of Gujarat.

Best Time To Visit Ahmedabad

Beautiful Ahmedabad unfortunately does not have friendly weather. The day time temperatures at most times of the year are quite high, with blazing hot sunlight that can cause sun burn and rashes. The nights too are often quite warm, even in the monsoon. So we advise you to avoid visiting the city in the summer and monsoon season, because both are quite intense and not conducive to sightseeing. The ideal time for your holiday is the winter season, between the months of November and February. The weather is quite pleasant and there is good visibility, so that you can drive long distances comfortably and complete all the sightseeing you planned to do.

The Best Places To Visit In Ahmedabad

Let’s start building your itinerary for your holiday, with a list of the 10 best places to visit in Ahmedabad:

1 Sabarmati Riverfront: The famous Sabarmati river reminds you of the era of Mahatma Gandhi and all that is holy and pure in the world. This beautiful riverfront was developed by the local municipal corporation so that people could take advantage of the huge river and use it for recreation. This way, there is always a buzz around the area and it has become a major tourist hangout as well. Have a picnic here, or take a stroll around the promenade, or eat snacks and just watch the world go by.

2 Dada Hari ni Vav: Gujarat is full of curious sights, and the Dada Hari ni Vav is one of the best places to visit in Ahmedabad for the history-inclined. This famous monument is an old stepwell that stored water and also became a transit/resting point for travellers. Dada Hari was a famous saint about 500 years ago, and the octagonal stepwell was built in his memory. It comprises seven storeys and is built using the highest principles of water conservation, underground engineering and pile foundation.

3 Sarkhej Roza: The village of Makhraba where the monument of Sarkhej Roza stands, is a beautiful structure comprising sub-structures built around a stepwell. It is one of the best places to visit in Ahmedabad. The structures include a mausoleum and a mosque, and it is believed to have been a prominent landmark and resting-cum-praying space for Sufi culture many centuries ago. The famous Sufi saint Ganj Baksh is rumoured to have lived here. However, the architecture of the mosque here, with its flat root and domes and pillars makes it different from the arched mosques of the Islamic period.

4 Bhadra Fort: If you are near Sabarmati River, do take a short walk on its East bank to go to Bhadra Fort. One of the oldest places to visit in Ahmedabad, the fort was said to be built in the year 1411 by the ruling Ahmad Shah of Muzaffarid. The same ruler is credited with creating the city of Ahmedabad. The Fort is built in the traditional Mughal tradition, featuring a huge ‘Teen Darwaza’ attraction from where ceremonial and victory processions may have passed in yesteryears.

5 Thor Lake: One of the city’s major recreational hangouts and important places to visit in Ahmedabad, this charming lake is a haven for bird watchers and ornithology lovers. Over 200 species of birds are seen here routinely, some of them of a migratory species. The bird sanctuary is a peaceful haven for birds and nature enthusiasts alike, and you can even spot birds like pelicans, flamingos, spoonbills and ducks from up close since the water is quite shallow. However, do not throw food at the birds.

6 Sabarmati Ashram: You’ve already included the Sabarmati Riverfront in your itinerary. Also visit the Sabarmati Ashram, Mahatma Gandhi’s residence and ‘karm bhoomi’ in Gujarat. Historically and culturally, it is one of the most important places to visit in Ahmedabad. It is credited with being the origin place of the Indian Independence struggle, since the famous Salt March or Dandi March began from here. Gandhi lived here with his wife Kasturba for 12 years.

7 Swaminarayan Mandir. The construction of this temple was started in the year 1822, after about 5000 acres of land was gifted to the region by the British to build the Swaminarayan Temple. The construction took a few years, but the final product was so breathtaking that the commanding officer of the region, Sir Dunlop, is said to have ordered a 101-gun salute in praise of the effort. Carved entirely in Burmese teakwood and set in a lush landscape, this important place to visit in Ahmedabad features sound and light shows in the evening hours.

8 Gujarat Science City. Your children will love exploring this space, rife as it is with curious things that kids are drawn to. With them, you can explore the musical fountain, IMAX 3D theatre, life science park, energy park and other sites. It is a wonderful space to encourage scientific thought and learning for students, and a full day can be spent comfortably in getting to grips with many concepts.

9 Calico Museum of Textiles. What’s the point of going to Gujarat and not checking out the authentic weaves and textiles on sale there? Surat in Gujarat is the centre of the textile business in the world, but you will find fine examples of bandhani, batik and other ethnic textiles all over the State. One of the foremost places to visit in Ahmedabad for textiles is the Calico Museum. The museum design reflects the Gujarati style of architecture, with a haveli feel. It houses an astonishing number of textiles sourced from around the country, spanning five centuries!

10 Vintage Car Museum. Do you like cars? Cars from a retro era, too? Then the most important place to visit in Ahmedabad is the Auto World Vintage Car Museum. It is owned by collector and businessman Pranlal Bhogilal, and the Museum has 115 vintage cars from India. The cars can be seen, touched and photographed. You can also take a car out for a spin (not all of them are available for driving) at a cost, or ask the guides in the museum for more information on the cars’ history.

Where To Stay In Ahmedabad

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