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Sahyadri, or maybe you are more accustomed to The Great Western Ghats of India, is one of the four biodiversity hotspots in India enriched with spectacular fauna and flora.  Amidst the vast network of Sahyadri lies the serene town of Madikeri.

Madikeri, a calm and peaceful hill station, has a lot of things, activities, and different places to visit in Madikeri for you. It has several historical places to check out.  As an evolving tourist destination, finding suitable accommodation in Madikeri won't be an issue either.

Madikeri Town: A Brief History

Humans don't know why they tend to rename places. Madikeri is no exception to this. It was once known as "Muddu Raja Keri" after the name of its ruler Mudduraja.

Then came the Britishers and now the name of the place should sound English! So the place was renamed to Mercara.

We got independence. The name should also get freedom from English influence. So the government of Mysore named it finally as Madikeri.

Madikeri is a hill station in the Kodagu district of Karnataka, India. Being ruled over by different kingdoms of Kadambas, Gangas, Cholas, Haleri, you will witness marvel architecture with a rich royal history at this place.

Places to Visit in Madikeri

Are you a person who cares about history and ancient architecture?  Then there are many places to visit in Madikeri.

Raja's Tomb: Raja's tomb is a historical place from 1820. This is the final resting place of Kodavad dynasty. The architecture is inspired by the Indo-Saracenic style.

Raja's Seat: How about capturing a mesmerizing sunset in royal style? Raja's seat is one such attraction in Madikeri. Built on elevated grounds, it provides you with nature's spectral view.  Just relax and sink in the golden sky with the setting sun. This place is looked after by the Archeological Survey of India and is converted into an excellent picnic spot for recreation of both children and grownups. One could stroll around the beautiful gardens around Raja's seat. These leisurely walks become more exciting with artificial musical fountains in the garden. Children can enjoy toy train rides as well.

Namdroling Monastery: One learns a lot while traveling. Sometimes gaining more knowledge than a book can provide. This monastery will let you learn about the Tibetan Buddhism faith. Established in 1963 initially in the form of a bamboo temple, it houses monks and nuns of the Sangha community. Now, this monastery also has a school, college, and hospital within its campus.

Places to Visit Madikeri - Abbey Falls Places to Visit Madikeri - Omkareshwara

Abbey Falls: Once a part of river Kaveri, Abbey's fall is a treat to eyes lying between thick greenery and private spice plantations and estate.

Madikeri Fort: This is a significant architectural monument in Madikeri. It was constructed by King Mudduraja out of the mud. Later it was rebuilt in granite by Tipu Sultan. Now, this fort also has a church and a museum inside it. And if you are a history scholar at heart, you will surely enjoy the artifacts in the museum catered by the church.

Omkareshwara Temple: This Lord Shiva temple is a must-visit for its unique architecture. Unlike other Hindu temples, this one is influenced by Islamic architecture. The temple was built by King Lingarajendra in 1820 and was later modified by Tipu Sultan.

Cuisines and Restaurants in Madikeri

Trip to any place is incomplete if you hadn't devoured upon the local cuisine. Options might be limited. But fewer options means an easy choice to make. Or, more amazingly, your tongue could try everything.

If you happen to be a non-vegetarian, then you must try pork dishes. Unfortunately, you are like a hardcore vegetarian. Don't be upset. The southern style, tummy-filling sandwiches, and sambhar-rasam with rice are equally satisfying.

Don't forget to pamper yourself with all sorts of sweets, chocolates, and ice creams. If you are looking for decent restaurants in Madikeri with some sort of ambiance that has high rated food chains as well check out the list below:

The Raintree: Provides local cuisines and Indian food at a moderate price.

Coorg Cuisine: As the name suggests, they are going to serve you the local dishes. Prepare your mind what version of pork you want to have. Jaggery coffee is a must-try. And don't worry, they also provide other regular vegetarian and non-vegetarian items for the not so foodie people.

Barbeque Bay: Want to experience “fine dining" on a hill station? Are you the "elite" type. Then this place is for you. They also serve regular Indian food apart from the barbecue.

Big cup Cafe: A quick breakfast with a refreshing coffee will undoubtedly get you going for the day. Plus point, they have options for the vegans as well.

Beans and Brew cafe: A budget-friendly cafe with a nice environment.

Udipi the Veg: A vegetarian and vegan-friendly outlet. It offers you with variety of South Indian delicacies.

Tiger Ethnic Kodava Dining: The food served here is equally fancy as the name of the place. Avoid going there if you are expecting North Indian or Chinese items. But if you are an experimentalist, then do try the traditional recipes here.

Apart from the above-mentioned outlets, one could always find regular food chains like cafe coffee day, Domino's pizza, French bakery, etc. to have quick bites. But you should try eating at local Madikeri restaurants.

Best Time to Visit Madikeri

At an elevation of about 1.1 km above sea level and lying in a tropical region, you will witness dry winters and rainy summers here.

To explore the beauty of the hill station along with some outdoor adventure, it is best advised to visit the place between October to March. Since the rainy season is going to hamper with outdoor activities, winters are the best time to visit Madikeri for the escapades.

But if you wish to observe the crystal evident beauty of this place, the off-season (aka monsoon) time would also do the magic. Plus, this time is pocket-friendly too!

Things to do in Madikeri

If you are a person who loves adventure, then assemble with other adventure-seekers for different activities at your visit to Madikeri hill station. If you are planning to escape your monotonous life this long weekend, or have a pre-planned holiday on your mind, then you should include these activities in your schedule.

There are several things to do in Madikeri like the below:

Karaga festival: Roll your sleeves up for Karaga dance. The Karaga festival is observed in Madikeri during Navratri and is celebrated for ten days. It ends on the occasion of Vijayadashmi.

Trekking:  Do you find yourself fit enough to walk over sloppy and rocky paths? Madikeri tourism offers you the perfect trekking trail.  Suitable for a novice as well, the Madikeri trail is about 12 km. To soothe your eyes, the trekking path is full of diverse flora and fauna, chilling water streams and alluring landscapes. If you are lucky enough, you will get to see and hear the cacophony of the native birds on the trek.

Camping and stargazing: Spend your nights in nature's lap at a camp. Provided, the weather is cooperating with you. You will appreciate the bright and beautiful night sky as well.

Hiking: If you are blessed with good weather as well as several participants, you could get to experience hiking activities during your treks.

E-bike ride: How about spectating at all the shades of green in nature on an e-bike. Madikeri has beautiful trails to suit this purpose.

Nothing is better than enjoying a stunning, obviously a little bumpy bike ride while on the green landscapes of Madikeri. Nothing is better than relaxing walks or cycling about tea plantations and coffee estates. You might find the view of these tea and coffee gardens more refreshing than tea-coffee from your kitchen. And to include some spice, the spice gardens of Madikeri also enhance the flavor of your trails.

Where to Stay in Madikeri?

Madikeri is evolving as a tourist spot. One is not going to face any trouble in finding accommodation according to one's needs and budget. The price per day is obviously going to vary depending upon if you are visiting in peak season or during the off-season. Demand and supply is the rule!

Your journey to this beautiful place will be even more memorable if one finds a place to rest and relax after your exciting but tiring trip. All you need is just to check in at Club Mahindra Madikeri resort. Checked in! Now let’s just check out on the resort.

Location: No need to mention the group exclusively. But its location near the very attractions of Madikeri town makes the resort a fine choice to check-in.

Architecture: The resort is constructed in Kodagu style with sloppy roof tops. One may feel a local but asthetic touch of Coorg tradition during their stay.

Rooms: A nice luxurious suite or an exotic studio room? Choose one out of the two categories from the plate. The suite room can accommodate four people. Studio rooms have a capacity of three persons. One can relax while watching TV on the comfortable sofa-cum-beds. Then just snuggle in the blankets on the cosy beds for a sound sleep.Just in case you want to have a sip of self-made coffee/tea with some snacks, a kitchenette with microwave and tea/coffee machine is all you need. And obviously a dedicated room service is there to help.

Amenities: Fitness freak? Burn those calories at the gym. Afterwards get yourself a nice massage at the spa. Feeling hungry now, there are three restaurants to satisfy your hunger. Two swimming pools are also present. And of course free WiFi at your service!

Other activities: Club Mahindra Madikeri resort presents you with a couple of daily activities for your entertainment.

Travel Guide for places to visit in Madikeri

With so many places to visit in Madikeri and a lot of options for outdoor activities, one needs to design a proficient travel guide or itinerary.

Everyone wants a memorable trip. But mismanaged plans could ruin your holiday. So it is better to either manage your schedule by yourself or follow a Madikeri travel guide provided by some tour organizer. One could always learn from the experiences of other people. So one could trust at least some of the feedback provided by other travelers and plan your travel itinerary accordingly.

Reaching Madikeri

Curious about how to reach Madikeri? This depends on what route you prefer.

Are you a person who likes road trips? Want to travel in your car at your own pace? Then the good news is Madikeri is well connected to major cities via road. Just open your map and set your ride on fire. Good road connectivity also implies good public transport. If it suits you, public bus transport could be very convenient to arrive here.

Taking off on a domestic flight? Mangalore airport is then the nearest one to land. Hire a cab from there to reach your desired place of stay. Maybe you are an Indian railway fan. Madikeri doesn't have a railway station of its own. Kannur is the nearest railway connectivity to the hill station. De-board at Kannur and find a ride to Madikeri. With good road connectivity, one could reach Madikeri and visit different places without much trouble. Within the town, one could easily avail bus or rickshaw service to hang around. One could easily hire a cab from a reputed taxi service provider.

Madikeri Tourism

A small hill station of Kodagu district, Madikeri, has ample options to provide to tourists. Travelers seeking calm and peace could find it on the outskirts of this beautiful town. Beautiful trails, vast spice, and coffee estates, the greenery of the tea plantations are all captivating. The main town fills you with knowledge of historical events. A visit to Madikeri's museums and the monastery will take you to the past events.

The mesmerizing but straightforward and unique architecture of monuments will baffle and amaze you at the same time about the artistic taste. Different activities in Madikeri will take you out of your monotonous routine. Take out time from your busy schedule and let yourself lost for some time in the arms of different places to visit in Madikeri.


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