India, with its vast array of places to see, covers almost all kinds of destinations for vacationers. From deserts to beaches, mountains to lowlands, the options are many to choose from. But winters has its own charm due to snowfall and cozy resorts that can give you a break from the hustle and bustle of your daily life. In this blog, we have compiled a list of the best places to visit in India that you can visit on the last long weekend of the year 2023, where you also get to welcome the new year 2024 amid snow.

When you think of enjoying snow during your new year celebration in India, the first place that comes up to mind is none other than the Himalayas. Our list covers most of these places in the Himalayas that are perfect for spending a long weekend of 2024 and welcoming the new year.


When we talk about snow in winters in India, we cannot skip Shimla, the most obvious option. With its fairy tale-like snow-covered slopes, Shimla indeed looks like a magical land to discover by the tourists.

Things to do in Shimla

While there are many places to visit in and around Shimla, the best ones for your new year celebration are:

Open-air Ice-skating

This Ice-skating rink is the only open-air rink in the whole of Asia. It is one of the major tourist attractions during winter for those who want to try their hands on ice-skating. The rink is quite smooth and low winter temperature keeps it from melting.

Skiing in Kufri

Located around 16 km away from Shimla, Kufri is known for its spectacular views of snow-clad mountains and the Himalayan nature park. This is the place that visitors often choose for skiing and the horse riding makes it a calm and comfortable trip while enjoying the view.

Shaily Peak

This is one of the lesser-known places in Shimla. It would be the best choice for tourists looking for adventure sports like hiking, trekking, and photography.

Where to Stay

While planning to visit all the places in and around Shimla, it is best to make your base location at Club Mahindra resorts near Shimla. Filled with man amenities and experiences, they are the ideal resorts for a family vacation.


The second most obvious destination after Shimla during winters is none other than Manali. The snow-covered mountains, peaks and valleys, and the pine forests make it no lesser beautiful than any European tourist destination.

Things to do in Manali

A few of the rare things to do in Manali during winters are:


This is one of the most exciting things to do for pro-skiers. Even if you are not the one, you can still go on a ride to just visit the untouched sides of the mountains.


Being seated on a wooden sledge, you can enjoy the scenic beauty in a fun-filled sledging ride. You have to reach Solang Valley or Rohtang for this activity.

Manali Winter Carnival

Apart from visiting Manali during winter for snowfall, you can also enjoy this winter carnival. It is a one-stop destination to discover Himachali culture and snow sports.

Where to Stay

Club Mahindra Snow Peaks and White Meadows are the best resorts in Manali. They are the perfect staying places for families looking out for a quality time.



Mashobra is one of the best places to visit in India during winters. Clad with institutions from the British era in its cliffs, Mashobra offers a wide variety of scenic beauty to the visitors.

Things to do in Mashobra

During winters, it becomes like a magical land filled with vividness. Many different kinds of activities can be enjoyed here like the below ones:


If you would like to feel like a bird while gliding amidst the vast valleys, then Mashobra is one of the best places to visit in the new year in India. Paragliding is open throughout the year and you can easily get on a flight with a professional glider here.


An ideal picnic spot for tourists, Craignano is filled with apple orchids and beautiful flowers. The Italian architecture is mesmerizing giving you a European feel while you trek your bath towards a beautiful villa.

Jakhu Temple

One of the highly recommended places for spiritual travellers, Jakhu temple is a must-visit especially for Hanuman followers. The best part of this visit is the ropeway that you must take to reach here.

Where to Stay

Club Mahindra has its own resort in Mashobra. It is a one-stop destination for all kinds of tourists planning their vacation in and around Shimla which is hardly 10 km from this resort.



Binsar is a heaven for nature lovers and spiritual tourists. Located amidst high altitude mountains of Uttarakhand, it has a great variety of awe-inspiring places to discover.

Things to do in Binsar

Binsar is open all through the year and the best places to visit during this time are:

Zero point

It is a 2 km trek amidst the forest from the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary. The view from the top is mesmerizing from where you can spot the most popular peaks like Nanda Devi, Kailash, and Trishul.

Khali Estate

Visiting Khali Estate is no doubt one of the best things you can do in Binsar. It is a former home to the commissioner of Kumaon, Sir Henry Ramsay, and offers a great spot for a picnic or a day outing.

Kasar Devi Temple

Made popular by Swami Vivekanand in the previous century when he meditated here, this temple is one of its kind in Binsar. Surrounded by a pine forest, it offers a spectacular view for both nature and architecture lovers.

Where to Stay

Club Mahindra has two resorts in Binsar – Club Mahindra Binsar Valley and Club Mahindra Binsar Villa. They are the most comfortable destinations to crash in after a day-long adventure amidst nature.



Naldehra, a tiny town near Shimla, is one of the best places to visit this new year. Surrounded by Himalayan mountains and fringed by magical forests of cedar and deodar.

Things to do in Naldehra

The three best things to discover in Naldehra are:

Golf Course

Naldehra is popular for its golf course which is one of the finest golf courses in India. You can visit it during winters although there are heavy chances that it might be covered in snow. A long, peaceful stroll to the nearby forest offers great relaxation for city dwellers.

Mahunag Temple

This is a popular Hindu temple in Naldehra and offers a great view of the mountains. Built in a typical ‘pahari’ architecture style, it is a classic piece of art.

Mahakali Temple

Built on the banks of the Mahakali River, it is another religious site for Hindu devotees. The nearby nature adds up to the spiritual vibes of the place.

Where to Stay

Club Mahindra Pristine Peaks is one of the finest resorts in Naldehra. Most spiritual travellers make this resort their home for the days they spend in this magical town.



Located on the Kalka-Shimla highway at an elevation of 4,675 ft, Kandaghat is a peaceful hamlet in Himachal Pradesh. The best thing about this place is that the weather conditions are pleasant throughout the year making it one of the best places to visit in India.

Things to do in Kandaghat

You can make this your base location and plan out day trips to the nearby destinations that include:


Popularly known as the “mushroom city of India”, Solan is a hub for mushroom farming of all kinds. Few must-see places here are Solan brewery, Nalagarh palace, Shoolini temple, and Majathal Sanctuary.


If you have seen 90’s Bollywood movies shot on mountains, then you wouldn’t have missed the name of Kasauli. It is a one-hour drive from Kandaghat and offers spectacular views of lush green mountain slopes and many sunset points.

Kali ka Tibba

It is a famous Kali temple in Kandaghat and attracts a lot of devotees every year. The view from above is spectacular and covers Choor Chandani and Shivalik range of the Himalayas.

Where to Stay

Club Mahindra Kandaghat Resort is doubtlessly the best resort you would discover in this town. While there are many resorts in Kandaghat, Club Mahindra stands out best for the tourists expecting a refined taste of hospitality.


When you talk about places with snow during winters, you cannot skip Srinagar out of the list. Srinagar is one of the best places to visit in India during your new year trip. We can create a separate article on places to see in this city, but here is a cut-short version of it.

Things to do in Srinagar

Being the capital of Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar offers a wide variety of things to discover during winters.

Dal Lake

Open throughout the year, this lake offers a breath-taking view in winters due to its frozen surface. Tourists flock to this place during winters to enjoy the serene environment at the centre of the city.

Hari Parbat

This is a famous spot to get a panoramic view of the entire city from the most elevated mountain. It is open in winters when you can take stairs to climb up which is quite easy even for the feeble travellers.


The temperature of this place drops down to -10 degrees Celsius making it an awe-inspiring view of snow-covered mountains during winters. It is home to sacred sites for most Indian religions.

Where to Stay

Club Mahindra has two options for you to stay in Srinagar:


Mussoorie is a beautiful and majestic hill station in the Dehradun district of Uttarakhand. It is one of the best places to visit in new year in India because of a host of events that happen here during this time.

Things to do in Mussoorie

While the lowest temperature can go below zero, the average temperature in December ranges from 7 degrees to 23 degrees Celsius. That said, there are many places to enjoy here that include:

Kellogg Memorial Church

Built in a gothic style architecture, the church has historical importance during the British era. Britishers used to learn about Indian culture here. This is a classic piece of architecture with glass stained windows that you wouldn’t want to miss during winters.

Char Dukaan

Known for its sizzling menu of breakfast, it is one of a kind experience for travellers. It is a part of Mussoorie’s local culture to visit this place and enjoy a hot cup of coffee or chai during a freezing winter morning.

Lal Tibba

It is one of the highest points in Mussoorie and offers a great view of lush green nature, fresh air and snow-capped mountain peaks. December brings a certain kind of vibes to nature here that can only be experienced by the trekkers.

Where to Stay

While there are many resorts in Mussoorie because it being a popular destination for a long time, Club Mahindra stands apart from all. You can book your stay at Club Mahindra Mussoorie or even at Club Mahindra Kanatal and enjoy a host of services that include magical experiences. Once you are there, you don’t have to look any further.

Mountains in winters feel like a magical place with snow and cold breeze. But to enjoy it fully, you must go prepared with warm clothes, thermals, and medicines. New year celebration often occurs at most of the prime locations in these places and you can rest ensured that you would have a great last long weekend of the year at one of these places.

With that, we wish you a pleasant stay at whichever location you choose, and here’s wishing you a very happy new year 2024 in advance!


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