Glitzy, fast-paced Kuala Lampur is the capital of Malaysia

Dramatic, exciting, friendly and pulsating…Kuala Lampur is all these adjectives and more. If you are looking for a suitable holiday destination this year, let this city be the to choose.

A Little Bit About Kuala Lampur Before You Set Out…

Glitzy, fast-paced Kuala Lampur is the capital of Malaysia. It is the largest city in the country and its most developed. In terms of population growth and economic development, Greater Kuala Lampur (i.e. the Klang Valley) ranks first and is tagged as the fastest growing metropolis in South East Asia.

Kuala Lampur is the political, financial and cultural capital of the country, and has its lower courts, parliament, the Stock Exchange and the King’s official residence located here. Till a few years ago, even the High Courts were present here before being shifted to Putrajaya.

The city has witnessed rapid urban and infrastructure development from the 1990s onward, when large scale public building works began to be carried out. The economy was restructured to include more funding for housing, education, sporting facilities, public parks and communication, among other sectors. As a result, Kuala Lampur has by now hosted many prestigious sporting events, it has the beautiful twin Petronas Towers, an unbeatable Mass Rapid Transit and monorail, metro rail system, and also an airport rail line. The city’s biggest revenue earners are retail and tourism. It holds the distinction of being listed in the top most visited cities in the world, year upon year.

Despite a series of ethnic and civil disturbances over the last two decades, Kuala Lampur remains one of the safest and most progressive cities in the world. The most dominant ethnic groups here are the Chinese, the Malays and the Indians.

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Why Visit Kuala Lampur?

We can’t think of any reasons why you should put off visiting Kuala Lampur. The exciting city has many delights to offer, such as:

* So Much Shopping: Malaysia is known for being one of the foremost shopping destinations in the world, and all of the biggest malls and markets are based in Kuala Lampur. One of the best things to do in Kuala Lampur is to go shopping at Central Market, Little India or China Town, where you get the best bargains. The big shopping malls are located at Bukit Bintang – bags, cosmetics and clothing are available for sale at great prices with a lot of variety.

* The Most Stunning Buildings and Towers: Kuala Lampur is full of the most stunning architecture. From pre-war buildings to modern marvels like the Malaysia icon, there is something surprising and grandiose to see at virtually every corner. One of the most popular things to do in Kuala Lampur is to take a buildings and monuments tour: check out the shopping malls, 5-star hotels, major convention centres, the Kuala Lampur Tower, National Palace (known as Istana Negara), Petronas Twin Towers, underwater parks, etc.

Things to Do in Kuala Lampur - Shopping Things to Do in Kuala Lampur - Visit Stunning Buildings and Towers

* Several Recreational Opportunities: Apart from shopping and checking out the sights, you will love to relax and unwind in Kuala Lampur. There are many opportunities to do so as well – check out the Aquaria KLCC, which is the largest aquarium in the world, at the basement of the KL Convention Centre. You can find over 150 species of fish as you walk through a 90 metre long tunnel. The city also has lovely public parks for families and couples to enjoy. The best ones are the KL Lake Gardens, KLCC Park and KL Butterfly Park. Another most exciting thing to do in Kuala Lampur is to check out the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve, where you can see a lot of wild animals in a safe, natural environment. The reserve is over 100 years old and has animals like the Silver Leaf Langur.

* Superb Nightlife: Just like Mumbai in India, Kuala Lampur is known as the city that never sleeps. It has a pulsating nightlife that you will enjoy, and the family can tag along as well. You can check out the many dance clubs, karaoke bars, pubs, restaurants, discos and jazz clubs open for most of the night. If you are in the city with your partner, then the best thing to do in Kuala Lampur is to check out Bangsar, the nightlife district of the city.


Things to Do in Kuala Lampur - Several Recreational Opportunities Things to Do in Kuala Lampur - Superb Nightlife

* The Best Food: Another great reason to go to Kuala Lampur is the variety of amazing food you can sample there. Get up to speed on the most authentic Chinese, Indian and Malay preparations in the best restaurants in Kuala Lampur. If you don’t like curried or fried rice/noodle preparations, try the intercontinental menus at the upscale restaurants. Be sure to try the crowd favourite Sambal – it is prawn puree, pounded chilly, a dash of garlic and lime juice cooked over a low flame and eaten with rice.

The Best Time To Visit Kuala Lampur

The seasons are quite predictable in the city, and the day time temperatures remain fairly constant for most months of the year. The peak tourist season is between the months of May and July, and then from December to February. The humidity is low during these months, accompanied by clear skies and warm sunshine. Here’s a breakup of the climate per season in this city, to plan your holiday better:

* Visiting Kuala Lampur in the Summer: The summer months in the city span from March to September. This is a time of high humidity, which tapers off around May to July. March and April are often the hottest months here, so it is better to keep sightseeing for the evening hours. The good news is, there are plenty of things to do in Kuala Lampur in the evening and night hours. You can check out the night markets, or have a drink and snacks at the pub, or visit art galleries, etc.

* Visiting Kuala Lampur in the Monsoon: The monsoon season in Malaysia is quite sporadic. The season is unpredictable, to say the least. In fact, it is common for some amount of rain to fall almost all through the year, though the showers are light and not troublesome at all. Heavy showers are seen during the months of March and April, when humidity reaches its peak. This is known as the monsoon season here. Another spell of rain is expected between the months of October and November. You must be prepared for showers at any time – carry a small umbrella in your bag, and wear rain-resistant shoes when stepping out.

* Visiting Kuala Lampur in the Winter: This is often the best season to visit this city. The days become cooler and the nights are quite chilly. However, humidity is low and you can easily sightsee and walk to your heart’s content. You can book many day tours, adventure sports tours and even nightlife tours during this time, between the months of December and February. There are many cultural events that take place in December and January, and going to watch them is the best thing to do in Kuala Lampur.

Travelling Safely In Kuala Lampur

Like we mentioned earlier, Kuala Lampur is one of the safest cities in the world. You will never feel out of place or uncomfortable even when walking around alone late at night. However, one of the wisest things to do in Kuala Lampur is to remain alert and vigilant. You cannot be too careful when it comes to anti-social elements. There are stray cases of mugging and robbing back packs in crowded places during tourist season.

As a rule of thumb, do not leave your drink unattended at the bar. If you are travelling alone or as a couple, you might meet other tourists and get friendly with them. While it is perfectly acceptable to socialise, refrain from taking late night lifts in private cars or inviting strangers back to your room.

There is a light risk of pickpocketing, mugging and bag snatching in markets and malls. Be on the alert about people walking too close or showing too much interest in you.

If you are a woman travelling alone or with a group of other women, take care to dress modestly in the city. Some amount of unwanted attention from the local men is expected, so be on your guard. Take care not to walk through isolated alleys or unfamiliar streets after sunset.

Be prepared for some amount of flooding during the monsoon season. Clothing that dries rapidly, hand sanitisers and bug sprays are travel essentials during this time.

The best Kuala Lampur resort

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