Malaysia’s popularity as a tourist destination is not just because of its unique offering of the sun-kissed beaches as well as the mesmerizing skyline. Malaysia makes it to most of our holiday destination bucket lists because of the countless experiences it offers, right from the sea to the tropical forests to cheap shopping hauls along with the night life. This country draws people from all over the world because of the variety of places to visit in Malaysia like Langkawi, Penang or Terengganu. The true beauty of Malaysian tourism is that you can enjoy all the different offerings of the country on a budget. Unlike all your other holiday destinations, the list of things to do in Malaysia run long and everything is pocket friendly!

Best Time to Visit Malaysia

As is the diverse experiences that Malaysia tourism provides, so is its geographical location. The country extends in a way that depending on the places to visit in Malaysia, the best time to visit Malaysia differs. It is, however, a tropical monsoon climate. Apart from the seasons, before planning a trip to the country, one must also look out for the festivals that should be on the top of your things to do in Malaysia. Avoiding the wet seasons, the best time to visit Malaysia is generally between December to April. Because of the tropical climate, this does not guarantee a completely dry season. You should be ready to experience sudden showers which only add to the excitement of being in the country.

In summer, the best time to visit Malaysia is during the Rainforest World Music Day and the Malaysian Independence Day. When planning things to do in Malaysia, it is best to include these two festivals full of life and entertainment, to the top of the list. Depending on which island you choose to visit, the best time differs. If you plan to go during winter, when the rains are the heaviest, it should be for the celebration of the Chinese New Year that is the largest festival of the year in the country.

How to Reach Malaysia

While traveling to Malaysia, the best way to reach the country is by air. The flights are often inexpensive to the capital city of Kuala Lumpur. The other major airports that you can choose to arrive at, depending on your decided places to visit in Malaysia are Senia International Airport and Kota Kinabalu International Airport. If you are traveling around South East Asia, you can also choose to fly to the neighbouring countries such as Singapore and Thailand and take a flight to Malaysia that will have a short flight duration as well as affordable tickets.

When looking for other ways of how to reach Malaysia, the most exciting option is by sea. As a nation of islands and surrounded by the sea, this makes for an exquisite affair. Since it is connected to other countries closely in South East Asia, you can take the relaxing route by sea, and reach Malaysia by a ferry. You can take a cruise to Malaysia, which gives you the chance to start your holiday even before arriving at the location. But this is generally a 2-part journey, where you take a flight from India to a neighbouring country and then depending on where you land, the journey by sea will differ in duration. Singapore and Phuket offer a variety of luxury cuisines when you are looking for options on how to reach Malaysia by sea.

Malaysia Resorts

In the heart of Kuala Lumpur where most Malaysia travel guides will lead you to, this Club Mahindra Malaysia resort is a testament to a true Malaysian experience. The Parkroyal Services Suites in KL is easy to arrive at from the airport and right in the soul of the bustling city. If your things to do in Malaysia list includes visiting the towering skyscrapers, the monuments, and mosques, along with the cheap and exciting shopping hauls, then this is your go-to Malaysia resort. In close proximity to the city’s mesmerizing and extravagant offerings, right from the famous Bukit Bintang to the futuristic elegance of the city seen in the Petronas Towers, it is all from here. For an experience like a local, this resort gives you the perfect balance of fun and style.

Restaurants in Malaysia

#1 Bijan Bar & Restaurant

This award winning restaurant in Malaysia, has been listed as one of the best Malaysia restaurants several times. This place serves authentic Malay cuisine and it is Kuala Lumpur’s finest in terms of service and taste. The ambience of the place is just like the city, a blend of the yesterday and the future, tradition and contemporary in a kampung-style setting. The Bijan Bar and Restaurant should feature high on your places to visit in Malaysia list if you are in the capital city.

#2 Enak KL

One of the city’s  most loved restaurant in Malaysia among tourists and locals alike, Enak KL has a unique offering that makes it truly special. The authentic taste in the food comes from family recipes making it a wholesome, home like experience. The menu presents a variety of Malay dishes that have spices making it perfect to explore the local cuisine and taste.

Traditional Spicy Noodle Soup Indonesian Cuisine

#3 The 39 Restaurant

Considered a game changer in the Malay cuisine, the 39 Restaurant is found in the PNB Perdana Hotel & Suites On The Park. The restaurant in Malaysia gives you a rooftop dining experience with a mesmerizing view of the Kuala Lumpur city making it a keen tourist attraction. With a classic new touch to the traditional Malay taste and recipes, the 39 restaurant offers a menu that redefines the cuisine. Watch out for the raw ulam that is a raw salad of shoots and vegetables, their tenggiri otak-otak which is a spicy mackerel with mango kerabu served alongside ghee rice and pineapple curry.

#4 Songket Restaurant

Along with providing a taste of the authentic Malay cuisine, this restaurant in Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur, also gives you traditional live performances, adding to the experience of fine dining. Set up in the housing from traditional Malay livings, this place gives you an authentic visual of enjoying the Malay cuisine. Stimulate more than just your taste buds, when you pay this place a visit and enjoy the ambience of gardens and wooden huts!

Famous Malay-Indo Cuisine Food Served on Banana Leaf

#5 Bala’s Banana Leaf

Experience the cuisine of South East Asia and the plant that is used thoroughly. Bala’s Banana Leaf in Kuala Lumpur serves each guest on a banana leaf as their plate. And in turns, they serve different vegetables, curries of lentils, chicken and crab, that fill up the plate in an orderly fashion with a mound of rice at the centre. As the guests relish the feast of spices and flavours on their banana leaf, they can also enjoy the ambience that is breezy and spacious which is a blessing when indulging a spicy, hot meal.

#6 Sushi Azabu

In Malaysia, as much as you may stumble upon Malayan restaurants, you will also find a variety of Japanese restaurants. It is an undisputed fact that Japanese is loved and greatly explored cuisine in Malaysia. While many serve the special Japanese dishes right from ramen to yakitori, the Sushi Azabu is a Michelin-starred restaurant that should feature on your list of places to visit in Malaysia. This Japanese restaurant in Malaysia serves up a delight with an omakase meal where the chef chooses your order for you. In this cozy and intimate setting, you can indulge in everything that comes with the authentic Japanese cuisine, including hot and cold dishes.

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