Consider this: you have finally decided to take that holiday you had to cancel at the beginning of this year. It’s time to sit down and plan and detail out a suitable itinerary. But where to begin?

The COVID-19 pandemic has left us all a little up in the air with the continually changing rules and regulations about travelling and any aspects associated with it. Whether it is taking a road trip or taking a flight, safety guidelines have been put in place to ensure everybody maintains a safe distance from each other and reduces the risk of spreading the virus. While some of the guidelines remain standard globally, each country has its own set of rules that need to be followed if you are travelling there.

New mobile apps are coming up in the market and existing apps are incorporating features to stay on top of the pandemic situation. These mobiles are proving to be blessings in disguise that are making it easier for everyone to have a safe travel experience while taking a well-deserved break. Take a look at some of the apps that very helpful right now:


Google Maps Check & Fly

Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the many gifts bestowed upon us by the advancements in technology. Most of us tend to rely on the mobile app to get to places heavily. In the current pandemic scenario, Google Maps has added features about the destination you are visiting. Whether it is a restaurant, a hotel or a flight, Google Maps will be providing timely and real-time updates and suggestions. Also, depending on where you are, the app displays COVID-19 testing centres and if users would be able to distance at public transit stations socially.

Check & Fly

Check & Fly is only available on iOS as of now. It was launched by Airports Council International to give travellers a clear picture of what to expect at the airport when flying in regards to the health and hygiene measures in place primarily geared for COVID-19. Through Check & Fly, airports can communicate directly with flyers and enable the latter to arrive at their destination in a more efficient and prepared manner. This is an effective way of receiving correct information, unlike a method where essential details would have been lost in translation if conveyed through a third person.

IATA COVID Checker by Sitata

Travel Centre by IATA

Travelling during the COVID-19 pandemic may require some additional documentation. To gain some clarity on this and the health guidelines being followed by the country you will be visiting, IATA’s interactive platform, Travel Centre, is a one-stop-shop for all your queries. All you have to do is fill in key details such as travel destination, travel date, etc. and get all the information you need. You can also check out the travel regulations map. There is a colour legend which correlates to the restrictions being imposed by each country listed on the app. This includes things like which countries are open for international travellers, what is the minimum quarantine period, declarations while deboarding and documents required.

App in the Air

This app keeps travel restrictions as the primary focus while travelling during the COVID-19 pandemic. Add in your departure and destination countries to know more about travel and safety guidelines issued by each. App in the Air also has a booking tab that provides regular updates and news on non-operational flights, changes in any schedule of any plane flying in or out of the country and suggestions on alternative itineraries in case you are stuck in transit.

COVID Checker by Sitata

From travel restrictions to latest COVID-19 statistics, COVID Checker by Sitata acts as a comprehensive guide to all things related to COVID-19. Sitata was one of the first apps to raise a concern regarding the rapid rise and spread of the coronavirus. Sitata uses artificial intelligence to monitor developments taking place all around the world. It provides detailed information about public transport status, if masks are mandatory, quarantine period, airport and border closures, curfews, etc.


These apps are beneficial and can make life so much easier while travelling during COVID-19 pandemic. When it comes to figuring safe accommodation to stay at, Club Mahindra resorts are here to your rescue! Ensuring all the necessary resort safety measures are being implemented, Club Mahindra resorts are making sure you have a fun and memorable stay. Whether it is for a staycation or a short getaway with friends or family, you can #TravelWithConfidence with helpful insights provided by the apps and safety guidelines being followed by the resorts.

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