When you feel stuck amidst the city chaos, dust and mundane routine, it is a clear sign to head off for a weekend getaway to the lush green meadows in Matheran. However, the best time to visit Matheran is between November and February, i.e., during winter. It is where you can touch the clouds, relax and rejuvenate amid a million shades of green.

The chilly wintery mornings and cosy evenings with a cool breeze blowing across your face and ruffling your hair add to the charm and make your holiday experience even better. There is an inexplicable sense of fun and excitement about sitting in the open air, around a bonfire and spending quality time with your loved ones. 

If you plan a weekend or an extended holiday to Matheran, this guide is just for you. We give you complete information about the weather and what to expect in Matheran during different seasons. The guide also gives you an insight into:

  • Best places to visit Matheran
  • Things to do in Matheran
  • How to reach Matheran?

But before we get into the best time to visit Matheran, let us know about this little paradise in Maharashtra. 

Located about 90 km from Mumbai's bustling mayhem, Matheran is a scenic hill station nestled in the heart of the Western Ghats. This small, quaint, and picturesque town offers the perfect escape from urban life into the lap of nature. 

A popular weekend holiday destination for Mumbaikars and people of other nearby cities in Maharashtra, Matheran is an eco-sensitive zone. It is Asia's only vehicle-free hill station, which gives you just another reason to visit this serene town. 

Visiting Matheran during Summer (March to June)

While most parts of the country reel under the scorching sun, Matheran gets warm, making summer pleasant. During this time of the year, the temperature in the region ranges between 30 – 35 degrees Celsius, and it remains steady throughout the season. As a tourist, you can be sure that the conditions are ambient to indulge in various outdoor activities without breaking a sweat or feeling fatigued. 

During the colonial era, British officers in Pune, Mumbai and other regions came to Matheran to escape the city's sweltering heat and relax in the laps of nature. During summer, the weather is clear throughout the day, making it the best time to go Matheran and enjoy the stunning view of popular attractions like Louisa Point, Prabal Fort, Charlotte Lake, and more.

Visiting Matheran during Monsoon (July to September)

Matheran receives a good amount of rainfall every year. During the monsoon season, the entire region tends to be soaked in heavy showers. The onset of the monsoon brings the whole region to life. The trees sway in sheer joy, and the waterfalls gain momentum and gush down with new-found enthusiasm and vigour, creating a beautiful sight for the onlookers. The lakes and streams get swollen, revealing Matheran's natural beauty. The place gets more charming as the air gets lighter and cooler. 

While nature reigns supreme during the monsoon, you may only find a few tourists around this time. If you don't like the crowd, the best season for Matheran holiday is the monsoon. You can explore the places at your own pace and enjoy the view of the green hills, the thick grey clouds, and waterfalls. Ensure you get your rainwear on and are ready to go. Have a wonderful time! 

Visiting Matheran during Winter (November to February)

Undoubtedly, winter is the best season to visit Matheran. During this time of the year, the weather is pleasant all day. While the days are bright, the temperature tends to dip to 10 degrees Celsius or below at night. After the monsoon revives the hill station, during the winter months, the clear blue skies and the ground with millions of shades of green compete for your attention. 

During the winter, the conditions are perfect for a range of outdoor activities like hiking and trekking. You can also go camping, spend a night snuggling under a blanket, and watch the stars decorate the night sky. Winter is also the best time of the year to witness the local wildlife, especially the different species of monkeys. 

Best places to visit in Matheran

Now that you know about the best time to visit Matheran, it would help to know about the different tourist attractions in the town that are worth exploring. From many viewpoints, forts and lakes, there are many places to visit in Matheran. But there are some places that you absolutely cannot miss exploring. We have put together a list of 10 such places just for you!

  1. Porcupine Point
  2. Ambarnath Temple
  3. Prabal Fort
  4. Echo Point
  5. Charlotte Lake
  6. Louisa Point
  7. One Tree Hill Point
  8. Shivaji’s Ladder
  9. Panorama Point
  10. Alexander Point

Best things to do in Matheran


Many fun and exciting things to do in Matheran will keep all your family interested and happy, especially for nature or adventure lovers. 

  • Try waterfall rappelling at Dodhani waterfalls
  • Trek through the narrow paths to the Chanderi Caves
  • Watch the beautiful sunset at Porcupine Point
  • Take a ride on the Toy Train from Neral to Matheran 
  • Visit the Ambernath Temple, an ancient architectural wonder and seek blessings of the Lord
  • Explore the local market and indulge in local Maharashtrian delicacies

How to reach Matheran?

Matheran is easily accessible from Mumbai and Pune through all modes of transport – air, road and rail. 


  • Travelling to Matheran by air


Matheran does not have an airport, but you can travel from anywhere in India or overseas to the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Airport in Mumbai. It is located only about 90 km from Matheran. The other airport close to Matheran is the Pune airport, which is located 125 km away. 

From Mumbai airport, you can take a taxi or hire a self-drive car from inside the airport and reach Matheran within 2-2.5 hours. But, the fastest and the best way to reach Matheran from Mumbai airport is to take the local suburban train. 

You can board the Karjat or Khopoli bound local trains from CSMT or Thane on the Central line and alight at Neral. It is the main gateway to Matheran and sits right at the base of the hill station. From Neral, you can take a shared taxi from right outside the station or take the toy train, which runs through the hills up to Matheran. The scenic view you get during the train ride is truly amazing! Alternatively, you can trek your way to the railway line to Matheran. 


  • Travelling to Matheran by rail


If you want to travel to Matheran by train, you can easily find a direct train from your hometown to Mumbai. If your train passes through Karjat or Kalyan, get off at these stations and board the local suburban train to Neral. And, from Neral, you can enjoy a scenic ride on the toy train up to Matheran or take a taxi. 


  • Travelling to Matheran by road


Travelling to Matheran by road is the fastest and uninterrupted way. You can easily drive up there if you are from Mumbai, Pune or any other city in Maharashtra or nearby states. It could be one of the best road trip experiences of your life. Driving through the hill to Matheran, you can enjoy a stunning view of the deep valley and the lush green mountains. The best month to visit Matheran for a road trip is December and January, as the weather is pleasant, making travelling comfortable. 

Whether you want to escape the city humdrum for a few days or get your dose of adventure, Matheran is one of the best places to go near Mumbai and Pune. With lush green forests, lakes, waterfalls to explore and many exciting things to do, Matheran is a refreshing paradise that will rejuvenate your mind, body and soul! 

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