Enjoy South India in 7 days! Yes, a South India itinerary for a 7 days trip.

From interlacing rivers, beautiful beaches, forests and mountains to temples and ruins from centuries ago, South India has a lot to offer.  Needless to say, this part of the country is home to a large number of tourist attractions. It boasts a rich blend of culture, traditions, cuisines and languages. Be it honeymoon couples or families, South India welcomes tourists with a plethora of attractions, activities, and experiences.

So, if you’re thinking of planning a trip to South India, here's the 7 days travel itinerary to make your travelling easier.

7-day South India Trip Plan

  • Day 1: Chennai
  • Day 2: Kanchipuram
  • Day 3: Madurai
  • Day 4: Periyar National Park
  • Day 5: Kumarakom
  • Day 6: Kochi
  • Day 7: Goa

Day 1: South India Itinerary

Start your South India itinerary in the capital of South India, Chennai. First, visit St. Thomas Church, a historical place where St. Thomas the Apostle is believed to be buried. It's a peaceful place with beautiful architecture.

Next, go to the Government Museum, one of India's oldest museums. You can see many artefacts like ancient coins, sculptures, and paintings. The Bronze Gallery is a highlight, with its collection of South Indian bronze sculptures from the 7th century.

Then, explore Chennai's modern side by visiting its cafes, bars, and fashion boutiques. Try some traditional filter coffee or relax with a cocktail at a bar. The boutiques offer a mix of traditional and modern clothing and accessories.

Finish your day by checking into a comfortable hotel for a good night's rest.

Day 2: South India Itinerary

Depart early from Chennai to Kanchipuram, which is approximately 75 km away. The journey by train is short and comfortable, providing a scenic view of the countryside.

Upon arrival in Kanchipuram, start your exploration with the majestic Ekambareswarar Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple is one of the Pancha Bhoota Stalams, representing the element of earth.

Next, visit the Kamakshi Amman Temple, which is dedicated to Goddess Kamakshi, an incarnation of Goddess Parvati. The temple is known for its grand architecture and spiritual ambience.

For lunch, indulge in the local delicacy of Puttu, a popular South Indian breakfast dish made from steamed cylinders of ground rice layered with coconut. In Kanchipuram, you might find variations of Puttu served with sweet or savoury accompaniments.

After lunch, take a stroll through the famous silk markets of Kanchipuram. This has to be in any South India trip plan. The city is renowned for its exquisite Kanchipuram silk sarees, woven with intricate designs and patterns. It's an excellent opportunity to witness the art of silk weaving and perhaps purchase a few souvenirs.

In the late afternoon or early evening, begin your journey back to Chennai. 

Day 3: South India Itinerary

Board an early flight from Chennai to Madurai. The flight duration is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Upon arrival in Madurai, check into your hotel and freshen up.

Start your sightseeing tour with the Meenakshi Amman Temple, one of the most famous temples in South India. Admire the intricate architecture and the vibrant sculptures that adorn the temple. Spend a couple of hours exploring the temple complex.

Have lunch at a local restaurant, where you can try some traditional Tamil Nadu cuisine.

Visit the Thirumalai Nayakkar Palace, a 17th-century palace known for its grand pillars and intricate stucco work. Take a guided tour to learn about the history and architecture of the palace.

Explore the Gandhi Museum, which is dedicated to the life and contributions of Mahatma Gandhi. The museum houses a collection of Gandhi's personal belongings, photographs, and letters.

Return to the Meenakshi Amman Temple to witness the Aarti ceremony, a Hindu ritual of worship in which light from wicks soaked in ghee or camphor is offered to the deities. The ceremony is a mesmerizing experience, with the temple lit up and filled with the sound of bells and chants.

Head back to your hotel and rest for the night.

Day 4: South India Itinerary

Prepare for a road trip to Periyar National Park from Madurai the drive should take around 3-4 hours. (150 km). The route is scenic, passing through lush green landscapes and hills. If you are travelling with kids, this is the perfect place to add to your South India itinerary.

The national park is home to various elephants and tigers, wild boars, bison, sambars and several bird species. You can opt for a boat ride on Periyar Lake, which is a popular way to spot animals near the water's edge.

In the evening, you can also explore the spice plantations and even grab some to take back home. Thekkady is famous for its cardamom, pepper, cinnamon, and nutmeg plantations. Check if the plantation offers guided tours where you can learn about the cultivation and processing of these spices.

For the night, you can stay at Club Mahindra Thekkady.

Day 5: South India Itinerary

Plan a four-hour train journey to Kumarakom. It is known for its bird sanctuary and is made of a cluster of small islands on Vembanad Lake. 

Depart from your starting point by train. Ensure you have packed light snacks and water for the journey. Arrive at Kottayam Railway Station, the nearest station to Kumarakom. The station is well-connected to major cities, and the journey should be comfortable.

Hire a taxi or take a local bus from Kottayam to Kumarakom. The distance is about 16 km and should take around 30 minutes to reach. Arrive in Kumarakom. Check into a hotel or resort if you plan to freshen up before exploring. Otherwise, head straight to the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

You can spend your morning exploring the sanctuary which is spread across 14 acres. It's a haven for birdwatchers. You can spot various species of migratory birds such as the Siberian stork, egret, darter, heron, and teal.

After lunch, head to the Vembanad Lake for a houseboat tour. You can book a houseboat for a couple of hours to explore the serene backwaters and enjoy the picturesque views of the surrounding paddy fields and coconut groves.

Depart from Kumarakom and head to Alleppey, also known as Alappuzha. The drive should take around an hour. You can stay overnight at Club Mahindra Arookutty, Alleppey.

Day 6: South India Itinerary

You cannot have a South India trip plan and not add Kochi on it. Kochi, a short drive from Kumarakom (50 km), is a blend of heritage. You can spend your morning between the local architecture and the multi-cultural communities. 

Visit the St. Francis Church, the oldest European church in India, and explore its colonial architecture. Walk to the nearby Chinese Fishing Nets, an iconic sight in Kochi. You can watch the local fishermen operate these massive nets.

You can also indulge in local dishes for lunch and then head down to the beautiful beaches surrounding the city. Try dishes like appam with stew, Kerala prawn curry, or the famous fish moilee. Later, you can visit Cherai Beach or Fort Kochi Beach to relax by the sea, enjoy the scenic views, and soak in the laid-back atmosphere.

Stay at Club Mahindra’s associate property, Olive Downtown in Kochi.

Day 7: South India itinerary

End your South India itinerary in Goa amid palm trees, beaches and markets. Arrive in Goa and check into your chosen Club Mahindra resort. Freshen up and have a light breakfast at the resort.

You can rent a scooter to go around Old Goa. Start your exploration of Old Goa, known for its historic churches and cathedrals. Visit the Basilica of Bom Jesus, which houses the relics of St. Francis Xavier, and the Se Cathedral, one of the largest churches in Asia.

Spend your afternoon trying out the stalls on the street and looking through the flea market. Head to the famous Anjuna Flea Market, where you can shop for souvenirs, clothing, jewellery, and handicrafts. Bargain with the vendors to get the best deals.

Take a break and indulge in some Goan street food at the stalls around the market. Try local delicacies like Goan sausage pav, fish cutlets, and bebinca.

Later, spend some time relaxing at one of Goa's beautiful beaches. Anjuna Beach, Baga Beach, or Calangute Beach are popular choices near the flea market.

You can end your night enjoying a delicious meal and fun activities at Club Mahindra AssonoraVarcaEmerald Palms or Club Mahindra Acacia Palms.

Here you go, we made a 7-day South India trip easy for you with a fixed travel itinerary and the best Club Mahindra resorts to make your trip relaxing and memorable. We have tried to create the best itinerary for South India that offers you a complete experience.


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