From beaches to hill stations and majestic monuments, there is plenty to explore in Karnataka. This South Indian state also has a rich history and culture, which is evident in its historical sites, festival celebrations, and food. If you are planning a trip to Karnataka, we bring you a complete travel guide that provides all the vital information you need, including – 

  • Best places to visit in Karnataka
  • Things to do in Karnataka
  • Best time to visit Karnataka
  • Resorts in Karnataka 

Best places to visit in Karnataka




Bangalore or Bengaluru, as it is officially called, has earned many monikers such as ‘The Garden City’ and ‘Silicon Valley of India. The capital of Karnataka, Bangalore, is one of the most fascinating cities in India and a perfect example of a modern Indian cosmopolitan city.  

Here, the sprawling malls and the modern outlook of the people co-exist in perfect harmony with the lush green gardens and the deep-rooted traditions and rich ancient history. Bengaluru is also known for its pleasant and comfortable weather almost all year, making it one of the best tourist places in Karnataka 

With wildlife, nature, ruins, architectural wonders, wide open spaces, and museums, Bangalore offers something for all kinds of tourists. Top it all, it has many luxurious hotels and resorts that make your family holiday worthwhile.  

Must-visit places in Bengaluru 

  • Bannerghatta Biological Park
  • Bangalore Palace
  • Lalbagh Garden
  • Butterfly Park
  • ISKCON Temple
  • Tipu Sultan’s Palace 

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A place with ‘out of this world’ beauty, Hampi is the land of boulders and ancient ruins. A small town located on the banks of the Tungabhadra River, Hampi is recognised as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Once the centre of the mighty Kings and Queens of the Vijayanagara Kingdom, Hampi seems to have stood still in time, as the magnificent remains of the ancient monuments still stand tall with the same pride and honour as they must have been then.  

Several history buffs, architectural scholars and off-beat travellers visit Hampi every year to revel in its stony landscape and laidback countryside vibe. Hampi has more than 500 architectural structures in ruins, all with an interesting story attached to them.  

Must-visit places in Hampi 

  • Queen’s Bath
  • Vijaya Vittala Temple
  • Anjaneya Hill
  • Elephant Stable
  • Royal Enclosure
  • Virupaksha Temple

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Synonymous with serenity and tranquillity, Coorg is a stunning hill station that will make you fall in love with it instantaneously. Aptly called the ‘Scotland of India,’ its ethereal natural beauty makes it one of the best places to visit in Karnataka. Nature has blessed the city with aromatic coffee estates, lush green vistas, misty peaks, stunning waterfalls, and pleasant weather that never fails to charm the tourists. 

Apart from exploring the various natural wonders in the region, there are plenty of amazing things to do here that will keep you busy and entertained every day and every moment. You can visit the monasteries, watch the wild elephants bathing in the river, take a coracle ride, and shop for handmade chocolates at the local markets.  

Must-visit places in Coorg 

  • Dubare Elephant Camp
  • Nagarhole National Park
  • Abbey Fall
  • Madikeri Fort
  • Namdroling Monastery
  • Raja’s Seat 

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Mysore – Mysore Pak, ring a bell? Yes, you have guessed it right, Mysore is the original birthplace of the popular South Indian sweet dish – Mysore Pak. Just like its local delicacy, Mysore's natural beauty is too tempting to resist. A trip to Karnataka would be incomplete without visiting Mysore, a place with a royal history.  

One of the most idyllic locations in Karnataka, with an undeniable old-world charm, Mysore has everything you need to enjoy a fun holiday with your family. From the magnificent Mysore Palace to places of worship and museums, every nook and cranny of the city has an interesting tale to tell. While in Mysore, enjoy wandering, let your free spirit take over, and you will surely feel connected to the city’s charming aura.  

Must-visit places in Mysore 

  • Mysore Maharaja Palace or Amba Vilas
  • Brindavan Gardens
  • Chamundeshwari Temple
  • Mysore Zoo
  • Philomena’s Cathedral
  • Rail Museum 


A quintessential Kannadiga coastal town, Mangalore is one of the most beautiful places in India to escape to for a short trip and get away from the urban chaos. Known for its secluded beaches, delectable seafood dishes, and peaceful surroundings, Mangalore may not feature prominently on the travel guide to Karnataka, but it is worth visiting.  

Must-visit places in Mangalore 

  • Panambur Beach
  • Someshwara Temple
  • St. Aloysius Chapel
  • Ullal Beach
  • Kadri Hill Park
  • Sultan battery 

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Things to do in Karnataka 

No matter which city you visit, there are plenty of fun and exciting things to do in Karnataka. Some of the must-have experiences that we highly recommend to all include:

  • Take a stroll around the vast coffee plantations in Coorg. Enjoy spending an evening with your loved ones with a cup of coffee made from locally grown beans and catching up on conversations. 
  • Explore the magnificent ruins and be amazed at the architectural marvels at Hampi.
  • Learn about the magnificent rich history of the Mysore Palace and get a taste of the royal lives of the erstwhile Indian kings as you stroll inside. 
  • Go on a jeep safari in Bangalore at Bannerghatta Biological Park, and have a tryst with the exotic wildlife, including the Royal Bengal Tigers.  
  • Feast on the scrumptious Kannadiga cuisine and taste the local delicacies such as Mysore Dosa, Mysore Pak, Neer Dosa, Korri Gassi, Coorg Pandi Curry, Bisi Bele Bath and more.  

Best time to visit Karnataka 

Karnataka, owing to its geographical diversity, has different climate conditions in different regions. For instance, places like Coorg and Bangalore have pleasant weather throughout the year whereas coastal cities like Udupi and Mangalore have hot summers with high humidity. The flat lands of Badami and Hampi, too, have super-hot summers with dry heat.  

Generally, the entire state has pleasant climatic conditions during winters and monsoon. So, October to April and July to September is the best time to visit Karnataka. During monsoon, you can visit the hill stations to enjoy the lush green environment. Winter would be an ideal time to explore the coastal areas.  

Resorts in Karnataka

If you pick any online or offline travel guide to Karnataka, you will find plenty of recommendations for stay options to suit your budget. If you are looking for a premium stay option, there are many resorts in Karnataka hosted by Club Mahindra. The resorts in Coorg, Bangalore, Hampi, and Mysore offer the best experience of local Karnataka culture and hospitality. Besides, these resorts' modern amenities and signature experiences give you an unforgettable holiday experience. Here are the Club Mahindra resorts in Karnataka to enjoy a pleasant stay:

  • Club Mahindra Madikeri Resort, Coorg
  • Club Mahindra Virajpet Resort, Coorg
  • Vijayshree Resort & Heritage Village, Hampi
  • Eagleton Golf Resort, Bangalore
  • Golden Landmark, Mysore
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