Are you planning a family holiday to Arunachal Pradesh but wondering when to? October to April is the best time to visit Arunachal Pradesh. Since the state is located at a high altitude, the weather here remains pleasant throughout the year, making the place even more alluring for tourists. 

Travelling to Arunachal Pradesh can be one of the best experiences of your life. To make the most of your holiday, you must know a few important things about the state. And for your convenience, in this comprehensive guide, we discuss –

  • Arunachal Pradesh tourism best time to visit
  • How to reach Arunachal Pradesh by different modes of transport
  • Best places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh
  • Best things to do in Arunachal Pradesh

But, before we delve into that, let us first know a little about the state of Arunachal Pradesh. 

About Arunachal Pradesh

Located on the slopes of the mighty Himalayan Mountain ranges, the state is home to some of the most picturesque landscapes you may have ever seen in India. The state is also known as the ‘Land of the Rising Sun,’ it is a wonderful place to visit where you get the best of nature, adventure, and spirituality. The thick cover of greenery and the snowy mountain are every traveller's delight, and here in Arunachal Pradesh, you get both in abundance. 

One of the lesser-explored states in the country, Arunachal Pradesh, holds several hidden gems within it that are just waiting to be discovered. So, pack your bags and get set going to this beautiful place, which is nothing short of a slice of heaven on earth.

Travelling to Arunachal Pradesh during Summer (March to June)

March and April are the months when Arunachal Pradesh experiences spring and the summers start to set in by the end of April and continue till June. During this time of the year, the weather is bright and sunny. The temperature ranges between 20 degrees to 35 degrees maximum during the day. And as the sun goes down, the evening becomes cooler and pleasant, making it pleasant to explore the different attractions and enjoy outdoor activities. 

The afternoons in summer tend to be hot and can make you feel sweaty. However, there is enough greenery and shade throughout the state to offer you respite from the heat. However, unlike the northern regions of India, the summer here is not excruciating. So, if you would like to enjoy a summer holiday, March to June is the best time to visit Arunachal Pradesh. 

Travelling to Arunachal Pradesh during Monsoon (July to September)

Like most parts of the northeastern region in India, Arunachal Pradesh also receives torrential rainfall during the monsoon season. So, the monsoon is not the best season to visit Arunachal Pradesh. That is why monsoon may be a bad time if you are planning a short or a weekend trip to Arunachal Pradesh.

August is the time of the year when the entire region receives the maximum rainfall consistently. The temperature during this season ranges between 17 to 30 degrees Celsius, and a consistent breeze flows across the region. Finally, the entire region turns into a green paradise during this period. The hills are adorned with cascading waterfalls, and the lakes and rivers overflow, enhancing the region's beauty. 

Travelling to Arunachal Pradesh during Winter (October to February)

If you search online for 'Arunachal's best time to visit', most of the results you get will suggest winter - October to February. During this time of the year, the temperature remains pleasant and cosy and hovers around 15-20 degrees Celsius during the day. At night, the mercury levels tend to dip further, and the night gets incredibly chilly. 

Many tourists who live in the high-temperature zones prefer coming to Arunachal Pradesh during the winter season as it gives them the opportunity to enjoy the chill weather, as well as the refreshing thick carpet of greenery after the monsoon. The pleasant weather also makes exploring the region a memorable experience. 

Now that you know the best time to visit Arunachal, it would also help to know the best places to explore and things to do, which are listed below:

Best places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is a wonderful place that has many hidden gems. While there is beauty all around the state, and every turn is worth exploring, here are some of the best places that you must definitely visit:

  • Tawang 
  • Ziro Valley
  • Namdapha National Park
  • Tezu
  • Roing
  • Bomdila
  • Itanagar
  • Dirang
  • Pasighat

Best things to do in Arunachal Pradesh

One of the best-kept secrets of northeast India, Arunachal Pradesh, is endowed with immense natural beauty. And there are plenty of stunning attractions to see and things to do that are sure to give you a fun and memorable holiday experience. So, we have hand-picked a few must-do things for you. 

  • Go for a trek at the Dirang Valley
  • Witness an amazing sunset at Roing
  • Get to know more about the local tribal culture and traditions at Ziro valley
  • Sit back and relax while admiring the abundance of natural beauty at Glow Lake
  • Take a jeep safari ride inside the Namdapha National Park and get up close and personal with the wild animals
  • Enjoy snow activities like skiing, Yak safari and don’t forget to click beautiful pictures of the snowy mountains at Sela Pass
  • Visit the various monasteries and learn about the Buddhist culture and traditions

How to reach Arunachal Pradesh?

Travelling to Arunachal Pradesh is easy, as it is well-connected to all parts of the country. You can reach this paradisical land by rail, road and air. 

  • Travelling to Arunachal Pradesh by flight

Arunachal Pradesh does not have its own airport. So, if you are about to travel to Arunachal Pradesh by air, you can take a flight to Guwahati's Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport. It is an international airport that works as a perfect gateway for all local and international travellers willing to go to Arunachal Pradesh. Once you reach Guwahati, you can take a private taxi or a bus to reach your destination in Arunachal Pradesh. 

  • Travelling to Arunachal Pradesh by Train

Arunachal Pradesh is located on the hills, and so it does not have rail connectivity. However, no matter where you are from in India, you can take a train to Guwahati. Once you reach here, you can take a cab and continue your journey to Arunachal Pradesh. 

  • Travelling to Arunachal Pradesh by Road

If you want to take a road trip to Arunachal Pradesh, you are in for a treat. It will go down as one of the best life experiences. You can drive from your city up to Guwahati, and from here, you can get onto National Highway (NH)715 to reach your destination in Arunachal Pradesh. 

The drive from Guwahati to Arunachal Pradesh is absolutely magical as you pass through the lush green hill slopes, and the view is mesmerising!

So, there you have a complete guide on the best time to visit Arunachal Pradesh, the places to explore, and the things to do. So, start planning your trip already. Whether you are travelling with your significant other or extended family, you can be sure to have a gala time in Arunachal Pradesh, and as you return, don't be surprised if you are already making plans to come back again soon. 

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