If you plan to visit this beautiful hill town, here's a comprehensive guide about the best time to visit auli. 

While the best season to visit Auli is throughout the year, the best time to go to Auli depends on what you want to do on your holiday. If you want to see snow fall, and enjoy skiing, you would enjoy the most during the winter season, i.e., between December and March. 

You can escape the city chaos and enjoy pleasant weather and peaceful holidays in the mountains during summer - April to June. The weather is fairly pleasant in May to November and it is a great time to go to Auli to indulge in leisure outdoor activities. 

Travelling to Auli during summer (April to June)

You can visit Auli any time of the year, but summer is one of the best times to visit Auli, especially if you like to go to the mountains but don't enjoy being around snow. Although during this time of the year, the weather is not very hot. The days are bright, yet the maximum average temperature does not exceed 20 degrees Celsius, providing a pleasant and ambient condition for sightseeing and outdoor activities. 

Summer is the best time to visit some of the popular attractions in the region, including the Valley of Flowers, Nanda Devi National Park, Kwani Bugyal, and Kalpeshwar Temple. The cool breeze around the valley of flowers and the sea of colourful flowers make it an ideal summer holiday destination for those who want to be around nature and escape the scorching heat in the city. 

Travelling to Auli during monsoon (July to September)

Auli is among the places in India that receive moderate rainfall during the monsoon months, typically starting at the end of June and continuing until September. Thus, it is a wonderful place to go on a holiday, especially if you come from places where there is a high amount of rainfall. 

The temperature ranges from 10 to 20 Celsius, making it the best time to go to Auli to enjoy nature and lush greenery. However, when it rains, be careful when you venture out, as the roads here tend to get slippery. During this season, you must enjoy the cable car ride from Auli to Joshimath as you get a beautiful bird’s eye view of the refreshing greenery below. 

Travelling to Auli during winter (October to February)

If you do a simple online search for ‘Auli best season to visit,’ or Auli snowfall time, most websites and travel guides would suggest the best time to plan a trip is between December and February, i.e., during the winter season. 

If you have always wanted to visit the snowclad mountains or enjoy snow activities like skiing, visit Auli. A popular skiing destination in India, this beautiful hill town in Uttarakhand has the perfect skiing conditions. Be sure to have an unforgettable experience!

During this season, Auli gets a huge influx of people who come here to experience descending from a steep slope and whizzing past the towering trees masked in powdery snow.

Best Things to do in Auli

Auli is one of the most popular skiing destinations in India. Located in Uttarakhand, this quaint town is famed for its surreal natural beauty. The clear blue skies, snow-capped mountain peaks, stunning scenic views, and exciting trekking place make it a must-visit place. A perfect holiday destination for nature lovers, Auli has something to offer for everyone. Here, you can enjoy a range of fun and adventure activities that will give you the thrill and excitement you need on your vacation! 

Here is a list of top things to do in Auli that you must not miss during your trip!

  • Witness the humble and unique ‘pahadi' village life and interact with the locals to learn about the local culture at Joshimath, your gateway to Auli. 
  • Savour the local cuisine at the local restaurants and café. 
  • Visit the Chenab Lake and witness mother nature's beauty in its purest form.
  • Spend a day in nature and enjoy the stunning scenic views of the mountains and the valley at the Nanda Devi National Park. 
  • Satiate your craving for adventure by going on a trek at Kuari Pass. The scenic views you get along the way will remain in your memory forever!
  • Thrill yourself from head to toe by enjoying skiing through the steep mountain slopes. 
  • Take the cable car ride from Joshimath to Auli. It is Asia's 2nd longest cable car ride, and the surreal view you get from the top makes it a must-have experience. 

How to reach Auli?

Travelling to Auli for a holiday can be a fun experience for all family members as it has something to offer everyone. Also, travelling to Auli is quite easy as it is connected to all parts by air, rail and road.

Travelling to Auli by Flight

Since Auli is a hill town, it does not have its own airport. But this should not deter you from taking a flight for your holiday. The Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun is the closest airport to Auli, about 140 km away. As a popular tourist destination, Dehradun Airport operates several flights in a day to almost all the major cities in the country. 

Once you reach Dehradun, you can take a bus or book a private taxi to continue your journey and reach your final destination in Auli. Most of the buses from Dehradun run only till Joshimath from where you can take the cable car, which is the 2nd longest cable car in Asia. The ride is exciting as you get a beautiful view of the mountains and the valley below, also it helps you save time. 

Travelling to Auli by Train

Although there are no direct trains to Auli, travelling to this paradisical holiday destination by train is quite hassle-free. No matter where you are from in India, you can take a train to Haridwar. It is the closest railway station to Auli and is located about 273 km away. 

If you are travelling from the southern or eastern states, taking a train is a much more convenient and affordable option than travelling by air. From Haridwar, you can take a bus or hire a private cab to Joshimath, where you need to take a cable car to reach Auli. 

Travelling to Auli by Road

If you want to travel to Auli by road, no matter where you are travelling from, you would have to reach Joshimath first. If you are travelling from Uttarakhand itself, you would know that Auli is well-connected to all parts of the state. You can easily find a bus from all major cities like Haridwar, Dehradun, Rishikesh, and more to Joshimath. From here, you can reach Auli by cable car. If you are travelling from outside the state, there are many buses available from Delhi to Joshimath. 

There, you have a comprehensive guide on the best time to visit Auli, how to reach it, and the best things to do for a fun holiday experience. So, get your backpacks ready, and get set going! A fun holiday in the alluring hill town of Auli awaits you!

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