India is an incredible country. The geographic and cultural diversity you find here is unbelievable. The landscape, language, culture, traditional wear, food, and local lifestyle change every few kilometres. Every state has something unique about it, whether its history or natural beauty. 

As an enthusiastic traveller, India is a haven. Whether you are a beach lover, an adventure enthusiast, a spirituality seeker, a wildlife lover, or a leisure traveller, India will definitely charm you beyond your imagination. 

The burst of colours on the streets, the ethereal silence in the mountains, the cacophony of sounds in the wild, the waft of flowers, spices and incense, and the taste of Indian food and the beloved chai is a treat to your senses. Everything about India is beautiful and captivating. 

So, if you are planning a trip to India, be it to the northern region in the hills or the southern side of the peninsula, to explore the beaches, you must be careful with your packing. 

This blog discusses what to pack for a trip to India. 

Loose clothes

Remember, India has a tropical climate. And, the weather here is hot in most places, except in certain northern parts of the country. But, if you are travelling during summer (March to June), light clothes are the way to go. Loose-fitting and long-sleeved shirts and t-shirts do a better job at protecting you from the sun and the heat. 

Also, ditch those jeans and trousers; instead, pack in a few long skirts, jumpers, or loose-fitting pants. Always keep a button-down shirt in your backpack; it should be at the top of your India packing checklist. You can easily pull it over before entering the temple or any other religious place. 

Comfortable shoes

In India, in most places, the roads are crowded, and you will face many obstacles while walking. So, it is paramount that you put sneakers and a pair of sturdy flip-flops at the top of your travel packing list for India. Indian streets are best explored on foot, so make sure you have comfortable shoes on so that you can be relaxed always. 

Have a separate train vanity kit

While travelling in India, you are missing out on big time if you don't take a train. Train travel in India is not just comfortable and affordable but a memorable experience in itself. But travelling by train requires careful planning. 

If you plan to visit different cities in India, get your train bookings done beforehand, and before you leave your country, check if you have a train kit in your India packing list. The kit should have toilet paper, hand sanitiser, dry snacks, toiletries, wet wipes, mosquito repellent, etc. 


When you pack for a trip to India, make sure to get all the electronics you need. It is advisable to have a portable charger. It will come in handy during your long bus or train rides. Also, get your charger and a plug adapter because the Indian charging system may be different than in your home country. Also, if you are carrying a camera, it is better to keep an extra pair of batteries and a charging cord. 


The packing list for travel in India would be incomplete without the basic medications and any specific drugs you take for your health condition. Although you get everything here in India and the doctors here are among the best in the world, some medications here are different than you are used to taking. 

Always carry a small first-aid kit wherever you go, especially if you plan to go hiking or camping. Also, keep a few basic medical supplies handy, like cold medications, pain relief sprays, bandages, etc. 

Water bottle

Plastic is a huge problem all over the world, and India is no exception. As you travel around the country, you may notice heaps of plastic trash all around. So, as a responsible traveller, it is best advised to keep a water bottle handy always wherever you go. 

You can always refill your bottle from a restaurant or hotel instead of buying plastic water bottles. Apart from helping reduce plastic pollution, you can also save a lot of money by simply carrying a reusable water bottle in your backpack. 

Good quality suitcase with lock and cable

If you are planning to travel to different states, carrying a roller suitcase with locks is best advised. You can easily lock up the bag to your train or bus seat and be assured of the safety. Also, it is better to carry a rucksack and a small backpack.

The big bag will help you easily pack stuff and move around easily, even in crowded places; it is much better than having to pull your suitcase. Also, while you are exploring the local place, a small backpack will help you carry all the essentials like the vanity and first aid kid, sunscreen, scarf, camera, and other electronic items, wallet, and an extra pair of clothing (if needed). 

Travel documents

India's packing list would be incomplete without getting all the travel-related documents, like Passport, visa, ID proofs, and travel insurance. It is better to keep a couple of photocopies of all the documents handy with you so that if something goes awry, you have the necessary proof. 

Get your bookings done in advance

While it may not be a packing list, but it is an important checklist before you start your journey to India. Irrespective of where you are travelling to or the number of days you want to be in India, make sure that you get all your bookings, including travel tickets and hotels, done in advance to avoid last-minute hassle. 

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So, now that you have a checklist for travelling to India ready, it is time to head off to the incredible land and have the most amazing travel experience that will stay with you forever. 

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