Although Spiti valley is located at a remote location, reaching Spiti valley from Delhi can be a breeze. So, if you want to go from Delhi to Spiti Valley during this upcoming summer holidays, then know about the different modes of travel available from Delhi to Spiti valley. Knowing the Delhi to Spiti valley distance can help you can make the right choice.  

Nestled amidst the mighty Himalayas, Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh is a place of extraordinary beauty. Imagine a cold desert with a lunar-like landscape softened by the warmth of its friendly locals. This remote spot, with its clean air and unique Spitian culture, provides a rare chance for adventurous travellers to escape the chaos of modern life. Spiti Valley has many places to explore, making it a haven for those seeking a different world.  

Travelling from Delhi to Spiti Valley by Air

Due to the remote location and the rugged terrain of Spiti Valley, the town has no airport. If you want to take a flight from Delhi, you can land at other nearby cities like Shimla, Dharamshala, or Chandigarh. There are direct and regular flights from Delhi to these cities.  

Once you reach Shimla, Dharamshala or Chandigarh, you can reach Spiti Valley by road; you can either take a bus or book a private cab. So, to make sure that your Spiti Valley trip from Delhi goes well, get your booking done beforehand and avoid last minute hassles.  

Travelling from Delhi to Spiti Valley by Road 

If you are planning a trip to Spiti Valley from Delhi, travelling by road is the best choice. The distance from Delhi to Spiti Valley by road is about 734 kms and you can either take a bus or drive on your own. There are plenty of buses operating between the two towns, and the ticket fares differ based on the type of bus you take. If you are not comfortable with travelling by bus, you can book a private cab.  

Travelling from Delhi to Spiti Valley by Rail 

Travelling to Spiti Valley from Delhi by train is much more affordable than travelling by air. Also, train travel takes much less time. Although Spiti Valley has no railway station, you can travel to Shimla. You can also take a train to Kullu, or Dharamshala from Delhi and then cover the further distance by road.  

Best places to visit in Spiti Valley 

  • Key Monastery 

One of the most popular places to visit in Spiti Valley, Key Monastery or Kye Gompa, as the locals call it, is the biggest Gompa in the region. Known for housing a stunning Buddha shrine, ancient Buddhist books, murals and manuscripts, the monastery is at an altitude of 4112 m, overlooking the Spiti River. Your trip to Spiti valley from Delhi will be incomplete without visiting Key Monastery.  

  • Chandratal

There are some places that you just admire and go ‘wow’ and then there are places that just leave you in a state of trance, Chandratal definitely falls in the latter category. The lake is one of nature’s greatest creations on earth. Just as pretty and ethereal is its beauty is, the lake has a fascinating name, which is derived from its crescent moon-like shape.   

  • Dhankar Lake


When you travel to Spiti Valley from Delhi for a holiday, make sure that you include a visit to Dhankar Lake in your itinerary or you may miss one of the most magnificent sights of your life and a lifetime experience. Dhankar Lake, which is also referred to as Sar Kund Lake, is perched on a cliff and the only way to reach up there is to take a challenging trek.  

But once you reach there, the view of crystal-clear waters basking it all its glory in the sunshine, and the breathtakingly beautiful mountains surrounding it will take away your weariness instantly and make you feel grateful for living this moment.   

  • Pin Valley National Park


Located close to the semi-frozen stream, the Pin Valley National Park is a rich bio reserve that is home to several rare and highly endangered species of flora and fauna. If the sole objective of your trip to Spiti valley from Delhi is to have a tryst with the snow leopards, Siberian ibex, snowcocks and other wildlife species, this is the place to be.  

Surrounded by the stunning snow-clad Himalayan mountains, this biosphere reserve is a haven for nature lovers, photography enthusiasts and bird watchers. 

  • Kibber

Spiti Valley has a reputation for having the most picture-perfect landscape in India dotted with hilly hamlets. Kibber is one such quaint Himalayan village that attracts many tourists from all over the world, especially adventure sports lovers, mountain climbers, and trekkers. The locals call it Kyibar and is located at 4205 m with its own monastery.   

  • Triloknath Temple

If you are planning a Spiti Valley trip from Delhi, make sure to include Triloknath Temple in your top places to visit in Spiti Valley list. The temple holds great value to the locals and is known for its stunning architecture. Located in Tunde village, the temple sits comfortably atop a cliff and from the premises you can enjoy the magnificent view of the surroundings and soak in the spiritual vibe.  

Best things to do in Spiti Valley

Apart from its spectacular natural attractions, this little piece of heaven on earth has something to offer for all kinds of tourists. Whether you are looking to relax or seek some adventure, you can be sure that your Spiti trip from Delhi goes down as the best one in your life and you can get many amazing experiences. Here are some of the best things to do in Spiti.  

  •   Go river rafting in Pin and Spiti Rivers
  •   Visit one of the monasteries in the region and learn more about Buddhist culture and tradition and soak in the spiritual vibe
  •   Spend a night out in the open, under the blanket of the stars by camping on the banks the crescent-shaped lake known as Chandratal
  •   Enjoy the thrill of trekking through tough Himalayan terrain to Dhankar Lake. Located on a cliff about 4270 metres, this lake is a divine beauty
  •   Shop to your heart's content at Kaza main market. Here you can buy Tibetan and Buddhist handicraft items and skull sculptures
  •   Treat your tastebuds to the delicious local cuisine and enjoy trying the staple item of Spiti Valley, like Spitian bread, and dal and rice at the local cafes and restaurants
  •   Visit the world’s highest post office in Langza village and send a postcard to your loved ones 

Best time to visit Spiti Valley

Travelling to Spiti Valley is a dream and a major travel goal for many. To get the best experience of the place, it is advisable to visit the valley at the right time of the year, between March to June. This is the peak tourist season and is the best time to visit Spiti to enjoy a relaxing holiday.  

During this time of the year, the weather is at its best with temperatures ranging from 2-15 degrees Celsius in the day, and it tends to dip lower at night. If you are travelling to Spiti Valley from cities like Delhi or other nearby regions, make sure to carry warm clothes to keep yourself safe from the chill.  

If your primary moto to visit Spiti Valley is to indulge in some adventurous activities like snow climbing or going on a snow leopard spotting expedition, the winter season, i.e., October to February is the best time. During winter, the weather here becomes quite harsh and some of the regions in the higher altitude where the leopards live receive high snowfall.  

The monsoon season (July to September) in Spiti can be quite unpredictable and erratic, and it is best to avoid travelling at this time of year. The incessant rainfall often leads to landslides and the roads leading up to the valley get blocked, which can spoil your holiday mood. 

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